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  1. Why no one goes to SMU games

    Technically they were Non AQ at the time, but BYU?
  2. Don't think that UNT is the only school that SMU puts down. They bragged about how amazing their IPF was going to be for years. UH built theirs a year earlier but SMU said that's because they were building a $50 million palace compared to our $20 million barn. Note that their palace is down to $27 million and 80 yards vs UH's 120. Good for them, but don't brag about what you haven't started
  3. Why no one goes to SMU games

    Parking is not the problem. They have nice remote lots just a couple blocks away with free shuttles. I take the shuttle in when the people movement is more spread out. I walk back when everyone leaves at the same time. Very convenient. That might not be available for a HS game at the stadium though Their tailgating isn't traditional where you hang out at your car/truck, but The Boulevard is a pretty nice pre game party scene
  4. Dickey to SMU rumor

    I was thinking the same thing. Memphis is 8th in the nation in passing yards Paxton Lynch was a first round draft pick and Riley Ferguson is predicted to be picked in the later rounds this year
  5. Don't know if it's a po boy contender, but I've stopped there at 2 or 3 AM for food several times. Doesn't look like much, but pretty good food especially for that time of night
  6. For breakfast, try the Camellia Grill. If you have time, take the trolley past Tulane to the original location on Carrollton. If not, The Grill in the Quarter works. Get the Manhattan Omelette or the Chefs Special Omelette. And agreed to everyone who said the WWII museum. I think it may be the biggest must do in NO. Plan on taking at least 1/2 day, but I could spend a whole week there
  7. Mothers is good. Used to be my favorite. But the best poboy is at Parkway. Try the surf and turf. A little outside the Quarter so take an Uber. It's worth it http://parkwaypoorboys.com
  8. Houston AD hired by Arkansas

    HY had split opinions about him. Very few loved him. Many hated him and are glad he's gone. Most thought he was adequate Many consider him a bean counter type AD who did a decent job of the day to day. Kept the facilities improvement projects momentum going but didn't really do much for taking care of the fans and the game day experience. Hired Applewhite, but the credit/blame for that falls mostly on Fertitta. Many hated his inability to schedule for football, but he partially redeemed himself lately with home and homes with BYU and Boise
  9. Post Game Rant

    So only those who played D1 football have knowledge? Guess you need to tell that to Mike Leach, Paul Johnson, David Cutliffe, Chad Morris, Sonny Dykes, and Hugh Freeze
  10. UTSA AD Lynn Hickey steps down

    I know it's likely a minority, but the UTSA fans claiming UH delayed/cancelled the game because we're scared of losing to them is not a show of class. Sadly I'm guessing that the number of UTSA fans who think this way is higher than the number who posted, but they don't want to look bad by bad mouthing hurricane victims.
  11. How FBS Teams Would be Rated in NCAA '18

    What a dumb article. There's not an NCAA 2018, so we're going to use someone else's ranking (Bill Connelly's S&P+ projection) and claim that's how the video game would rank them.
  12. Access to Apogee on Non-Game Days?

    In this era of terror attack concerns, I imagine fewer stadia are being left open.
  13. Dallas News: Best in Texas Stadiums

    All I need to know about this article is that it says Rice seats 70k. That stadium hasnt been able to seat that many for 10 years. It holds about 47k.
  14. Looking at Houston's experience as crowd sizes have increased, the name team bump in season ticket sales is negligible without the sell out. The fan who comes to 2-3 games a year without the big name still only comes to 2-3 games and the bigger name game is included. Possible exception is if he's already been considering season tickets, but again that's not usually a huge impact The increase in that one game comes from opposing fans if local or a big travelling fan base and home fans who go to 0-1 game a year. Those aren't going to be season ticket buyers UH didn't start seeing significant season ticket sales increases even with on field success and increased average attendance until the big game or multiple games per season started selling out Agreed UH isn't going to bump season tickets sales. It will bump that one game
  15. UH fans respond to UNT series

    You include Baylor in UNT's sphere of influence and don't include aTm in Houston's? aTm had much more power in the SWC than SMU, TCU, and Baylor combined. It's funny you knock Rice as a doormat by the mid-70s. TCU? From 1966-1983, they had 1 winning season. Not many more until 1998. So pretty much a doormat too. I'm not sure where UNT goes if they make the SWC in the early '80s. Arkansas is gone in just a few years. The conference announces it is dead in about a decade. With the increase in competition, does UNT drop to Rice and TCU level in the SWC? Does UNT go with UH to CUSA or does it join the rest of the SWC leftovers in the WAC? Probably the WAC, then UNT gets left out of the MWC because it's not aligned in any way with the Airport 5. Do they then join CUSA in 2005 or do they stay in a dying WAC? At some point in all of this, UNT would have had to devote resources or they're like Rice or worse. No Sun Belt type championship runs in the WAC or CUSA without it.