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  1. DRC: UNT-Jacksonville State running blog

    Perhaps he had to put some money into the meter but couldn't find anyone to give him change for his dollar.
  2. Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Also, Bill Russell played there.
  3. Mercer (3/19/18)

    It's great to see the team playing well. These extra games should pay dividends next season.
  4. Mean Green For Life

    This thread is underappreciated. Those are a couple of great videos.
  5. Tragic Accident at FIU

    To be fair, the voicemail said it wasn't an issue but something to be taken care of later. From the video it appears the initial break occurs where the construction crew was working.
  6. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    These rumors of UTEP leaving CUSA seem to pop up every year but never seem to come for UTEP themselves. Maybe they would rather go west but I won't worry about it until someone from UTEP's leadership actually says something to that effect or it actually happens.
  7. Basketball and football are over

    Football is not over ... it's still Spring Football season.
  8. NT Women vs. WKU (CUSA Semifinal)

    I assume we are able to walk up and buy tickets.
  9. That sounds reasonable.
  10. Good find. Are they simply adding a patio to the one side? Considering the cost I hope there's more to it.
  11. I would hope having the so many key offensive players back for another year would help not only with turnovers but also help us keep a more consistent offense. Last year we would exploded for a few drives and then go quiet for a few drives. A more consistent offense would help to protect the defense more.
  12. NCAA proposes significant rule change to kickoff returns

    It's a simple rule to enforce so that's good. However, I don't think it would reduce kickoffs much at all. A kicked dropped at the 2 is one thing but a kick dropped at the 10 would still probably be returned.
  13. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    Only 25? I'd say there's probably more.
  14. Wren Baker on Money Games

    LIberty got us out of some of the Army games (which reportedly the coaches wanted) and gave us scheduling flexibility.