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  1. Kiffin factor Keeps Seth Here Longer?

    Kiffin is leaving as soon as he can. He's just gotta rebuild a pretty damaged reputation first, and his personality alone is gonna scare away a lot of the big boys. Win enough and that won't matter, but it'll take more than a year.
  2. Todd Dodge to UT

    Wait - what's the UT rumor? Through all the horrible flashbacks on this thread I haven't been able to find anything.
  3. Holy $#It huge commit for North Texas

    Different school each year, no rating, unimpressive film. Cool.
  4. Part of Our Problem

    Part of our problem? Moron fans tweeting at recruits and players and coaches.
  5. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    Same. I've never seen anything like it. They're everywhere. Place i was in the other night played "Thunderstruck" every 30 minutes (guess it's a NDSU thing) and the place would sing and chant along and go nuts. Frisco businesses have Bison signs and green and yellow lights up everywhere you look, bartenders are in Bison gear, the cars (with plates from up north almost without exception) are flying NDSU, Texas, and NDSU-Themed Texas flags.... it's absolutely incredible.
  6. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    Beats me. It's an incredible run for sure. Maybe (just thinking out loud here) they've just built enough of a following and reputation that they're keeping enough of those Minnesota/Dakotas, etc. kids at home? Kind of leaning on the fact that some kids don't want to move across the country and would rather go to the place they've grown up loving and where their family can see them play? Heck if i know, and i'm sure it's a combination of a lot of factors, but they do dominate that chunk of the country.
  7. Riddle Me This: North Dakota State

    My buddy's entire family went to NDSU... that place has a RABID fan base (If you've been near Frisco in the last week you've likely experienced it), and it's the only game in town. Nearest "major" city is Minneapolis, and they basically dominate an entire section of the country, even if it's a lower profile and frozen over one.
  8. He lost me at the flat bill and finger tape combo of cockiness.
  9. The number is 9 now

    Delete. Your. Account.
  10. NMSU

    I'm just happy we have two NMSU threads on our football board
  11. The number is 9 now

    This thread has EVERYTHING! #GMG
  12. UTEP (12/28/17)

    UTEP has been playing well since Floyd left and were a 2 point home favorite. I'll happily take this! #GMG
  13. Seth Littrell on defense

    Yeah. This is ugly and dangerous and across the line as hell, man. Get a grip.
  14. Independence Bowl

    This is a bittersweet watch for me. This is the one I really wanted... would love to be there right now watching us take our shot at Florida State.
  15. HOD BOWL

    nothing about our bowl situation - where we went or where we didn't go - made sense this year. Hurts.