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  1. edcollopy

    Mean Green gear at Target in Houston

    I-10 and Fry road Target
  2. edcollopy

    Mean Green gear at Target in Houston

    Here ya go Harry!
  3. Just got my Father’s Day gift of a bad ass UNT shirt...I was shocked to learn she got it at the Target in Houston. Unbelievable. Made the gift that much better!
  4. edcollopy

    Gymnastics at North Texas

    Because their football programs have 20 fewer scholarships so it’s easier to make title IX requirements. Plus, fcs schools don’t have the arms race to deal with like fbs schools. Go to Montana st...their weight room is the size of a big closet.
  5. edcollopy

    Gymnastics at North Texas

    It’s not. Coaches in that sport are expensive. The equipment and sponge pits are not cheap either. We don’t need any more athletic costs right now
  6. edcollopy

    Early week 1 predictions

    hope you're right but I think the SMU offense may need some time to gel with new playmakers. They made a living over the last 3 years throwing to those 2 wide receivers...they destroyed us. Hoping we can prevent preseason injuries and come out at full strength. If Fine gets better protection than the last 2 games of the 2017 season, we win 37-24.
  7. I'm plenty fine with ESPN3...even i know how to stream it from my phone to my TV!
  8. edcollopy

    Antonio Johnson update

    poontang is too
  9. edcollopy

    Marcus Davenport goes 14th in !st Round

    they showed 2 of his sacks against our O-line...it was embarrassing. Fine didn't have a chance on either play.
  10. edcollopy

    Ok “FINE”

    Possibly if he shines against Arkansas. He has to get some sort of protection. Some of that is our defense has to not allow us to be down so big early. We don't want to take away are running attack early and send Fine running for his life.
  11. edcollopy

    Allante Holston

    If Woolridge had any outside shot whatsoever, he'd be so deadly. He is a driving one trick pony. A 15ft pull up jumper would do him wonders.
  12. edcollopy

    San Francisco (3/28/18)

    I hope Good Friday and Easter weekend doesn’t send too many students home.
  13. edcollopy

    Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Game Day!

    I just alerted the marketing department that the flyer they sent out has UNT @ San Francisco
  14. edcollopy

    Received my MG Membership Guide

    I got the brochure and thought it was very well done and really spelled out how easy it is to make your payments over a period of time. Made it super easy. I increased my donation 50% because of the ease.
  15. Great to see him flash his ability heading into the offseason. It will be a huge boost to his workouts and attitude.