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  1. Interesting theory! Worth pursuing.
  2. About this title font. Personally not diggin’ it. Poll?
  3. 97and03

    UNT lands Shakeem Alcindor

    Seems a little raw but we have the time and depth to wait.
  4. 97and03

    Please control this board better!!!

    I want to see your browser history
  5. I certainly would not call it a weakness with three returning starters. Hall should be a solid starter at one corner - the key is so we see sophomore season Brooks or junior Brooks. Sophomore Brooks was a baller. Let’s hope we get him. One safety position is in good hands with Khari, and there is a strong competition at the other, which is always good.
  6. 97and03

    Please control this board better!!!

    That was fresh meat. Took one sock off just for the sexiness.
  7. 97and03


    How did we not offer this kid? Seems like a player. Hopefully these coaches start going after some talent soon.
  8. 97and03

    Times have changed at UNT

    -1 for the Phantom Menace reference. It’s the only time a Star Wars reference isn’t cool.
  9. We need him to be good. He already is good. I think we can count on him to be a solid DT. The real key here is the depth behind him. If English plays and is at least average and the new transfer can hold for a few downs each game, Young can stay outside to kick ass and take Qb names.
  10. 97and03

    Austin Aune former Argyle Qb available?

    He ain’t playing this year so wtf is all the arguing about?
  11. Exactly!! Whereas last couple of years all the articles were about how many two stars got drafted! We just need to keep donating and they just need to keep winning games.
  12. 97and03

    Vote vote vote

    Sorry guys not able to access the site from Europe. Guess they have a new filter.
  13. 247 rates and has a composite. I think most also believe Rivals ratings are biased in favor of those schools with a paid fan page.