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  1. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    I still put most of the blame on Laura Miller. Jerry wanted the Cowboys in Dallas. She should’ve bent over backwards as soon as he made it known.
  2. Rice Uniforms

    Awesome look. I love the chrome domes! I really want to see green chrome helmets, white jerseys, and black pants.
  3. USAToday Bowl projections 11/21

    I’ll take the Brew Crew in the Independance Bowl for $500 Alex.
  4. Kevin Sumlin

    They were never happy in the B12 and now they’re not happy in the SEC. How shocking...
  5. Not gonna lie

    We now know why you emphasize “Fine” when you say his full name. You’re a tick away from pinning his picture on your headboard...
  6. Brett’s been great at covering NT sports. Some of you just can’t handle the truth. SL will be gone faster than a cupcake in front of Chris Christie when a P5 school calls him and offers him $2 million a year.
  7. How About Boston College

    NT will finally get another chance to golden shower the golden eagles during a bowl game. Failed twice against SouthernMiss.....
  8. Bowl projections post Army win

    Well hell, I’ll make my prediction now. NT vs Georgia in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Book your Spirit Airlines tickets now.....
  9. Let's turn Boca Green!!!!!

    Bad bloody diarrhea?
  10. Why are everyone’s panties in a wad? Bert is only speaking the truth.....
  11. Tough Questions Bert Should Ask

  12. Let's turn Boca Green!!!!!

    Just being a realist here, but I don’t want to drop $400+ just to see FAU spank us again. I can do that at home with plenty of beer, good food, and other MG fans for a 10th of the price.
  13. Bowl projections post Army win

    Any bowl in Texas or Louisiana vs a P5 opponent would be gold. Let’s keep our fingers & toes crossed!
  14. Finally Got Our Guy

    Meh, Vizza was ok I guess. I don’t remember jack squat about him since his stint was so short under Teflon Todd. Compare Fine to one of the great NT passers of yesteryear. One of these old farts will tell you who they are, ‘cause there were only 2-3 of them. 😄
  15. Independence Bowl reps walking around...

    I do NOT want to see NT vs Army again. Anyone but Army.....