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  1. DRC: Injury issues force guard to give up football, leaving UNT with fewer options on its offensive line
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  4. DRC: Run on C-USA players could begin tonight, DFW safety with UNT offer commits to Louisiana Tech, which has C-USA's No. 1 class made up entirely of DFW players
  5. DRC: UNT's best teams have always had great player leadership. Who fills those roles this year?
  6. DRC: San Jac coach Scott Gernander says Duffy is an elite combo guard who can contribute immediately
  7. DRC: Who's coming, who is expected to come, who left and what it all means
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  10. DRC: Highly regarded athlete committed to UNT late Thursday
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  12. DRC: Highly regarded three-star wide receiver had offers from Power Five programs
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  14. DRC: UNT could look to the cornerback spot for help
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