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  1. I like this offer. One has to think if he commits he will keep his word...
  2. No, mostly you and 90 and a couple other crazy conspiracy theorists think that. Most of us think the big donors did everything they could to keep the program moving forward.
  3. Not sure there is ever a need to intentionally use a scholly on a slot receiver in the spread.
  4. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    Excellent trolling! Great example of how it can be done well.
  5. DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    I am not advocating anyone losing their jobs, just answering the question. But my point is, a little "give a damn" goes a long way. I write for a living (indirectly) and can't make repeated careless errors. So I expect the same from those that do this professionally. Here is an example from yesterday: UNT's key rival Texas-San Antonio looked good on defense, but not that good on offe , for what it's worth.
  6. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    Arky state?
  7. He really needs those two JUCO DEs to come through and contribute this year. And must sign a couple of DTs in this class.
  8. DRC breaking news -- AJ Lawson to transfer

    He produces some good stories, but his daily output is just plain sloppy. Typos and other errors are far too common place and to me it demonstrates a sense of complacency. He also seems to delight in taunting the fan base, but that is just my perception. The lazy writing/editing is a fact.
  9. DRC: Examining UNT's 2018 schedule

    Really? Good god man, you have battered fan syndrome worse than anyone!! Have some pride and faith in the Mean Green!
  10. DRC: Wilson, McClain show skills at pro day

    I was pretty impressed with Flusche. Would be pretty cool if an under recruited LB turned DE ended up in the NFL as a TE. His numbers were good.
  11. Scott Cross fired at UTA

    I used to be the academic advisor for several members of that team many years ago. I still have a beer mug the cute Czech girl brought me back from her trip home. Ah memories.
  12. Scott Cross fired at UTA

    What do Ashton, Capps, Dodge, Slinker, Kee, and Cross all have in common...
  13. Streaming San Francisco vs Campbell

    Class act so far, Solo.