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  1. good things are happ.............. aren't they..... #itsallajoke
  2. The apathy about this game is crazy. No emails from the a.d. telling how to watch it. Are we sending a radio crew? What about an email announcing the game. Are there any watching party's? #itsallajoke
  3. Western Kentucky in the big dance, plus UAB with automatic bid to WNIT. Then Rice, La tech, and MTSU get at large bids to the WNIT. We are oh so close to post season in Women's basketball. Better body of work during the regular season, and then if we don't run the table in the CUSA tournament, a late run should get us in the WNIT. Good things are happening......
  4. NT Women vs. La Tech

    As many as I own that actually fit....
  5. NT Women vs. La Tech

    We made a good call on the hotel, we both packed enough clothes, and we just extended the room another night..... It' called karma, and she can be a bitch.
  6. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    Out of the
  7. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    in the spirit of the moment, wife and I have booked a hotel room in frisco, about 25 miles from the house. I went on rant about "if we expect the kids to stay for 4 days, then we should do the same, it's called Karma, and it can be a bitch". Plus I figure hotel a couple of nights< expense for dui defense, Yeah, I know uber goes to where I live, but we need a sta cay.
  8. Never too early for 2018 rankings

    A coach once told me "With our offense, if we hold teams to 25 points on defense I would consider that winning football". I thought "Shit, we gotta score a lot of points then". The point is, in an "air raid" up tempo kind of offense, the offense scores and gets off the field so fast, that the defense has to play more. I agree with the earlier post. If our defense can just improve an average of one touchdown per game, Mason has proven that he cannot be held back. Now, if we lose our quarterback, which can and will happen then how good is the next guy? Either way, I will take this based on what I have been watching for the past ten years. Lord how much fun was 97 yards in one minute? Might have been my best mean green time ever....... Soak it in boys, because there is a very real possibility that a coach will walk out of here next year rather than being shot and pushed out in a coffin.......
  9. too late. I don't think the todd dodge football survived todd todge
  10. You are correct sir. Maybe even collectors item, like my booger bobble head, or signed Benford basketball. I knew I was making a mistake letting my nephew actually play with that ball.....
  11. I’ll tell you why it affects me. My license plate holder is no longer valid. I have to throw away two sweatshirts, and everything mandarino worked so hard to build from the ground up just got axed in one swift obviously knee jerk decision. Plus, it’s one of the few clubs I actually belong to. What now? Rotary? Kiwanananasasas? Junior league? I have no direction.
  12. DRC chalk talk: Florida Atlantic at UNT

    Spanks for noticing. I am not a PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST. Frito is. #itsallajoke
  13. DRC chalk talk: Florida Atlantic at UNT

    Seriously Bert Frito, are you or are you not a professional journalist. Are we playing Florida Atlantic or Southern Miss? Do you proof anything? I really wish I could screen shot this one and show it to Patterson the next time he says to me "Bert does a good job" YOUR FREAKING HEADLINE IN THE DENTON PAPER READS "Southern Miss" yet my schedule says Florida Atlantic
  14. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    People like John support regardless of the vocal few. If he believes in it, he will keep doing it.
  15. More proofing by the great journalist Bert frito. Glad the staff is taking a chance instead of just making a change.