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  1. Looks like Gonzaga used the threat of a move to get the WCC to adjust things. Since they don't play football, the MWC really doesn't do much for them. Yes, the MWC was a two bid league this year, but that doesn't happen every year. And the WCC is a two bid team some years as well.
  2. VideoEagle

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    And it's not even the off season in basketball yet!
  3. VideoEagle

    NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    I saw on Facebook the athletic department has free busses for students wanting to go to the game. Do students get any discount on tickets, although $15 for four games is a really good price already!
  4. VideoEagle

    New Recruiting Coordinator Announced

    Just an FYI : Tim Brewster the new recruiting coordinator at A&M has no ties to Texas in the last 18 years. Texas ties don't seem important to doing the job.
  5. VideoEagle

    New Recruiting Coordinator Announced

    After a little digging, I notice Stenklyft had no Texas ties before he got here either. I think we'd agree Stenklyft did better last year than the guy with deep Texas roots the year before. I'll trust Littrell's judgement on this hire.
  6. VideoEagle

    Scotty Conley gets new gig

    I'm confused. We encourage a guy to retire rather than going through all the work of firing him. The guy isn't what we want, but obviously has skill as he was hired by another FBS school in just a few weeks. We replace him with someone we want more. We do it in a way that saves time and lets other people see you can be replaced but we won't be mean and petty doing it which should improve moral in the department. The guy we let go finds a similar position in a few weeks. What rational person thinks this is a negative?
  7. VideoEagle

    Never too early for 2018 rankings

    This isn't an impossible game, But again, we can't make mistakes - Arkansas has a lot more depth at every position and we just can't come back from a lot of mistakes. But we are "two spots away from Arkansas" in an article from a website that is the secondary feed to Not sure how much trust to put into the entire website and pre-Spring rankings are usually wild ass guesses. Still, I'd rather they guess we'll be good rather than we'll be bad!
  8. VideoEagle

    Where is Connor Means???

    For the LinkedIn profile, it looks like he graduated and is moving on into the business world. Best of luck to him!
  9. VideoEagle

    The Decline of ESPN

    Thanks for finding this. Not much new information, but a lot in one spot. ESPN just lost its President, John Skipper over what are termed substance abuse issues. Disney stockholders have been calling for his head over the performance of ESPN so he was going to be gone soon in any case.
  10. Of course not. Anything related to NT seems to make he who's name must not be spoken mad.
  11. VideoEagle

    FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    How someone gets in the door isn't nearly as important as what they do once they are inside. Lots of folks get started in a business because of a family, friend, school, frat or other connection. They rarely stay or get promoted if they don't perform. The Falcon's aren't going to hire the kid away from FAU if he doesn't have some talent.
  12. Yes, the college football system is rigged to benefit the P5s, especially the upper P5s. But that's always been the case. Back in the 60s, Bear Bryant would sign players he knew were never going to see the field just to keep them from potentially developing at other schools. Things haven't changed as far as the Haves being advantaged over the Havenots. That said, every discussion at the NCAA isn't a gigantic plot against the G5 schools. The Alabamas and Ohio States of the world simply don't spend that much time thinking about us!
  13. My personal experience has shown doing things this way tends to lead to a more sustained success. I've seen it multiple times in television and several in non-profit and retail. The leaders who come in a clean house promptly often end up moving on in just a few years, leaving an even bigger mess behind them.
  14. How refreshing to see NT recognizing there are/were multiple problems within the football and athletic departments that require a careful, multi-year approach to fix. Simply firming everyone rarely is the answer to complex problems. See how things actually work and THEN changing the structure makes far more sense. But that takes time and doesn't happen over night.