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  1. TIgreen01

    2 C-USA QBs drafted in 2018

  2. TIgreen01

    DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    The games that worry me are smu, Ark, FAU. We got manhandled in the trenches by teams with solid FBS depth there. Teams that ran tempo absolutely killed us. SMU graduated some, but they have been recruiting better than us. FAU graduated nobody and is still out recruiting us. Ark is SEC and is gifted the type of linemen that we can only dream of. Our guys are a year older, will have another offseason under their belts to grow/mature. It will help us expand the gap on the also-rans in CUSA, but we were so dominated by smu, FAU and Troy that I have a hard time seeing us close that gap entirely in one season. I say those 3 are losses, the rest are wins.
  3. TIgreen01

    DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    At least with regards to his comments to the DRC, Lawson definitely appears to be going out with class. That is refreshing to see in this day. Best of luck to him in the future.
  4. I hope we over-sign at DL next year the way we over-signed at DB this year. This defensive roster still feels too reliant on Bryce being a game changer. Like others have said, we're not physical enough to beat FAU (and FIU worries me, as well). We've stock-piled O-linemen. That will eventually pay off down the road as these guys grow up in the program. We needed to have done that this year, impo. What we're waiting for I don't know.
  5. TIgreen01

    Well Crap!

    I'd like a redo on Benford's first year OOC schedule. That was a great schedule. Just had the wrong staff to lead us through it.
  6. TIgreen01

    So let's recap here

    Fighting over who gets all the credit? I don't give a ... Just try to enjoy it folks. Years like this don't come around very often.
  7. TIgreen01

    So let's recap here

    Was thinking this last night. This is hands down the best sports year at UNT since I've been following from the mid 90s.
  8. TIgreen01

    Baylor Being Baylor

    Rhule is in a no win situation. And many of the responses here prove it.
  9. TIgreen01

    Received my MG Membership Guide

    Bunch of whining in here. I have had more contact from the school and AD this year than in any year from the past 20... And probably more than just the last 5 years combined. Quit the pessimism
  10. TIgreen01

    Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    We have ONE guy who can legitimately shoot and score at this level. A lot of over-analysis of this team and staff when it really just boils down to talent pool not being there yet. IMO, of course. If we don't address it during the offseason I'll be more concerned, but I expect it to take at least a few years to get back to having a complete and balanced roster. With Tihkonenko, Gibson and the other Simmons already in the fold, it'll be interesting to see what we add. It will also be interesting to watch Woolridge's development next year when we presumably have at least one more legitimate scoring option (Tihk...). You don't get the feeling watching him that Woolridge prefers to have to take over games by himself---well, at least I don't get that feeling from what I've seen.
  11. If this stuff doesn't bring about sweeping changes.... Will anything ever??
  12. TIgreen01

    Florida International (2/22/18)

    I'm not worried about the staff. The roster is still a work in progress this year and losing Gibson so early didn't help. Getting another shooter on the floor in Tikhonenko next year and this team will be much harder to defend against. Not to mention that much better at converting free throws. I think people better get ready for a 19-20 win team next year, because it's coming.
  13. TIgreen01

    DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    My reverse jinx magic worked again. You are all welcome.
  14. TIgreen01

    DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    Give me a break. The university stepping in to control the SGA would be worse. This is a student issue since it is going through the SGA. You want to argue that the administration should go about funding of athletics differently, fine, but this back and forth going on with this vote is purely in the court of the SGA.
  15. TIgreen01

    DRC: Results of UNT fee vote delayed again

    What did you expect? Reminds me of our national reaction to Presidential elections that don’t go our way. And I’m not just talking about the most recent. Now if something really amiss went on, absolutely challenge the results. If this is just a stall tactic then the SGA should throw out the complaint and move forward.