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  1. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    We are running away with this game holy shit! One helluva start to the second half.
  2. Wilson's Combine

    I am fully aware he did not have the measurables NFL teams like. Still, with his dads pedigree and his play here he should have gotten more of a look than he did. There is clearly a perception problem when the few guys who have made NFL rosters in recent years had to do it the UDFA route..
  3. Wilson's Combine

    The only way Wilson hurt his draft stock this week is if he had bad interviews. Teams will be wary already with the high rate of fumbles and missed games over his career. Hopefully he tests well at our pro day to push him in to the 5th-6th round range in teams eyes. I would love to end the draftless streak but going in the 7th round would be worst case for him, having your choice between teams as a UDFA is much better for the player at that point.. We had a guy who was the son of a pretty well known NFL player here and went on to be All Pro before injuries ended his career and he still did not get drafted, we have a major perception problem here that needs to change.
  4. WKU 2/15

    BRING CHAT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    You're right there are exceptions to every rule, but what I posted still holds true for the majority of white Texans.. I'm done posting in this forum though, GMG!
  6. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    LOL okay pal I mean I work with both legal and illegal immigrants on a daily basis, I know good and damn well about the hardships they face and how they feel about people entering the country illegally or legally. Tell me more about how I'm not in the real world though please..
  7. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    I'm white, I live in Texas in a small town and I work in the construction industry.. I'm not playing the race card I'm simply calling it how I see it. It blows my mind more of you don't see things the same way.
  8. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    LMAO Okay guys.. I will stick to the sports forums this is asinine.
  9. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    Huh? What about my post was "playing the race card"? It is what it is, I know I won't change anyones mind here, I used to have the same views many on this forum. But I was 17.. When I got out in to the real world and actually gained some perspective I learned there is a huge difference in growing up caucasian and growing up as a minority. But I guess that's all just BS...
  10. DRC: Steven Shaw makes decision

    A 3 star defensive lineman with multiple FBS offers we had a legitimate shot at... And he committed elsewhere, again.
  11. Louisiana Tech (1/18/18)

    A freakin one handed three by Smart this dude is unreal This team deserves more fans in the pit..
  12. So G5's will become the new JUCO's... cool.
  13. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    I'm not sure but I would like to see us be opportunistic with the scholarships we have left. This team has a major talent deficiency in the front seven. We were pretty bad at stopping the run, rushing the passer and we were outclassed putting our linebackers on running backs on passing downs. I like some of the guys we signed early but lets be real here, it's unlikely any of them are going to be difference makers next season. The JUCO signings look like depth adds at best. Bryce English may help next year but how many years has it been since he stepped on a football field? Now coming off a major injury it would be foolish to just expect him to be an all conference player next season. We will get pushed around again if we don't sign some better players for the front seven, I hope that is our area of focus.
  14. Georgia Tech (11/24/17)

    What conference are these refs from? That was clearly a foul on the GT players on Woolridge's drive and the GT player was moving on the offensive foul a couple possessions before.