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  1. Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski dead at 21

    Not sure if you meant it this way, but being worried about his rating and his brother's recruiting doesn't come off too well in this situation. It doesn't matter if he is a walk on or just a student who has never entered the stadium, this is a sad thing that happens all too often for too many people. Depression is a powerful foe that far too many don't think they can talk about or get help with. We need to remove the stigma with it so more people can get help and this can be avoided in the future.
  2. Why no one goes to SMU games

    I believe the idea there is to even out traffic to each entrance so they aren't backing up traffic.
  3. Because of the public nature of Twitter and how out there the information is, there is no possible way to punish a single program for this and not get themselves into a huge nightmare. They would have to punish all if they do punish. I would imagine that they would be more likely to send out a general warning to everyone if they do anything. I think the more likely scenario is that they do absolutely nothing.
  4. Do You Have Any Eligibility Left?

    So you are saying that Andre Krimm may not have been eligible?
  5. National championship games

    The other bad thing about the way this has all played out is the degradation of the sport. Long term, when other areas of the country are not competing or allowed to compete, they stop playing. This year was especially is bad for the game. The committee essentially told the country that football is a regional sport by excluding the Northeast, Midwest, and West. If this continues, then it will become that and the sport could very easily become a thing of the past.
  6. Home Opener Against SMU

    It depends on how miserable you want to be the next day.
  7. I am not sure that is really the case. It is easy to make these assertions based on our access to information and general population growth, but just because we hear about everything that happens across the country doesn't indicate some kind of trend. If there are actual statistics that back this up, that would be different, but this feels anecdotal.
  8. 10th On Field Assistant

    Pretty much all of them.
  9. WSJ: How Much Is Your College Football Team Worth?

    I think they are as scientific as they can be. Besides, it is interesting to see this information next to our peers to get an outside opinion. When they value professional teams there is no real way to value a franchise either despite a market for purchase. It all comes down to what someone is willing to pay. The Clippers were not valued anywhere near what was actually paid for them.
  10. Home Opener Against SMU

    As stated above, it was the 7:30-8 start time that would be an issue. Those start times would mean that the game isn't over until 10:30 at the earliest. 7 means a late bed time for my 6 year old, even on a Saturday, given that we have things going on Sunday mornings. I get that we want to avoid the heat, but the costs should be considered in planning the times.
  11. Home Opener Against SMU

    I understand your sentiment, but that pretty much tells a lot of families that you don't want them to come.
  12. 2018 Conference Schedule Predictions

    I went to the game we played there during the Dodge years. It is a cool atmosphere. The pig suey cheer is kind of cool when the whole stadium does it.
  13. Yahooooo! Ranks All 39 Bowl Games

    They had that one 1,000 point game that really brought up their average. Don't believe the hype.