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  1. Wilson Signs with Leigh Steinberg

    his fumble issues and injury issues will make it really tough if he can't shine on special teams. Hope he makes it...seems like a great kid.
  2. I think you might be right!
  3. Wish I could be there but I’m Reffing at Texas a&am international in the middle of nowhere
  4. Arizona looking for a new coach

    Possibly Sumlin goes there? He was rumored for the ASU job and didn't get it.
  5. Eric Jenkins

  6. Defense is a disaster. Blitz packages never sniff the qb all year. They have all day to throw in a clean pocket
  7. Troy may be receiving top 25 votes, but 98% of the people in this country doesn't know Troy has a program, where Troy is located, and certainly they don't know the conference.
  8. Two years ago today

    those are some really sad pictures...MAC Wednesday night sad.
  9. Guyton allows space for other receivers. I.e. Lawrence. He gets a ton of attention by opposing defenses
  10. Rice Tickets

  11. Where To Eat After The Rice Game?

    I'll vouch for BB's. The surf and turf po boy is amazing ~$14....the Fries with the queso and pot roast and gravy is stunning
  12. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    kansas st always travels extremely well. They are coveted by bowl committees. Would be a very tough matchup for us.
  13. 2017 Attendance

    watched it on TV and the student side did not look anywhere close to as full as the Alumni side. You get a very skewed sense of people on your side vs looking across the stadium. The wing looked as full as I've ever seen it ...including the Houston game. The student side fills in throughout the first half, but damn it looks terrible at kick off.
  14. Rice Tickets

    not sure if the black friday deal works with ticketmaster. The guy told me to go through the rice athletics site. That's how i'm going to do it. better than paying $20 at the gate.
  15. Rice Tickets

    They did a great job for last years game. I expect to have the same great tailgate for this. It's great seeing so much green under those huge tents with music playing.