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  1. DRC: UNT football notes -- Army series note

    none that the athletic department ever paid for. Its called an "in kind" donation. And I meant nothing malicious about the crime in Tarrant County thing. I will admit I was out of line a few years ago, but so were you. I'll shout it from the mountain top. "I sell flooring!!!!!" Rah rah rah, sis boom bah..... SINGING GLORY TO THE GREEN, SINGING GLORY TO THE WHITE..... #itsallajoke btw....the basketball coach is pretty damn good, and quite entertaining to watch. You should sneak up and give it a chance.
  2. DRC: UNT football notes -- Army series note

    the positive of all this posting that your doing is that crime must be very slow over there in Tarrant County, and you have nothing else to do. I have to admit, I have missed you. With all the drinking R.V. and I are doing these days, when you combine that with your post, I can't keep myself posted up on the bar stool from laughing so hard. These clowns haven't figured out that your 85% stich with a big heart. time for a reprise..... rah rah rah, sis boom bah....SINGING GLORY TO THE GREEN, SINGING GLORY TO THE WHITE #itsallajoke
  3. DRC: Source -- UNT expecting assistants to return

    He fixed it. It originally said "this even doubles as" it now says "this event doubles as" Bert Frito.....
  4. DRC: Source -- UNT expecting assistants to return

    Frito has now proofed his work and fixed it.
  5. DRC: Source -- UNT expecting assistants to return

    Am I the only one that it drive crazy that professional journalist Bert Frito doesn't proof his own work? Even I know that even if you even spell hit spell check, even is still a word spelled correctly, so even if you hit spell check, it wouldn't catch even as being a misspelled word. This event doubles as earning the nick name, Bert Frito.....
  6. '19 QB Will Kuehne (Liberty Christian)

    So he was first team all state. A couple of different outlets in Oklahoma has named him player of the year. Now Maryland, a Big 10 ten has offered him. Ernie must have donated some money to Maryland..... Or could it be that Litrell and co. actually know a football player when they see one?
  7. I hear they get about 300 applicants per posting
  8. Charlotte (1/4/18)

    I did two in football. I payed for both. The quality depends on the quality of the equipment from the host school. One was excellent and the other was spotty. If you do an away game the home team radio feed can be a beating to listen to. So, I guess if you do one of our home games, you get to listen to Dave and possibly Hank, and you can report on the quality of our production.
  9. Seth Littrell on defense

    Not fair to put stuff like this out there. Regardless of outlandish positions
  10. Seth Littrell on defense

    R u a dentist office receptionist? I think that is what is being implied here....nothing wrong with working in a dentist office
  11. He still has the least losses of any Baker hire in conference, therefore, he must be the best hire in the Baker era.
  12. I have to say that this is far and away Bakers best hire in the three major sports at North Texas. He has the most lifetime wins in the three major sports of any hire that Baker has made here, therefore he must be the best hire.
  13. Reality of this season?

    does schlitz even exist anymore?
  14. Bad day for athletics fundraising

    You are correct. It just seems odd that this bill singles out benefits for athletics, and not theater, arts, other areas.
  15. I'll let my young friend #oldguystudent elaborate, but we all got clipped by the tax bill.....