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  1. New Mexico football coach Bob Davis is serving a 30-day suspension for allegations of physical abuse and racist slurs against players and now more details are surfacing on specifics of his interference with a rape case involving one of his players. According to KOAT Action News 7, witnesses say Davie held a team meeting and instructed players to “get some dirt on this w*ore” after a UNM student accused a UNM football player of rape in February 2017. The player first denied any involvement with the student to police, but later admitted he has sexual contact with the victim after he was shown text messages confirming there was a relationship. In the final case report from UNM’s Office of Equal Opportunity, Davie is accused of using racial slurs toward blacks player on various occasions. There's also a pattern of physical abuse.
  2. That low Conference USA average is driven down by UNT's paltry current $10/semester hour fee. It's ironic, UNT's competition, which already has double the student contribution of UNT's students, states that it needs to have an increase just to keep up with the CUSA student contribution average so it can remain competitive. Meanwhile the subversive elements at North Texas will be profiled as conscientious objectors as they attempt to undermine the best interests of the university by opposing any increases.
  3. UNT Fight Song barbershop version

    Now, if only there were such a thing as a Barbershop Podcast that could use it as a theme song.
  4. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    Banco de Mexico
  5. NT Women vs. UTSA

    The sad thing about this game is that North Texas lost a game to UTSA,,,,,,something that hasn't happened in any sport in about 15 or 16 months. The last time UTSA had beaten North Texas at ANYTHING was in football way back in October 2016.
  6. ONeal Peterson from Ennis. Quit school after a year.
  7. This is fantastic news; a former High School Parade All-American, All-USA first team by USA Today player, and son of a North Texas living legend is coming home to play for the Mean Green. We were certainly spoiled with Trevor Moore's consistent excellence for the past several seasons and he will be missed. Hopefully a proven commodity like Cole Hedlund can help keep the kicking game a strength for our program. Hedlund had been one of the best kickers on the planet for the preceding six years, one bad game in 2017 and a knee jerk grandstanding reaction by a hot-seat coach doesn't change that. Welcome Home Cole! We are thrilled to have you. .
  8. "A little knowledge is a ................." I find it laughable that an institution that formerly had the stigma of being a "commuter school like UH, UTSA, and UTA" releases these inaccurate statistics as facts. Many students put their parents address as their home even though they live in Denton. A very small percentage of those students that list their homes as Collin County, Dallas County, and Tarrant County actually commute for classes every day, they live around campus and have any college related materials mailed to their parents address. I'm sure there are rare exceptions but the cost affiliated with commuting with daily parking fees plus the unproductive time wasted driving easily exceed the costs of living around campus and the convenience of walking or busing to campus.
  9. Those licensed beach vendors in Cabo selling the henna tattoos have the North Texas logo in their catalog. I was totally surprised.
  10. Home Opener Against SMU Sunset on September 1, 2018 is at 7:53 PM. A 6:00 kickoff means the temperature will likely be in the mid-nineties, and the student side the north end zone will spend nearly two hours baking in that heat staring directly into the sun. It's hard to win your customers back when you treat them like that. This game should only be set for a 7:30 or 8:00 kickoff.
  11. Where’s everyone at?

    Sitting in Pat O'Briens with Firefightn Rick and our brides.
  12. Why no one goes to SMU games

    Wrigley Field in Chicago has no parking lot at all, and it's very difficult to find somewhere to park even on days without a game. As for colleges, Folsom Field at Colorado (seats 53,600), and Bobby Dodd at Georgia Tech (seats 55,000) have significantly less available parking than many tiny, neighborhood schools like Tulane, SMU, and Tulsa.
  13. 2017 Coaching Carousel

    From Football Scoop: FootballScoop Staff‏ @FootballScoop 1h1 hour ago More Source tells FootballScoop - Tennessee officials expecting to meet with SMU head coach Chad Morris tomorrow (that & more) May, or may not be happening...Ponyfans on Morris to Tennessee
  14. Frisco Bowl, it's right across Lake Lewisville from Denton. We would sell out the place with a whole lot of green and give our extremely young team one heck of a home field advantage. Let our 2018 and 2019 teams play for 'best bow'l and 'best opponent'. This year should be about continuing to build the fan base and trying to become bowl champions.