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  1. It's Game Day!

    I hope there is a steaming option too
  2. It's Game Day!

  3. SMU Arky State false advertising

    JHC, get a room guys.
  4. Trevor Moore’s Replacement

    I wonder if the staff is gun shy about kids that still need summer classes after missing on the high risk guys the first year.
  5. Questions about Mean Green football needed

    Sure happy to help: Do you prefer Earl Grey or English breakfast tea in the morning? What is the optimal time to allow lemon ginger tea to release its maximum herbal benefit? Can you recommend a tea for when I have a case of the Mondays?
  6. '18 QB Kason Martin(Manvel, TX)

    Let's flip that WR
  7. According to his twitter we have offered. https://www.hudl.com/v/1ZxteE Says 6'5" 250 Might have had a Colorado offer as a high school recruit. Was a top prospect in SoCal.
  8. Food in Denton

    La Mexicana
  9. Littrell Presser tidbit

  10. Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    We could struggle against a power run game. They have four guys over 100 yards on the season and their QB is one of those. The QB has 422 passing, less than Fine had against SMU. I still see this as a win.
  11. Littrell Presser tidbit

    I think the team selected their gift and wanted watches ⌚️
  12. Commits: Week 3 Results

    So does this mean that both QBs we have committed are not starters? Or is Martin injured?
  13. Very disappointing loss

    I don't understand not running Wilson more. Seems he was effective but only had 12 carries. Should had given him at least 8 more carries.
  14. DRC: UNT-Iowa coverage

    I think Vito was generous although holding them to 17 for three quarters was commendable. They wore us out in the end. I disagree with saying Khari had his best game just because of the tackle total. It means the front seven let through the RBs. Our safeties struggled mightily with covering TE and RB all day, so I am not ready to say he played a great game.