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  1. Anyone else think "the other guy" kind of wants to murder Tepper?
  2. Why do you engage in debate with Ben Gooding? I mean, you have to dig deeper to get to the root of the problem, man.
  3. Ugh. Another Vito lovefest.
  4. Ten bucks on Quoner saying "male rompers."
  5. Jesus people, it is a football game.
  6. I think some of the articles have references to one woman being sexually assaulted prior to being asked by Johnson to work for him.
  7. At UTD (when I worked there 10 years ago) the top kids got a 4 year full ride, including housing and a living stipend. The elite group of those got all that plus a year abroad (or semester, I forget). That group also had specially designed courses with elite professors not open to the general student population.
  8. TFLF and BenGooding hate this. Based upon that alone I would have to assume Wren is probably right.
  9. Too soon!
  10. et tu, cerebus?
  11. Agree. He really pulled the team together to defeat the deadites.
  12. 6-6 should be the minimum expectation, but I will still not be ready to burn the house down should that occur.
  13. What if this was to replace the body bag games? No info, not even a guess. But would you all hate it so much in that case?