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  1. Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    Sorry the source was from 2015... Gas would be $683.80 at $2.60 a gallon. So with fuel cost today it would lower the hourly cost by $3.21. So $86.46/hr or $71.46/hr respectively. Thanks for keeping me honest. I corrected the math above
  2. Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    According to the federal Energy Information Administration, the "levelized cost" of new wind power (including capital and operating costs) is 8.2 cents per kWh. Advanced clean-coal plants cost about 11 cents per kWh, the same as nuclear. But advanced natural gas-burning plants come in at just 6.3 cents per kWh. I think I am buying from NRG at 7.8 cents per kWh right now. Again for the minutia hounds: The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) is given by: {\displaystyle \mathrm {LCOE} ={\frac {\text{sum of costs over lifetime}}{\text{sum of electrical energy produced over lifetime}}}={\frac {\sum _{t=1}^{n}{\frac {I_{t}+M_{t}+F_{t}}{\left({1+r}\right)^{t}}}}{\sum _{t=1}^{n}{\frac {E_{t}}{\left({1+r}\right)^{t}}}}}} It : investment expenditures in the year t Mt : operations and maintenance expenditures in the year t Ft : fuel expenditures in the year t Et : electrical energy generated in the year t r : discount rate n : expected lifetime of system or power station
  3. Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    Did anyone look at the other photos on that site. Looks like Jerseys, helmets, t-shirts, sweats, and cleats are in stock...
  4. Regal Eagle is For Sale - $350k

    These things are not cheap. If you do not drive it yourself you should budget about $86.46/hr. If you are the driver you should budget about $71.46/hr for operation. Here is the math for those who love to argue the minutia: Sample data in calculation 13 trips performed 78 total hours of service 1,450 miles of travel Associated hard costs Cost to “make ready” 13 washes/prep— $10/hour x 13 hours = $130 Driver wages (including pre/post trip) — $15/hour x 104 hours = $1,560 Fuel — 263 Gallons @ $2.60 = $683.80 Insurance (monthly premium) = $342 Associated soft costs Oil change ($150 per 6,000 miles) — .025 per mile x 1,450 = $36.25 Tire replacement — ($450 per 100,000 miles).0045 per mile x 1,450 = $39.18** Major tune-up — ($600 per 75,000 miles) .008 per mile x 1450 = $11.60 TOTAL BREAK-EVEN POINT = $7,060.43 Excludes employer payroll tax or workers’ comp premium **Based on six tires Hourly break-even point: $6,744.18 / by 78 hours of service = rate of $86.46 per hour OR $6,744.18 / 1,450 miles = $4.65 per mile Fuel Bus fuel capacity: 250 gallons Average MPG: 4 to 9 mpg Average fill-up cost: $950 Commercial truck stop required for large buses Maintenance Tire replacement: $400 — $600 each Lube, oil and filter service: $150 — $250 Turbo replacement (diesel): $1,500 — $2,000 Insurance Minimum: $5 million liability required Monthly cost: $280 — $500 Labor National average hourly pay School bus drivers: $10.19 — $18.32 Transit bus drivers: $9.57 — $23.09 Greyhound Bus Lines: $15 — $20.67 Source: Payscale.com
  5. Baylor Being Baylor

    I have family members who went to Baylor. With the latest being a niece who graduated in 2015 and took my kids to games in Waco. My Daughter, who is a High School Junior and wants to be an Athletic Trainer in college on her way to becoming a sports medicine doctor. Has wanted to go to Baylor since 2011 with UNT as her second choice. Last week as she was working on gathering admissions info so she could apply and I asked her about the Baylor Sports Medicine program, she looked at me, shrugged and said "dad, I am not sure that I want to be associated with Baylor at this point". Now her top choices are UNT, UT, and A&M. My son who is a Senior this year, and had Baylor in his top five 2 years ago has said that he would never go to Baylor. Both have stated that most of their friends do not even have Baylor on their list of schools to apply. For people who say athletics is not a window in to the university the academics are, in my house Baylor has gone from top choice to not even apply in the last 4 years due to the behavior of the athletics department.
  6. Tragic Accident at FIU

    As with any failure in manufacturing or construction the builder attempts to mitigate liability. This is done in thousands of different ways but the easiest is to "confidentially" tell a press guy about this new technology and intimating that it could have something to do with it. The press guy runs with it and you have 100 paid experts ready to tell you how it could have caused a failure. Let the investigation play out. This was a 950 ton structure that had just been put in place. It was not fully tied in nor were the support cables set as the were being tightened when the collapse occurred. I will bet is was not caused by faulty concrete. Self-cleaning concrete was invented in 1997 has been used without fail since 2003. The nanotechnology of adding titanium dioxide (TiO2) actually strengthens concrete. Making it photocatalytic requires manipulating the material to create extremely fine nanotechnology-sized particles with a different atomic structure. Self-cleaning concrete is an effective alternative to provide cleaner environment which contribute to sustainability and towards a green environment.
  7. Place your bets

