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  1. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    The team is 4 players short of being at the top of CUSA. The fact there is only one player that can score (Smart) makes the record commendable. Woolridge would be fine if surrounded with 3 other threats (besides Smart). The fact Draper gets heavy minutes tells you all you need to know, He is a liability everywhere especially defense except for he can hit an open three. He'd be a good 6th man on a great team ala Tim Duryea from back in the day. The interior defense and athleticism of the team is way behind the top teams in the league. McCaslands 1st season reminds me of Litrells. He took a terrible team and made them competitive by figuring out strengths and weaknesses and getting buyin. Exactly what a good coach would do, but it caught up to both of them at the end of their 1st season. The main difference though is McCasland was able to change over half his team and doesn't have many scholarships to give to make an improvement. If he can recruit he can challenge at the top. That's the next step. Sounds familiar.
  2. 2018 NSD Official Thread

    That puts @BillySee58 on the clock for his grading report on the class.
  3. 1958 NTSC Program Page

    Before any other statues are put up at Apogee, this should be commemorated first.
  4. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    Oops, you are right. I have more than 4 so I didn't do the math. Welp then the $200 per seems fair. For the record, mine went up on average, but I've no problem paying it. Can't want to be good, but not financially support it if you can.
  5. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    Actually, I need to correct this. It used to be $500 for up to 4 in Section 105 and $1,000 for up to 8. So if you had 5 seats you paid $200 per seat but if you had 8 you only paid $125 on average. They raised it to $200 per seat regardless now in that section. So they basically went to the highest end of the average and went with that. My opinion on this is it is too soon and should have been more like the low end of $125 or a slight bump to say $150 a seat. But, I still think it makes more sense.
  6. Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    It is. $200 a seat in 105. Actually they way they are doing it now makes more sense. It used to be like $250 would get up to 4 seats and then $500 would get up to 8 or something. So depending on how many seats you had it could have been a deal (say 8) or a lot more (say 5) in the same seats. Per seat makes more sense. Another thing RV did wrong. Either way though it is going up but it at least makes sense now.
  7. The has to be the heyday of the NT Daily. Just clobbering the DRC at the moment.
  8. Part of Our Problem

    We'd be Oklahoma, if only we were a few inches taller.
  9. Depends. I don't blame them for waiting for on Benford's last year, it was the previous 3 that shouldn't have happened.
  10. Interesting thoughts. I'm basically the same as Army of Dad. For me, it actually had to do more with removing my emotional attachment to it since it was painful. Maybe lame. But it happened to me. I think it also happens to a lot of folks you see on here over time. I don't think I went crazy and started just spewing hate on here about everything the school is doing, however my investment in the program now is no longer emotional. That means I no longer feel obligated to go. That doesn't mean I won't go again, it just means I will probably wait until there is more reason than they don't suck anymore.
  11. New Commit Derrick Shaw 12/22

    This should be the tag line for UNT. UNT Football - We'd be Oklahoma if we were a few inches taller.
  12. Grade The Mccasland Hire - End of 1st Non-Conf. Sch.

    Sorry for the late reply but been busy. I said B-. It's real hard to do these since you tend to compare to what we've had as basketball coaches. I won't rehash the points others have made, but we haven't had an A hire that I know of in the last 30+ years. The coaching end is above average. They have a plan and they are trying to execute it. On that alone it's probably a B+. But I agree with @Cooley that the recruiting especially with as many spots as they had was underwhelming, so I went with B-. Interestingly it's similar to Football. Doing more with less, but until someone can coach and recruit we won't be making big waves.
  13. Frisco Bowl

    To be fair, there's no way there are 5,000 SMU fans in Texas
  14. Frisco Bowl

    I'll give you a hint. M$ney
  15. Frisco Bowl

    Since there are only about 16,500 seats available during construction, that's a lot of people in standing room only (not a shot at you're attendance guessing skills)