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  1. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    I'm not sure but I would like to see us be opportunistic with the scholarships we have left. This team has a major talent deficiency in the front seven. We were pretty bad at stopping the run, rushing the passer and we were outclassed putting our linebackers on running backs on passing downs. I like some of the guys we signed early but lets be real here, it's unlikely any of them are going to be difference makers next season. The JUCO signings look like depth adds at best. Bryce English may help next year but how many years has it been since he stepped on a football field? Now coming off a major injury it would be foolish to just expect him to be an all conference player next season. We will get pushed around again if we don't sign some better players for the front seven, I hope that is our area of focus.
  2. Georgia Tech (11/24/17)

    What conference are these refs from? That was clearly a foul on the GT players on Woolridge's drive and the GT player was moving on the offensive foul a couple possessions before.

    The worst possible start. The last thing you can do is spot a winless team 7 points early on. Could have used a timeout before that fourth down.
  4. Wow. I remember referring to them as a JUCO back in 2013 and when they beat us at home I decided hey, maybe take it easy on shit talking those guys from San Antonio in the future. I have also been respectful over on the CUSA board, never again. To hell with these clowns.

    Every week our linebackers are exposed in pass coverage. At least we have time for a game winning drive.
  6. Podcast from UTSA

    I'm well aware of that, I still think he gets an invite to the combine because this class is not as strong as the last two.
  7. Podcast from UTSA

    A rep from the Senior Bowl was at the UNT game scouting Wilson/Ito Smith. He will have to test well at the combine to have a chance though.
  8. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    I work with a crew of guys who came here from Mexico. You guys have no idea what they go through to provide for their families. You don't want them here because they don't share your skin color, simple as that. No need to hide behind the lie that they are taking billions of dollars from hard working white Americans. Just the same way you see it as Kaepernick pissing on the graves of veterans and not someone protesting the way minorities are treated in this country. & LOL at speculation on where specific drugs are coming from. I will stick to the football forums...
  9. UNT vs. Southern Miss OFFICIAL GAME THREAD

    Wow. Someone from the LB corps HAS to cover the running back.
  10. North Texas vs. Iowa OFFICIAL Game Thread

    Let's hope that big Iowa OL doesn't start running us over in the second half. That said, what a great rebound from last week. GMG!
  11. DRC: Wednesday practice notes

    Seems like McClain/Wilson will have a chance at the NFL next year, sure would be nice to break the streak of drafts with no one selected.
  12. Krasniqui Needs to Help

    They are twin brothers we didn't offer. One has offers from La Tech & Tulsa the other has none...
  13. IMO our offense will be improved but not drastically. I think we're looking at an offense that will struggle to be top 100 in scoring. I think our defense will make a bigger jump this season but it's likely the stats won't show it because the offense will sputter leaving them on the field for far too long at times. I think 6-6 is the ceiling for me personally. 4-8 or 5-7 seems more likely.

    Come on Cowboys, you have cap space and you can add an all pro linebacker in his prime to your team, schedule a visit! We have so many impact players on the offensive side of the ball and only two (maybe three if Jaylon Smith pans out) on defense. Make the call!