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  1. meanrob

    DRC: C-USA media days coverage (Day 1)

    How is that possible? Lousy leadership.
  2. meanrob

    Some prefer an 8 team playoff - 1 G5

    I doubt they start entering "fair" into the equation now
  3. I"d love to counter point this article but FAU is going to a tough squad. But a key injury or quarterback struggles could change things.
  4. Heupel takes over a situation where there's really no place to go but down. Littrell took over where there was no place to go but up. I think we got the better guy.
  5. The kicker situation was huge last year. I'll have to see someone step up or perform well in camp before I'm ready to be positive in that area.
  6. Check that math. We GAVE UP an average of 49 points in those losses, not lost by. And for the record, I could cherry pick five OU games where they gave up an average of 44 points a game. Our defense needs to get better but not necessarily light years better.
  7. Guess it depends on what you're expecting out of this team. I don't think all the pieces are there for a ten-win team that gets top 25 votes but another nine win season is doable. If we're on the positive side of the turnover margin, that's a huge plus. I think 2018 can be a fun, exciting season that keeps the ball rolling and if we can keep the band together, the sky is the limit for 2019. Either way, I'll give the defense and coaching staff a little benefit of the doubt that they can improve. Being down 17-14 to a Big Ten team on the road into the fourth quarter doesn't qualify as a stomp to me. And I'm not sure how Chad Morris going to UA is a positive for UA yet SMU losing him isn't a negative for SMU. It's a small sample size but Dykes doesn't impress me. Troy and FAU were/are bad matchups but I don't see any other teams besides FAU in our conference with that mixture of skill and beef. I say another 9-3 year with a win over SMU. We lose one or two we think we could've won and don't get all the late game breaks to go our way this year. After fifteen years of mostly bad UNT football, 9-3 would make me ecstatic.
  8. Because it really only has to improve slightly and if our offense stays the same we're probably a nine team win again. Having an offense ranked #13 gives you a lot of leeway. And that defensive ranking isn't as bad if you take out a few games. They weren't awful every game. Let's look at the losses. Is SMU better this year? No. Is Arkansas better than Iowa? No. Are the teams that we beat in close wins last year significantly better? No. Don't ask me about FAU. I'm not sure we have an answer for that team.
  9. meanrob

    North Texas Eagle Midyear Report

    I appreciate you taking it in stride. Was only offering up a suggestion. Just letting you know that for us not heavily into the recruiting scene a comparison or a bit of a description goes a long way. Keep up the great recruiting updates. Thanks, again.
  10. meanrob

    North Texas Eagle Midyear Report

    I'm ready and prepared to get dogpiled for this but..... This kind of info really tells me nothing- Kuehne is a very good QB prospect with a very bright future and a ton of potential Jevin Murray (Shadow Creek) is one of the top defensive backs in the state. He can be an instant contributor for defensive coordinator Troy Reffett’s defense. He comes from the same school as Derrick Shaw a defensive tackle signee from last year class that the staff is very excited about. Demeco is another guy with a lot of potential. This kind of info gives me something to work with- have versatility to play both linebacker positions and the potential to move down to defensive end. The fourth linebacker commit Kevin Wood (Judson) is listed at 6-0 200, and on film is a tackling machine with a nose for the ball. I appreciate all the info but tell me what/who I'm reading about. Who does he remind you of? What's your opinion of him? Where do you see him fitting in? What kind of player is he at the high school level? Telling me he's a three star with tons of potential doesn't help me much. Telling me he could be the next coming of Jonas Buckles makes me want fall camp to start tomorrow. Just a little constructive criticism and something to chew on. Again, love the recruiting info but it's hard for me to identify to a star rating and or "potential."
  11. meanrob

    Times have changed at UNT

    This is exactly it. Every time an outsider (or insider for that matter) would say "It can't be done at North Texas," I would think "It can't be done when everything isn't pulling in the same direction." There was never one magic solution. Apogee wasn't going to get us there with a sub-standard Athletic Director. Bringing in a P5 wasn't going to matter if you have a football coach who wouldn't recruit or is over his head. We were always lacking in multiple areas. Even so, that doesn't mean we've arrived. It takes a few years of all cylinders going (a little good luck doesn't hurt either) to build a great foundation. However, in my twenty five years of fandom we've never had it like this. Not even close.
  12. meanrob

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    Or keep a FG from getting blocked. Grrrr.
  13. meanrob

    Breaking recruiting update 7/7

    Yep, I still haven't gotten over 24-21.
  14. IF OSU fires Gundy it might be the dumbest decision in my 30+ years of following college football. He's an OSU guy, wins 10 games a year, and look at their records pre-Gundy. I know their AD made some asinine statements lately but if winning ten games a year at OSU isn't good enough, then nothing is good enough.
  15. I think top 15 is about right. Somebody pinch me, I still can't believe we have that good of a QB at North Texas.