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  1. Tragic Accident at FIU

    Terrible situation.
  2. So the petition seeks to shut the whole organization down because of the idiocy of a couple of members and leadership sweeping it under the rug... Just making sure I understand. Sounds like priorities are in order.
  3. Yeah, this is a really great idea. The pavilion was overflowing with folks last year on game days. This will make the experience even better for folks.
  4. Not to hijack, but the battle flag is already needing repair. Drove by yesterday and several splits have appeared.
  5. Totally agree with you. Mental defectives shouldn't have guns.
  6. So perhaps this situation could have been avoided if... https://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/fbi-statement-on-the-shooting-in-parkland-florida
  7. Why no one goes to SMU games

    Hahahah...ok. TCU "nearly packs" AC regularly. That's awesome. They've been ranked for the last umpteen years and play in the Big 12, and had 1 sellout in 2017, despite being ranked, and in a town--and single county--of almost 2 million people. They've been ranked almost every year for the last decade and yet they still "nearly pack" their brand new, even smaller stadium. They should be SRO at their home games. Again though--that's awesome. Kudos to TCU.
  8. Here's a link to a clip from the FW Cavalry's first home game:
  9. While I lived in Florida, AFL was very big in Tampa and Orlando. They regularly sold out their games and had local TV deals, and a pretty good product. I liked it enough that I was an inaugural-and-only season-ticket holder for the Fort Worth Cavalry when they played at TCCC in 1994 after I moved back to Texas. Had a lot of fun at those games.
  10. Why no one goes to SMU games

    There's nothing to debate. Its revisionist history. The facts are what they are. We'll agree to disagree. http://sportsblogs.star-telegram.com/mac-engel/2014/08/how-tcus-players-see-the-attendance-issue.html https://www.google.com/amp/amp.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/the-big-mac-blog/article118889263.html
  11. Maybe he was just thoroughly checking himself for injuries?
  12. There's a time and a place.
  13. Why no one goes to SMU games

    TCU was at least a top 15 team each one of those years. If 70% capacity is your idea of good attendance for a consistent top 15 team in a town with over a million people, then I guess I stand corrected. I think it's worse than UNT, to be honest. Are you a closet TCU fan with clouded objectivity? Or just a friend to the straw man argument? Or can you just disagree with me like a big boy and go on with your bad self?
  14. Why no one goes to SMU games

    I encourage you to check the home game attendance for TCU before they joined the B12. Their crowds were disappointing for a school in the middle of a town the size of FW. Saying their attendance was good is revisionist history, IMO.