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  1. Morning after and I've calmed down.

    This time last year, we were also 4-3. Time to improve on the back end.
  2. Morning after and I've calmed down.

    Life as a UNT fan -- expect nothing. Get pleasantly surprised every once in a while. But never let your guard down and expect anything. You do that, and you will get kicked in the nuts. Repeatedly. Brutally. I'm starting to think more and more that @SilverEagle is right -- we had our chance in the 70s, left it on the table, and have dug an impossible hole to escape forever more. Enjoy the beer, the coeds, and the company. Every once in a while we might even win a game.
  3. Stadium Seats

    I recall remarking at the last home game that if I were a bajillion dollar donor, I'd pay to at lest get legitimate chairbacks installed on the alumni side. To me, the sporadically placed chairbacks in what, ten percent of seats, looks kinda weird. At least consider the bench backs that SMU has. As much as I hate to compliment ANYTHING about those smug pieces of excrement, I have to admit that I appreciated the bench backs throughout the stadium. Of course, I assume that if we did bench backs on the alumni side, there would be a significant contingency that would find it subpar and classless.
  4. Stadium Seats

    I demand these for every seat throughout the stadium or GTFO:
  5. Old Dominion

    We open a mere 7 point favorite over ODU with a -110 pick'em on the money line. The betting world continues to have no faith.

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Do you think Kiffin has an iota of loyalty to FAU? He'll be on the first plane out when the opportunity presents itself. But in the short-term, he's got FAU playing like a well oiled machine.
  7. What a great team...with a tiny fan base!

    Box score reads 13,277. Sketchy at best.

    Unbelievable that they went for it. What a dick move.

    Consolation prize touchdown! Yay!
  10. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Wow. Two play drive for another touchdown. 69-17 (Assuming the extra point)
  11. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Most I remember was 77 by Rice in 2008.
  12. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    Does the final score get to 80? Can they beat the Rice shitshow of 2008? Will Lane Kiffin apologize for beating us so badly? (Hint: NO)
  13. *****OFFICIAL UNT vs. FAU GAME THREAD*****

    I'm lighting my 2014 conference championship game parking pass on fire in protest.