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  1. oldguystudent

    Alumni Pavillion Expansion Update

    Fair point. I was thinking back to an alumni association even that I think combined Octoberfest with watching the Ohio game in 2013 held at the pavilion. I enjoyed that event and thought similar get togethers would be pretty swell without needing the greater resources required to open the Hub Club.
  2. oldguystudent

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    Exactly the scenario I was thinking of!
  3. oldguystudent

    Alumni Pavillion Expansion Update

    I'm sure this has been discussed before -- do they intend to expand the number of activities they use the pavillion for outside of football game days?
  4. What are they doing? Dunking their rings in the fountain?
  5. oldguystudent

    Who will be our first signature win?

    I'm with ya 100% buddy.
  6. oldguystudent

    Who will be our first signature win?

    Chad Morris seemed to take particular delight in demoralizing us at SMU. I can't imagine he won't do the same if he can at Arkansas.
  7. oldguystudent

    Who will be our first signature win?

    Was noted in parenthetical remarks.
  8. You should probably have quoted the guy who asked the question, not my response.
  9. Talk about future schedules. At some point, things gotta turn, and we're going to get that signature win. Who's it gonna be? Arkansas Houston (not P5, but would still be a pretty big win) Cal Tech A&M (This would get the entirety of College Station fired) Wisconsin
  10. That's a historically dangerous question to ask. I think a good majority of the regular posters here are donors at some level. Some more than others, but even the hint of challenging or God forbid, a pissing war into who pays how much, is a perilous game to play.
  11. She's aiming Ivy/MIT/Cal Tech with UTD and UT on the radar (I...I just don't know if I can go on living if she becomes a Longwhorn). UNT is still on the table for financial matters and the fact that she might have opportunities here that she might not get in higher profile programs. She's likely to be published this coming year, which I doubt many other programs are offering at the sophomore level.
  12. oldguystudent

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    There is so much collective love in this fan base.
  13. She won a funded research fellowship for the summer and has been working in a lab over the past year as a research assistant. But you go on with your expertise of everything, young man.
  14. I think UNT's issue right now is that while there are certainly some top notch programs, they are not all top notch across the board. UNT is still on the board for my daughter, but she's telling me flat out that she wants, and I quote, "More difficult classes." She's leaning toward engineering, and she's not finding much substance there at UNT yet. Granted, she'll only be in sophomore classes this coming year, and I always maintain the first two years are pretty much the same whether you go to Cisco Jr. College or Harvard. I don't know what the reality is vs. perception for her case, and I think that's a big part of the problem. It's impossible for me to ferret out the facts.
  15. oldguystudent

    DRC: C-USA adds to television package with ESPN deal

    Does it increase the number of weeknight football games?