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  1. Know Your Program

    Both had big runs versus Tech that helped us win those games.
  2. Know Your Program

    Would have to think a while for my Rushmore but I'll say this. Every single password and code in my life has the number 34 in it. I know JaQuay Wilburn wasn't our greatest running back, but that dude is so underrated and was fun to watch.
  3. He doesn't know sports. His opinion pieces (when there actually is one) are awful. He's not a horrible writer in the sense he can put words and sentences together but there's nothing insightful in his writing. He gets scooped by people on the board 90% of the time. When I lived in Bozeman the coverage of the FCS Bobcats was light years ahead. Night and day. The only thing I give credit to Vito is he's had to sit through and write about a lot of bad UNT sports and that would wear down anybody. You can only shine up a pig so much. But then again, it would've been nice to have him shine a light on how and why NT sports was so bad. Instead, he wanted to stay in Denton so he just kept writing his bland, beat writer pieces. I don't have anything against the guy, but he's a mediocre writer with no background in sports. He writes about NT like someone would write about gardening. It's time for a fresh voice.
  4. We still aren't physical enough. But our O will win us a lot of games. Hell, our QB will win us a lot of games.
  5. So let's recap here

    My last points on this because like others have said it's time to enjoy the present. We never say Dodge wasn't a bad hire because he didn't lose EVERY game. RV had a few in the win column...yeah i would hope so after fifteen years and over a two (three?) million dollars in salary. And if you never ever believed anything myself or anyone else has to say about RV, I'd ask you to read the audit after he was let go. If that's doing a good job, I pray we never truly have a bad AD. GMG! Never too early to say let's kick some SMOOOO ass!
  6. So let's recap here

    I don't hate the man, he just sucked at his job.
  7. Unt Wants Nit But Not Cbi Or Cit

    Got it on my calendar.
  8. Favorite Mean Green Game

    If you go by how much I lost my sh*t at the end of the game, then it's the victory over Tech in 1997.
  9. San Francisco (3/30/18)

    Damn good game
  10. Scott Cross fired at UTA

    Ahem....I'm trying to enjoy this fun, little BBall run we are having and you guys are bringing up Mac and Dodge. On the bball forum. I'm about to go dysfunctional on y'all.
  11. San Francisco (3/28/18)

    Who, me?
  12. San Francisco (3/26/18)

    With Duffy not scoring and their threes, I'm surprised we are only down by sixteen.