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  1. Damn! That's got to be one of the most poorly conceived football stadium layouts ever. Almost as bad as when they did a football game in Wrigley, but both teams had to go the same direction because there wasn't enough buffer space behind one of the endzones.
  2. Current Cotton Bowl capacity is 91,200. Outside the Red River Shootout, that's a tough sellout for anybody.
  3. Armed Forces bowl is at the TCU stadium (Amon Carter, right?). I was just having this same thought not long ago, but then wondered if UNT administration could even pull it off. Also of concern is lack of reasonable hotel accommodations. But mostly, parking and tickets. So much difficult.
  4. My grandfather had this bicycle that he'd ride around on. It had a little license plate on it. It read, "The Big Wop" When we were out fishing, over the CB, he'd be The Big Wop, and I'd be the Little Wop.
  5. And where do you live? You still file. Married jointly. Income earned outside the United States is excluded from taxable income up to $100,800, though I believe you still have to report it.
  6. I genuinely hope the ticket office gets their act together before basketball season starts. There may actually be some demand this year. I'll never buy basketball season tickets because the bulk of the season interferes with tax season, so impractical. I'll always be a buy at the door guy, and that experience has turned me off for a good long time.
  7. Isn't that how UTEP recruits?
  8. Married jointly. She lives here? On a green card? Married jointly.
  9. As we got acquired on January 1st by a bunch of rapscallion California bean counters who count beans even harder than we do, I am no longer able to help out non-clients. And unless you're bringing in eight figures, you aren't a client. I'm not at joking when I say this sucks. I was doing a lot of tax work for a lot of normal joes free of charge because I kinda considered it my community service, and I love taking a bite out of Intuit. But I do that now, and I'll end up on the gomeangrean.com job forum, sooo...yeah.
  10. Offers from Colorado, Illinois, LaTech, Minnesota, SMU, Texas Tech, and Utah. This is the first time I recall EVER beating out an offer list like that. Ever. But the kid hasn't signed anything yet, has he? I'll hang up and listen.
  11. JJ

    Seems like a pretty big step down, but I suppose it's a nice resting spot until the next HC gig comes along.
  12. Depends. Over how many years? Benford'd. Oh...Wait...It's a new day, isn't it? Knowing absolutely nothing about these players or the game of basketball in general, I'm putting the over/under at 16 wins. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  13. UAB is going to have a breakout, honeymoon, welcome back to football, feel good, made for TV Disney movie type season. Don't take them lightly.
  14. Has the entire roster turned over now? I don't mean this question to be critical. Just seems like a LOT of change.
  15. I like this one. Except for the first stop, they're all at breweries/Dot's (nice pickup there). Like the expansion to San Antonio and Houston.