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  1. Frank Wilson’s UTSA starts over again

    13-0 baby! (I can't find the article anymore. Did that poor bastard retract it?) John Whisler was the author. Searching through all his articles in the MySA, I see everything he wrote last year -- except 13-0. Edit: Found it! Never forget!
  2. I clearly have had substantial influence on the AD with my post and await the IPF being named in my honor for influencing such major upgrades with the university. Now where's my beer?
  3. Two things 1) Depending on how you view things in 2018, that might seem to some to be a rather archaic practice 2) If they are tasked with guiding football recruits around at games, they should be the LAST people on campus making videos like that Edit: Well this explains why I've never heard of them:
  4. Mercer (3/19/18)

    Just got the email soliciting ticket purchases. I logged in with my MGC MGSF account and dead center court front row is available for $13. If you want to go, I'd jump on this.
  5. Basketball and football are over

    Spring is concert season when my attentions shift from sports to music. It's all good in my social calendar book.
  6. I caught one game on facebook last season and really enjoyed it. Thing is, I don't know how I found it, or how you get to stadium's schedule. Hope that part gets easier because the production was way better than ESPN3.
  7. Heart of Dallas Bowl Under Fire

    First of all, Robert Wilonsky really sounds like one of those "That money could've been spent on organic quinoa for the homeless!" types in this article. Now then: Ouch, baby. Ouch.
  8. Multiple sources state the fee is to host: Example link It's a strange instance where teams prefer to travel over playing at home.
  9. I was very against these tournaments until I watched a four-year stretch of my other school go from CBI to CIT to NIT to NCAA. In some odd way, it seems to create an expectation of post season play, and since you're gonna play in the post season, you may as well start ramping things up for the quality of post season you play. The pay to play for the home teams is ridiculous though. I always look at the home teams in these tournaments and shake my head, thinking, "Man, you guys must be REALLY hard up for some self imposed kudos or something."
  10. If the renovations taking place were Sack N Save once stood are the front porch of the university, then the giant battle flag is the welcome mat.
  11. Basketball and football are over

    I could make this exact argument about football though, and don't even get me started on the last two minutes of every basketball game ever played. College baseball, like MLB, is toying with a pitch clock. Not set in stone yet, but probably imminent.
  12. Clearly this university is not taking athletics seriously.
  13. It's got some pretty serious tatters in it from flying in the wind already. To whom to I express my righteous indignation?
  14. FAU hires Southern Miss DC Tony Pecoraro

    I all fairness, I don't know of many college defenses that are all that spectacular in the present day game.