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  1. I remember him - I think at the time one of our better signings (high 3*)? Believe he also had an offer from Fresno St
  2. MDH


    Just an added tidbit - many fewer individuals will be itemizing under the new tax package, so keep that in mind. You may need to load charitable donations (every other year) for your itemized deductions to exceed the new, higher standard deduction.
  3. MDH

    G5 Arms Races Gets Crazier

    SDSU is pushing hard to be in the conversation for the next realignment (when UT/OU bolt). Also why CSU built up their stadium, and Fresno is trying to get a reno done to Bulldog Stadium.
  4. MDH

    NT Schedules Home/Home with Cal & Wyoming!

    See you guys in Laramie. Made the trip there last month to see Fresno St play the Pokes. Boring, but 2 hr drive from Denver.
  5. MDH

    Coaches/AP Ranking - Week 14

    One hell of a defense + McMaryion (grad xfer QB from Oregon st) didn't hurt. Tedford could pull in almost $3m this year if he hits all remaining incentives (wins out, essentially). He's too old, already done the P5 thing - think Fresno is his last stop. Rumor is Oregon St reached out to him this past week and he said no thanks.
  6. MDH

    Coaches/AP Ranking - Week 14

    No votes until we beat FAU and (hopefully) get and beat a P5 team in a bowl game. For G5 perspective, Fresno St. has 2 losses to top 13 teams (Bama, Washington), have beat two top 30 programs (Boise & SDSU) and are only barely #25 in the AP.
  7. MDH

    How About Boston College

    I work for Fidelity, a lot of my colleagues went to BC - I'd love this.
  8. MDH

    Don't overlook Rice

    They're no slouch, played plenty of opponents tough.
  9. MDH

    So next week....8-2 Army on the way

    While they're a strong team, none of their wins scare me. We're at home where we tend to fare better. If they played our schedule I think they'd have the same record, +1/-2 wins.
  10. MDH

    Scrappy Koozies!!!

    I live in Denver. We like beer. Our beers get cold in the winter. I need one or else my hand will get frostbite.
  11. MDH

    Mattress Mack Out $10 Million

    He likely bought an insurance policy to cover this (at least I hope).
  12. 18k actual butts in seats
  13. MDH

    Bowl Projections

    Would love a game with the Buffs - they're pretty terrible.
  14. MDH

    New Jerseys!

    Those are beautiful.