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  1. Got you. So when losing a coach, continuity is key. You have to be very careful with that path too. UH hired Tony Levine as a continuity hire after Sumlin. That didn't work out very well. Then UH hired Herman with a completely different offensive philosophy and had the most successful season in 2 decades. After he left, we hire Applewhite for continuity. Again that didn't work well. We'll see how the drastic offensive change with KBriles on board works out. It all comes down to getting good coaches regardless of philosophy. If you can get good coaches and keep the same philosophy, that's ideal. But if you have to choose between quality coach or continuity of philosophy, you hire the better coach
  2. One difficulty with attempting to follow that USM model is their head coach Jeff Bower played at USM and was very loyal to his school. That kind of loyalty is very rare especially at a G5 school
  3. NTXCoog

    Throwback: Houston at North Texas 1975

    Heres the 1976 DCTF cover so it should be the 1975 helmet
  4. Interesting that I see posts saying you want consistent winning, but also posts to be like UCF. They are very inconsistent. They have losing seasons 4 of the last 10 years including 0-12 three seasons ago. But I'd take those huge up seasons (2 major bowl wins and an undefeated season) with the big down seasons rather than consistent 7-5 or 8-4
  5. NTXCoog

    Could Mason Fine join the 5,000 yard Club?

    Houston has 4 of them. Case Keenum is the only one with 3
  6. NTXCoog

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    Technically they were Non AQ at the time, but BYU?
  7. Don't think that UNT is the only school that SMU puts down. They bragged about how amazing their IPF was going to be for years. UH built theirs a year earlier but SMU said that's because they were building a $50 million palace compared to our $20 million barn. Note that their palace is down to $27 million and 80 yards vs UH's 120. Good for them, but don't brag about what you haven't started
  8. NTXCoog

    Why no one goes to SMU games

    Parking is not the problem. They have nice remote lots just a couple blocks away with free shuttles. I take the shuttle in when the people movement is more spread out. I walk back when everyone leaves at the same time. Very convenient. That might not be available for a HS game at the stadium though Their tailgating isn't traditional where you hang out at your car/truck, but The Boulevard is a pretty nice pre game party scene
  9. NTXCoog

    Dickey to SMU rumor

    I was thinking the same thing. Memphis is 8th in the nation in passing yards Paxton Lynch was a first round draft pick and Riley Ferguson is predicted to be picked in the later rounds this year
  10. Don't know if it's a po boy contender, but I've stopped there at 2 or 3 AM for food several times. Doesn't look like much, but pretty good food especially for that time of night
  11. For breakfast, try the Camellia Grill. If you have time, take the trolley past Tulane to the original location on Carrollton. If not, The Grill in the Quarter works. Get the Manhattan Omelette or the Chefs Special Omelette. And agreed to everyone who said the WWII museum. I think it may be the biggest must do in NO. Plan on taking at least 1/2 day, but I could spend a whole week there
  12. Mothers is good. Used to be my favorite. But the best poboy is at Parkway. Try the surf and turf. A little outside the Quarter so take an Uber. It's worth it http://parkwaypoorboys.com
  13. NTXCoog

    Houston AD hired by Arkansas

    HY had split opinions about him. Very few loved him. Many hated him and are glad he's gone. Most thought he was adequate Many consider him a bean counter type AD who did a decent job of the day to day. Kept the facilities improvement projects momentum going but didn't really do much for taking care of the fans and the game day experience. Hired Applewhite, but the credit/blame for that falls mostly on Fertitta. Many hated his inability to schedule for football, but he partially redeemed himself lately with home and homes with BYU and Boise
  14. NTXCoog

    Post Game Rant

    So only those who played D1 football have knowledge? Guess you need to tell that to Mike Leach, Paul Johnson, David Cutliffe, Chad Morris, Sonny Dykes, and Hugh Freeze
  15. NTXCoog

    UTSA AD Lynn Hickey steps down

    I know it's likely a minority, but the UTSA fans claiming UH delayed/cancelled the game because we're scared of losing to them is not a show of class. Sadly I'm guessing that the number of UTSA fans who think this way is higher than the number who posted, but they don't want to look bad by bad mouthing hurricane victims.