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  1. Every time I read this board lately:
  2. It seems to me that until you become a Nebraska or Alabama with multi-generational waiting lists for season tickets that have been sold out for decades, that while season tickets are super nice, they're probably not going to sustain a program. To date, I've never seen UNT do anything to substantially increase single game ticket sales. If anything, the first time I came to a game nine years ago, it felt pretty hostile all around. The great demise of the secret wristband societies in the move from Fouts to Apogee greatly improved the outside the stadium experience for the casual fan. Not sure what else, if anything, has really improved if you're not a parking pass holder/season ticket holder who knows exactly what to do and where to go. Now then, how to get there? Therein lies the step 1, step 2, step 3 ???, step 4 PROFIT! conundrum. Let's face it. It's a pain in the ass to get to Denton right now and will continue as such for a couple more years. How do you convince the casual fan to brave the 35 for what has historically been a subpar (and that's a GENEROUS classification) college football team? And don't anybody tell me free buckets of fried chicken or free bento boxes from the new sushi joint in town.
  3. Man, they're killin' me with that right side only in the headphones. Yeah. I'm done. I can't deal with the cutting off one channel each time one of them speaks. Super poor production on the part of the podcast guy. As to dead weight hires, I have no problem whatsoever with the AD delegating responsibility and authority for ticket sales and service. Hopefully somebody will pay attention to that now.
  4. This is a list of "Our ranking of our favorite teams in Texas when the Longhorns aren't good." Nothing more, nothing less. Move along, nothing to see here.
  5. And immediately upon the facebook release of this news, there's a girl who's pissed and says this is disrespectful to the Texas state flag. Fun part? She was a UNT student.
  6. So the conference you're entering picks up the tab for the conference you're leaving?
  7. Take this article with a grain of salt if you wish, but it's what comes up when I google CUSA exit fees. Not cheap. They're claiming about $5.6 million as of 2016. Link
  8. You probably have a point on travel, but looking up the 1998 Big West football standings, current members of MWC who were in Big West then are Nevada, Boise, and Utah St. The rest of the MWC was more or less in the WAC back then before Karl Benson blew it up the first time. Crikey! Looking up UNT's schedule that year, six OOC games, four of them on the road. We played Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Arizona St, A&M, Houston, and Kansas! The whole damn season was a body bag game!
  9. I was in there earlier this month. It's kinda just..empty.
  10. And the dopest.
  11. Sponsored by Swisher Sweets?
  12. And eventually, it's nothing but a bunch of dudes in Alabama uniforms playing with themselves.
  13. I have one child of which I am aware. It would, however, not be a huge surprised to find out that there were a number of 20-22 year old kids traipsing about the Korean peninsula right about now with suspiciously round eyes and socially unacceptable irreverence.