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  1. That was something that surprised me when I moved to Texas. Where I hail from, the Catholic schools play in the same leagues as the public schools and they win all the championships every year. I moved here and couldn't figure out why that wasn't the case until I learned they have their own organization outside of UIL.
  2. I heard rumors that he's involved in a secret takeover of the stadium beer concession so they'll only sell Milwaukee's Best during games.
  3. Whenever I watch Army play I wonder how great that triple option might be if you had Alabama talent handling the ball. Add that kind of strength and speed to the already confusing deception of the system. Yikes.
  4. First the guy wins the first dance off in Apogee with a prize of a trip to Bermuda, wherein they've since reduced it to like a buy twelve, get one half price coupon at What-a-burger. Now he wins the Seth Littrell signed football in this week's season ticket renewal drawing thing. What a jerk. I spit half-chewed cheesecake crumbs in his general direction. ^^^^Addressing the important things in the off-season^^^^
  5. So which bathroom does it use?
  6. University of South North Texas, Corpus Christi. University of West North Texas, El Paso University of North Texas at West Louisiana, Wascom
  7. The absorbtion of Coastal Carolina definitely brings instant prestige to the conference. ULL is always a force. CUSA has the perennial Rice along with the up and coming F_U schools, and Southern Miss. The whole conference looks pretty good in OOC record right now. I'll have to go look up year over year conference rankings a little later.
  8. Funny that since Memphis, Cincinnati, Houston, Tulsa, and now SMU all fled to the AAC that College Insider still doesn't consider CUSA to be a mid-major conference. CUSA has a pretty serious identity crisis going on in both football and basketball right now. Nonetheless, I refuse to believe that a conference led by Karl "Kill ALL the football" Benson is ever better than CUSA in any sport. Ever. Nope.
  9. Are there eligibility requirements for chancellor? If not, I'd like to nominate John Williams. Make UNT great on all fronts and bring his delicious beer selection into the currently empty tap handles in the shiny new student center and at the concessions in Apogee and the Super Pit.
  10. Damn. That's a lotta dough! Hope it's worth it. $2.5 million guaranteed plus the $500k buyout. This is a serious roll of the dice. Do not like this aspect of modern day coaching contracts.
  11. Gotta hand it to Wren on one front, this took no time at all. This has clearly been in the works for a while.
  12. One of my former peer institutions made it to the tourney this year, only to find themselves tossed into the 16 seed Play-in game. So I got to wondering: If you win the 16-seed play-in game, can you rightfully spin that as a tournament win? If you lose the 16-seed play-in game, can you rightfully spin that as being part of the tournament even though you didn't even make it onto the bracket? I know what the technical answer to each of these questions is, but perception wise, I don't consider it tournament participation until I've got money riding on the outcome of your game in my bracket. Thoughts?
  13. The Cosh roll. It just...rolls over and lets you consume it.