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  1. MeanGreenHoops

    DRC: C-USA adds to television package with ESPN deal

    Thanks to both of you. @Cerebus I actually have it hardwired. Sorry, feel free to move this to the tech support board
  2. MeanGreenHoops

    DRC: C-USA adds to television package with ESPN deal

    I've got a new Sony LED TV, and I find the MLS games have stutter in them on ESPN+ (through the Android TV). Don't have the same issue with the Roku on another TV, but was told the reason was because ESPN uses an older codec and OLED technology can account for it, while an LED cannot. SO for me at least, I've found ESPN+ to be disappointing./annoying.
  3. If it was written by someone like @TheTastyGreek, @Quoner, @Green P1 or @Censored by Laurie I'd agree.
  4. Should have been. Seven reasons Mean Green football will be undefeated this year. #4 will shock you!
  5. MeanGreenHoops

    Sentinel C-USA non conference schedule ratings 2018

    You see to have the polygamist view of a "couple years." 😛
  6. MeanGreenHoops

    Tony is back

    Solid defense on the play. I do miss watching him play tho.
  7. MeanGreenHoops

    How Do You Want To Fill The Last 3 Spots?

    Another shooter. When Smart/Duffy aren't scoring this team looks bad. Another shooter. For when the backup to Smart/Duffy isn't scoring. A big. To take up space and defend the post. Someone with a post game. OK that's 4 :)
  8. MeanGreenHoops

    Baylor Being Baylor

    Thanks for this.
  9. MeanGreenHoops

    San Francisco (3/28/18)

    Don't be surprised. On the football boards more than a few thought our true freshman QB wasn't good enough and might lose his job as a sophomore. Turned out he was All-Conference as a Soph. Seeing talent and keeping that in line with reality of experience etc. isn't a strength for all folks.
  10. MeanGreenHoops

    Scott Cross fired at UTA

    Nice post. I wish you posted more these days. Too bad you were Benford'd
  11. MeanGreenHoops

    Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    The team is 4 players short of being at the top of CUSA. The fact there is only one player that can score (Smart) makes the record commendable. Woolridge would be fine if surrounded with 3 other threats (besides Smart). The fact Draper gets heavy minutes tells you all you need to know, He is a liability everywhere especially defense except for he can hit an open three. He'd be a good 6th man on a great team ala Tim Duryea from back in the day. The interior defense and athleticism of the team is way behind the top teams in the league. McCaslands 1st season reminds me of Litrells. He took a terrible team and made them competitive by figuring out strengths and weaknesses and getting buyin. Exactly what a good coach would do, but it caught up to both of them at the end of their 1st season. The main difference though is McCasland was able to change over half his team and doesn't have many scholarships to give to make an improvement. If he can recruit he can challenge at the top. That's the next step. Sounds familiar.
  12. MeanGreenHoops

    2018 NSD Official Thread

    That puts @BillySee58 on the clock for his grading report on the class.
  13. MeanGreenHoops

    1958 NTSC Program Page

    Before any other statues are put up at Apogee, this should be commemorated first.
  14. MeanGreenHoops

    Hope Y'all are ready to open up your wallets!

    Oops, you are right. I have more than 4 so I didn't do the math. Welp then the $200 per seems fair. For the record, mine went up on average, but I've no problem paying it. Can't want to be good, but not financially support it if you can.