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  1. The Decline of ESPN

    This Youtube author makes videos about different companies and his latest is about ESPN. It's worth a ten minute watch.
  2. Could a player's original team still tell them they can't transfer to certain schools (such as schools in their conference)?
  3. '18 T/G Thomas Preston III (Scottsdale CC)

    Good. I like this guy's tape but the competition level is hard to compare. I don't know if he's quick enough to be a tackle at this level.
  4. DRC: Thomas Preston III high on UNT after visit

    Sounds like it should be a no brainer to choose us if we're offering a scholly and not making him wait till the summer.
  5. Kyleb Howell (LB) Walk-on

    6'0" 208 coming out of high school? I wonder if he's put on any weight. If Air Force offered then you have to think grades aren't an issue.
  6. Dennis Parker retires

    Even if it miraculously worked it would still have been a bad decision. I know he had tremendous success at the high school level but I watched him for two seasons and saw lost of dumb decisions that put our team in bad situations and cost us games. Perhaps "over his head" is a better description? After Todd Dodge, who is my least favorite head coach in UNT's football history? Dennis Parker.
  7. Dennis Parker retires

    You are wrong about never playing for a time. It's a nice sentiment but not true. The odds of recovering an onside kick ... completing a long pass ... kicking a long field goal ... all in 15 seconds is highly, highly unlikely. The odds of the other team recoverng the onside kick ... gaining at least ten yards ... kicking a long field goal is much, much more likely. Parker put his team in an almost impossible situation to win and gave the other team a terrific opportunity to steal a win. That's poor coaching and dumb decision making.
  8. Dennis Parker retires

    I'll give him selecting Mitch Maher but winning five more games than Dodge is not something that helps his case at all.
  9. Dennis Parker retires

    Good man, dumb coach. EDIT: for those confused about my "dumb coach", you would understand if you were here to watch his first season. Parents weekend game and Homecoming were both loss due to dumb decisions. For example ... one of those games we tie the game with about 15 seconds remaining. Paker decides to onside kick. With so little time remaining what are the odds that we recover, get into field goal range, and kick a winning field goal? What are the odds that the other team recovers the onsides kick, hits one pass play, and kick a game winning field goal of their own? I'll give you a moment to calculate the different odds. [cue Jeopardy theme] What actually happened? The other team recovered the onside kick, hit one pass play, and kicked a game winning field goal.
  10. DRC: Source -- UNT expecting assistants to return

    It isn't done until training camp starts in the fall.
  11. Harrell rumor

    If Harrell isn't calling plays then it's a demotion for him and will hurt his career regardless of the pay.
  12. KFC

    I'm sure everyone on this board is like me ... you see KFC in a thread title and immediately know it's about UTSA. :)
  13. National championship games

    Yep. The P5 devise a standard to make it to the final four which essentially eliminates most college team except those in their own conferences.
  14. National championship games

    Alabama wore down Georgia's defense and made them look very average in the 4th quarter. However, if the refs don't blow the call on the blocked put Georgia probably wins.
  15. Hmmm ... who knew the definition of alum could be so complicated.