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  1. Is there a 2017 Ticket Exchange?

    @Harry used to have a forum on here specifically for ticket exchange, but I don't see it anymore. There are always club seats available as club seat holders can purchase guest passes. The sticking point on that in my experience is that prospective buyers don't expect the sticker shock. I haven't gotten the letter from athletics laying out the policies this year, but the face value on the tickets are usually indicative of that, and they say $95 this year, not including a parking pass, which I think runs about $25. People having extra club tickets that they'll let go for lower prices if not outright give away tends to happen later in the season, not the first game.
  2. Uniform Speculation

    I wish Bill Veeck were still alive. He would've made a GREAT Nike executive:
  3. Uniform Speculation

    I would tend to agree, but the two greatest UNT games I've attended in my life were the Halloween game against Rice (the stand) and the subsequent Heart of Dallas Bowl game against UNLV where I watched Derek Thompson pop back in a dislocated kneecap and lead us to victory. Both games had black uniforms. This has made me somewhat partial to them.
  4. How Full Are Texas Stadiums Over the Years

    Kinda surprised that SMU doesn't start at about 150% and skyrocket up to eleventy-one thousand percent by the end.
  5. UNT System selects sole finalist for Chancellor

    And I'm all for this IF this is the long-term identity that UNT seeks. I still think there's internal debate as to whether UNT continues to be the everyman's regional school where you can go get a solid education and become a good, upstanding member of working society vs. becoming something that students aspire to attend because the research opportunities are really up there. As my kid begins the TAMS program next week, we are already in the process of deciding where she goes after that. Other schools in active conversation right now are Rice, Princeton, Columbia, and Cal Tech. Each offers something that UNT doesn't, but also comes with a potential financial burden that I may not be able to shoulder, depending on other variables. For whatever anybody feels about Ernie, he's taken some pretty giant steps in recent times to make UNT an attractive option for graduating TAMS students to remain in Denton. The financial burden would be lifted for me, and there are potentially some really solid undergraduate research opportunities for my daughter to pursue that she might not have access to as just another face in the crowd at other schools. Sorry to make this about me, but all of these developments are affecting me personally right now. I'm hoping for a positive outcome. It wouldn't suck at all for my daughter and I to share the same alma mater.
  6. AAC = Power 6?

    I remember posting a similar article to this about a year ago. SMU was essentially asserting that they were already a power 6 because, well, they're SMU dammit! Of the G5 conferences, I'd put AAC and MWC at the top of the pile, but the chasm between those two and the P5 is still pretty vast. Who's the worst P5 conference? I'm guessing the Big XII? You think SMU and ECU are going to go toe to toe with Texas, OU, OSU, or even Tech and a (rightfully so) depleted Baylor?
  7. Which game would you rather win?

    Well, I've seen one win against each team and they were both mighty satisfying if for no other reason than to see their shitty fans sulking out of our stadium. Tough call on this one, but I'd really, really like to see us take one down in Dallas for once and maybe see a few of those popped collars wilt in the setting sun.
  8. UNT System selects sole finalist for Chancellor

    The chancellor at my other alma mater who turned athletics around from a laughing stock of the country and unheard of out of it into a national power in several sports was a world renowned physicist. Never discount or elevate expectations of somebody's priorities on athletics based on their chosen profession. There's a pretty mean spirited fantasy football league here at work with a bunch of tax accountants. I've literally seen a couple people stop speaking for a few years because of it. You wouldn't necessarily expect that kind of sports passion out of a bunch of windowless office number crunchers.
  9. Improving The Game Day Experience

    With the Denton location becoming a bastion of employee indifference that is Cafe Brazil, and the Lewisville location becoming an abandoned building that somebody hopes to God they can lease out some day, there are only two remaining locations in DFW to encounter the Pizza Inn Nazi -- Mesquite and Old East Dallas. So unless you're Lee Jackson and hoping to all things holy that you can get your wet dream of UNT East Dallas up and running, the Pizza Inn Nazi is long since dead to me. I offer him no Pizza Inn Nazi salute, and I bid him adieu.
  10. Improving The Game Day Experience

    Sweet Caroline has absolutely nothing to do with baseball.
  11. On a pure basis of numbers, I don't know if that's as true today as it was twenty years ago. Going rate that UNT has been commanding is just under a million for that game. I'm not sure of the year, but I think this is from 2015. It shows total revenue of $33,278,988. A million dollar body bag game makes up about 3% of that. Granted, that revenue number is across ALL athletics, but let's be honest, it's mostly football.
  12. Improving The Game Day Experience

    I was gonna make a snarky remark back to the Dodge days about noise being irrelevant in that situation, but I'm gonna go take my meds and wrap up in my safety blanket instead.
  13. Improving The Game Day Experience

    Yeah, those guys are really something else. I've had some real entertaining moment just trying to go say hi to friends at halftime with them.
  14. Rumor of John Franklin III...

    Rule of thumb -- we draw an opponent that we don't play every year, the year we play them will be the best in their history. (Last year's Marshall team being the lone exception)
  15. Ricky V spotting?