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  1. Or, if our President hadn't helped their former dictator launder money ripped off from Haiti.
  2. Remember when the Irish were the poor & uneducated people that we took in? They did the hard, dirty work that Americans didn't want to do. Now people of Irish ancestry are simply part of American society. Today, in my own part of Texas, Sudanese are coming & doing the work that others don't want to do (e.g., working in the slaughterhouses). It's dirty but necessary work. Their children are going to our schools and will be integrated into our society. We need those poor & uneducated people & we best hope they always want to come to America.
  3. I know. My source was Fox News. Talk about embarrassing!
  4. No, the president was not lamenting the corruption, he was asking why we're bringing people from those countries to the US. See the original Fox News report - And Really Rick, the Daily Wire?
  5. You seem to have missed the point. Our president used a term that was unnecessary. A term that could not be expected to improve our relationships with the countries in question. A term that could be interpreted as racist & xenophobic. It's a shame you aren't one of Mr. Trump's advisors, he could have used the phrase '3rd World Banana Republic' - much more elegant.
  6. Surely you're not blaming Haiti for President Trump's racism & xenophobia?
  7. To be fair, not everyone found President Trump's comment about 'Shithole countries' offensive: “spoke blunt, hard truth.” David Duke, former Grand Wizard KKK if the French dominated Haiti, “they could make it great again.” Richard Spencer, commenting on our President's statement “encouraging and refreshing, as it indicates Trump is more or less on the same page as us with regards to race and immigration.” Neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer. These comments were reported on Fox -
  8. I guess it all comes down to how you define "presidential".
  9. Very presidential.
  10. I can't speak for everyone but I liked Obama because he was an intelligent, articulate person with whom I agreed on many issues. To suggest he was elected because he was black seems strange to me. Do you really think that being a minority is a political advantage?
  11. Good article. The future of cUSA is as a destination for Sun Belt teams. That will continue until the Sun Belt is no more & the cUSA becomes the new, and unimproved, Sun Belt. The future of UNT is the MWC, unless our Athletic Director manages to get us in a new conference with Liberty, Bob Jones, Oral Roberts, & Patriot Bible College.
  12. Oops. You're right. McCain victories in 2008 & 2012 may have had implications for 2016. The Republican candidates may have been dominated by a VP from a hopefully successful 8 years under McCain - meaning Trump would have been left in the dust. I agree with you about Texas politics. Dan Patrick scares me worse than Pence. I really hope Greg Abbott is healthy & safe.
  13. After the primaries I felt positive about both McCain & Obama, but then, after McCain named Palin as the VP nominee, I was decided. I worked hard for Obama. I knew others who made the same decision. It didn't mean much in Texas, but in a lot of border-line states I think Palin played a strong role. McCain probably still would have lost, but who knows. Catering to the radical right fringe may have cost the GOP a shot at the WH. Four years later and we might have had McCain in his second term rather than what we have now.
  14. I never understood. Surely McCain & the RNC recognized her liabilities.