    Fall 2017 enrollment was 38,121. So if only 100 people voted it would be 0.26% Every thousand votes therefore would be 2.62% Source: https://www.ntdaily.com/unts-enrollment-hits-new-all-time-high/ https://percentagecalculator.net/ - i just did the math but for those who do not remember Jr High math here is a online tool.
  8. Place your bets

    Yes, coaches encouraged teams to vote... Landslide victory. I love this green kool-aid!
  9. Blast from the past

    When I was there last week the outdoor field had UNT on the rotating sign with Kroger and Whataburger.
  10. I may just be old but saying that it is a sport just like Quidditch just kills any credibility. I would have gone with Lacrosse, Rugby, Men's Soccer, Baseball, wrestling, or cycling (all of the above are club sports on the UNT site) Quidditch is a student organization not a club sport and like Dodgeball, and disk golf both of whom are club sports, just do make me think of legitimate sport... That being said, these students pay their own way (incliding ice time - $200/hr, equipment - used $200-$300 and uniforms - $100) as well as travel, hotel and meals for away games and tourneys. If you have the ability please throw them some cash to help with Regionals and budget some cash for next month when they advance and need to travel again. Give em hell Mean Green and bring home the hardware. For those that want references as to who is a club sport and quidditch being a student organization, here you go. http://recsports.unt.edu/sportclubs https://www.ntdaily.com/quidditch-club-provides-change-of-pace-from-traditional-sports-teams/ - " To expand its presence across the country, U.S. Quidditch does not require players to attend their team’s university. Those rules led North Texas Quidditch to make the switch from a sport club to a student organization in 2014"

    "UNT's student government is scheduled to meet during the first week of the spring semester to certify the election results. That meeting will take place the third week of January." - Brett Vito in DRC article titled Results of vote on UNT athletic fee delayed Dec 7 2017.
  12. English may not be the Savior!

    Unlike the so called "skilled positions" the big uglys on both sides of the ball can have an amazing year with little to no stats. so it is hard to say a number, but since I put it out there I would say if he averages 6 tackles a game and 5 or more sacks for the season that he is a man among boys... As a nose tackle, you are meant to clog the middle and will pull a high number of double teams and chips with a release to the linebacker. Splitting the blockers and making tackles is not expected but is an amazing benefit to the LB play. The more double teams you demand, the more you free your LB is to make a play.
  13. Over the last year there have been over 1,000 (1,038 to be exact) mentions of Bryce English. I know that he was very impressive in spring ball and others have stated that there is a bit of nasty in his play. All of which I am excited about. I am just concerned that when he makes it to the field that some on this board will expect him to be the messiah for our defense, I for one do not see that happening. Believe it or not, our defense did improve this year, not much but we did lower the total yards allowed per game by 8.4 yards. The main difference between this year and last year was big plays in pass defense (where we allowed 28.7 more yards per game) which ended up in scores (which we gave up 3.4 more points per game) Our weakness was not the D-line. If you watch the film (and know what you are looking for) you will see that our LB's were not able to shed a block and make a play - this is personally my biggest area of concern. Our line did a good job and absorbed their block and held most of the time. Our starters on the D-line combined for 132 tackles and 3.5 sacks (As a comparison West Virginia's D-line starters, who also run the 3-3-5 had 100 tackles and 6 sacks) Flusche posted 43 total tackles, 8.0 for loss, with 1.5 sacks, an interception, a pair of pass break-ups and four quarterback hurries. Young (who would be replaced by English) started all 14 games and finished with 48 tackles, 6.5 for loss with 2.0 sacks and eight quarterback hurries while garnering all-conference honorable mention status from C-USA's coaches. Hamilton finished with 40 tackles (22 solo), 4.0 for loss, an interception, a fumble recovery and five quarterback hurries. While I hope and pray that English adds 3-4 sacks and stops at least 4 big plays from happening next year, he is not the savior you are looking for. I think putting Young back out at end where he was projected to play this year with English at NT will be a boost, however I do not think it will increase our lines stats. The defensive saviour will come from the Linebackers or possibly the Secondary. I will gladly come back to this thread and eat crow this time next year if English is the savior of our defensive woes...
  14. next years game at Pig land

    Will someone please do a pig roast tailgate?