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  1. Great to see him flash his ability heading into the offseason. It will be a huge boost to his workouts and attitude.
  2. DRC: Saturday practice notes, thoughts

    Fine will practice behind Murray and will know which plays he'll have to slide one way or the other. Robert Gallery was a can't miss tackle that got moved to guard because of his footwork....it's not the end of Murray.
  3. DRC: Torrey has quite the story

    With all of this talent, it might make sense for someone to move to db or receiver. TCU has made a living moving guys around to fit needs.
  4. DRC: First day of spring practice news, notes

    at least it's his left wrist.
  5. Quinn is a nice player...short but a tough build. Knows the system as well or better than anyone. Great guy and leader along with Mason.
  6. great article....going to rooting hard for this kid!
  7. Wow

    Damn that was cool
  8. Jeff Wilson headed to NFL Combine

    they test them on pass catching...not pass blocking
  9. DRC: Six players UNT will miss in 2018

    agreed...right side of the line can't get much worse
  10. Wilson Signs with Leigh Steinberg

    his fumble issues and injury issues will make it really tough if he can't shine on special teams. Hope he makes it...seems like a great kid.
  11. I think you might be right!
  12. Wish I could be there but I’m Reffing at Texas a&am international in the middle of nowhere
  13. Arizona looking for a new coach

    Possibly Sumlin goes there? He was rumored for the ASU job and didn't get it.
  14. Eric Jenkins

  15. Defense is a disaster. Blitz packages never sniff the qb all year. They have all day to throw in a clean pocket