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  1. UNT campus construction guide for spring 2018

    She doesn't want the weekend plan. They have flex dollars and whatnot. But she really, really despises CVS.
  2. UNT campus construction guide for spring 2018

    While we're talking about campus layout, my daughter, who doesn't have a car yet, heavily laments that "The only place I can get grocery-like items around campus is CVS and their selection is crap and they cost about 20% more than the real supermarket." The retort from one person -- "Well you have a meal plan, what in the WORLD would you need a supermarket for?" Kid's response -- "My meal plan doesn't cover weekends." RIP Sack N Save. Old people hated you because you weren't pretty, but you did a great job of feeding kids like mine.
  3. CUSA gets new deal for Marketing

    In a post O'Bannon brothers world, how do you build the brand of student-athletes?
  4. Why no one goes to SMU games

    It makes zero sense to me that a red pass would enter in one place and a blue pass would enter in another when they lead to the exact same lot. Edit: That does clear up the question I had about the yellow lot though.
  5. Why no one goes to SMU games

    What are the yellow/premium cash lots over by the softball stadium? I see those pulling into the red/blue lot on Bonnie Brae. As to red/blue, I can never figure out from year to year if I'm able to enter from North Texas Blvd. like I did in 2011. Sometimes it seems to be open, other times I seem to get a little bit of a talking too from people in yellow jackets. So unknowing as to whether I can enter from North Texas Blvd. from week to week, and having to drive down Bonnie Brae is the one inconvenience I face as it is a merely a two lane road, and I have to sit in line behind people who pull up thinking it's a cash lot, wait for them to figure out it isn't, wait for them to receive directions back to the cash lots, then wait for them to back up and turn around against traffic. That one thing really needs some serious improvement. As for opening red/blue lot to cash, people better be paying more than $25 to park there or I'm gonna get a little miffed.
  6. DRC: UNT football notes -- Army series note

    I hope Army has some significant personnel changes between now and our next meeting. I don't wish to play against their current M.O. ever again.
  7. Off topic, but that reminds me that because I went to school before America was a bunch of (insert feminine pejorative word here), we had a couple Spanish professors who would schedule weekly outings to bars specifically to get us drunk and over the fear of speaking in a foreign tongue.
  8. Aside from the fact that if I owned this team, I wouldn't even let any of the staff drive cars manufactured by Fiat/Chrysler, respected or not, it's easy enough to look up the history of the father and the departure of the son. It would be damn near impossible for me to believe either of them selling me on UNT if I were a high school player.
  9. Giovanni Vizza - UTSA

    I tried really hard to cheat and find this on the way back machine -- no dice. I am amused that I found the following thread titles from early 2009: "Would You Mind Utsa In The Belt?" "Let's Talk About Negativity And Humor On The Football Board" Unfortunately the way back machine didn't drill down far enough to see the actual posts and responses. I bet they were gold.
  10. Todd Dodge to UT

    If one were to dig back into the gmg.com archives of November, 2008, one would find that we were so desperate that many wished for simply not losing as badly. Like, go 1-11 again, that's cool, but stop doing it by going down 30+ points in the first quarter every game. That's how bad that was.
  11. Todd Dodge to UT

    My best guess is some kind of convoluted cognitive dissonance. The guy wore green. Some people hold their reverence for "The glory to the green and white" second only to their religion, and it's a close second. Therefore, he must've been good. These threads come up about every six months, and no matter how much time has passed, and what things have changed in football (for the better), there are STILL holdouts who think he should be coaching here to this very day. I'll never understand it, but there it is. As I will never change those minds, so will those minds never convince me that he was anything other than an arrogant fraud. Agree to disagree and let's go back to fear mongering that Seth Litrell is going to SMU next season.
  12. Todd Dodge to UT

    Going by winning percentage, in arguably a more difficult conference, for every win Dodge produced, SL has produced 3.73 wins. If only counting the first two years of tenure (remembering that SL took over a 1-11 team), for every win Dodge produced in 2007-2008, SL produced 4.15 wins in 2016-2017.
  13. Todd Dodge to UT

    Humility in failure goes a lot further in the public eye than unwavering arrogance and constant justification for every stumbling block. Just remember, it's a plan.
  14. Todd Dodge to UT

    Dodge wins while at UNT and those teams' records: 2007 -- Western Kentucky, transitional FBS -- 7-5 (All 7 wins over FCS opponents) Louisiana Monroe -- 6-6 (This team actually beat Alabama who had an uncharacteristic 7-6 year) 2008 -- Western Kentucky, transitional FBS -- 2-10 (2 wins over FCS Eastern Kentucky and Murray St.) 2009 -- Ball St. -- 2-10 (Wins over 0-12 Eastern Michigan and 5-7 Western Michigan) Western Kentucky -- 0-12 2010 -- Florida Atlantic -- 4-8 Cumulative opponents' record, including FCS games 21-39. Six wins in 3 1/2 seasons. Three of those wins were over a hapless Western Kentucky team. Best win appears to be against the juggernaut of Louisiana Monroe. It's difficult for me to determine if 2008 under Dodge or 2015 under Mac was the worst season I've seen. Mac at least fooled me into thinking that he knew what he was doing there in 2013. Dodge never offered any such comfort, fleeting as it may have been. As to high school, discounting the endless resources provided at Southlake and Westlake: Cameron Yoe -- 8-12 Carrollton Newman Smith -- 9-11 Keller Fossil Ridge 7-12 Marble Falls 8-12 So best assessment I can objectively give after looking through the records is that if you give him the best of the best of everything, he can coach a Greg McElroy, but if you put him in a position to build from the ground up, well, he ain't no Jim Leavitt.
  15. Todd Dodge to UT

    This will be an interesting test as to whether he loves money or glory. He's making about $130K at Westlake and walks on water in that town. He goes to UT, he'll likely double the income, but will be mostly anonymous. He's 54, so he's not a young prospect trying to work his way up the college ladder, so I can't imagine that he's got another FBS head coaching position in mind.