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  1. The next 2 years- Setting up the future

    Don't we play at A&m in 2019?

    Mine had been bad ass all night
  3. Get Off the Hill and Into the Game

    Shanbour can put up points. Put him in!
  4. Get Off the Hill and Into the Game

    Looks great on tv now
  5. UHM.... Looking Past Army

    The best part of playing Army is that this will be our 3rd time in under a year of practicing and playing against that offense. They have a huge advantage over most opponents because defenses rarely see it. I'm hoping our tackling is sure and the guys remember to stay in their gaps. Need Mccain to play out of his mind again like he did @ West Point.
  6. Seth to Lubbock doesn't make a ton of sense. You're trading one young, offensive minded coach for another. Both have horrendous defenses. Coach Bro has a connection to the school, Seth does not. Just not seeing that being a logical threat to us.
  7. Volleyball beats wky

    What a crowd. Great coverage by cusatv
  8. Homecoming game attendance Prediction?

    22k, hope I'm way wrong, but just shocked at how bad the student attendance is this year.
  9. Reviews of the Facebook broadcast?

    I was very impressed. Went to the hottie on the sideline too much for needless info, but overall I am a big fan. Great job on keeping up with the down and distance too
  10. Uniforms vs LA Tech

    Damn those are bad ass!!!
  11. Score Prediction: UNT vs Louisiana Tech - 11/4

    UNT 37 La Tech 34 Nothing is ever easy
  12. Officiating

    Don't waste your time writing notes to the league office...they don't look at them. The coaches submit plays that need to be looked at. Every game is also reviewed by 1-2 people and they take and submit notes on the quality of calls. They need to institute replay on all personal fouls to determine if a player flopped causing the flag to be thrown. We've added that in college basketball to where the kid that flops gets a technical foul for unsporting behavior.
  13. Feeling spektical

    I think there are a great number of retired Army folks in the greater Dallas area that like to get together when their team comes to town. Should certainly be more than anyone else has brought this year.
  14. Wilson?

    He is flexing his left hand a lot during the game after he gets hit. I think he has lost some strength in his hand due to the shoulder. He was barely hit on that fumble.