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  1. I read excavation around the pavilion and improving drainage. Based on this, it sounds like it floods in heavy rains, so they are going to move some dirt around it so that doesn't happen anymore.
  2. 2018 Jr Day

    We cannot hold him to account for the sins of his father.
  3. Sun Belt Conference

    Sure, on the road.
  4. Gonzaga and Brigham Young considering MWC?

    Notre Dame is in the ACC for all sports but football, and they have a deal with the ACC to play a certain number of ACC teams in football every year.
  5. So median not mean, got it.
  6. Sun Belt Conference

    If they have to play on Tuesday and Thursday nights, it is not worth it.
  7. DRC: Wednesday spring practice notes, thoughts

    He does part things well.
  8. I feel like they sat in a room with a list of free agents and asked who from the list they think would be cheap that fans would recognize their names. Now we have Colon and Lincecum. So excited for this season.
  9. Given how the Rangers not paying for their new stadium and fleecing the city and almost refusing to be competitive, not sure how excited I am to go to a game anyways.
  10. If we can get someone to even get Heisman votes, that would be a tremendous achievement. The is a 0% chance that we ever have someone here win the award. The deck is already stacked.
  11. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    Doesn't this guy troll CUSA fans on a regular basis? I seem to recall crazy crap coming from ODU a lot and this guy as the author. Maybe I am wrong, but probably worth just ignoring him.
  12. Honestly, I am not sure. My understanding that it is a corruption investigation. I really don't know how the law was broken either, but they have been investigating for awhile, so I assume they have something in mind.
  13. That may be the case for the NCAA, but the FBI may not be so kind.