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  1. LongJim

    FAU offers new concession prices -- $4 beer

    Beer is $3 in the Alumni Center. Another good reason to join the alumni association. 👍
  2. Well, we have Sharter for our internet, and yes, espn does want to verify that you are with a carrier, but our connection is internet only, so not sure how it works with other ISPs.
  3. My wife and I cut cable almost 2 years ago. We have only added it back during college football season, but if you use a streaming device like Roku, you can access most content from ESPN, BeIN, etc. using that. I am going to see if I can remain totally cable-free through football season this year.
  4. Who knows. Why do the ags dunk their rings in a pitcher of beer at the Chicken?
  5. I had to talk my wife into getting a class ring when she graduated UNT. She initially thought that since she was getting her degree at such an, uh, "advanced" age, that it was silly. But after I talked her into it and she got it, she was very happy. She wears that ring every day, and with a lot of pride.
  6. Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting.
  7. LongJim

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Wife was at the stadjum yesterday. Old turf is completely removed.
  8. Midwestern State just opened a campus at the NCTC building in Flower Mound. Tech has a med/nursing campus in Abilene. My BIL got his BSN from Tech there without stepping foot on campus in Lubbock. Tarleton has a satellite in FW. Lots of 4 year schools have sites off the main campus, and many have online presence also. I think several here would be shocked at how many online courses undergrad students at UNT take, and how many students knock out Fr/So classes at places like NCTC and Collin C. It is a HUGE number.
  9. Seattle definitely has some problems. http://reason.com/blog/2018/05/10/labor-group-recommends-felony-charges-ag?utm_medium=email
  10. Unfortunately, this song is being sung in many places in the US due to the current political climate, and a general propensity for people to take no responsibility for their actions, their actual jobs, or their treatment of others who hold different opinions.
  11. Morris has recruiting skins on the wall--especially recruiting Texas. SL has some work to do there.
  12. 1. I'm pegging SMU as a loss at this point. 2. CUSA Champions>>>Lower-tier bowl win. 3. I have my doubts whether SL would get the Tech gig unless the team wins CUSA, and even then it's a long shot. Losses in title games and losses in bowls don't move the needle for a lot of schools. Not saying SL isn't well on his way, just that there's more work to do in Denton before he gets the gig he wants, IMO.
  13. LongJim

    Wilson Signs 3 Year Deal With 49ers

    Jeff Wilson signed a 3 year, $1,710,000 contract with the San Francisco 49ers, including an average annual salary of $570,000. In 2018, Wilson will earn a base salary of $480,000... Gots To Get Paid