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  1. I hate all of you jinxy mcjinxers.
  2. I just can't predict a victory until this offense is able to get on track in the first half.
  3. I definitely saw 11 out there.
  4. I don't remember if I put it down, but I thought 3-9 was most likely. 4-8 with some luck. Glad we have a good chance to surpass that.
  5. I can agree with both of these. My observation was that they were undisciplined unlike in their first six games. I also did not feel like our offense was terribly effective. As has become the expectation, our D was solid. They gave up a lot of yards, but that was not surprising. Jenkins is a force. Thankfully, their qb had a McNulty arm. This game had a different feel. During the Marshall game I never felt worried for some reason. In this one, it wasn't the same.
  6. Sorry, no. Thanks to Army for the win.
  7. Syracuse is a big enough name an probably about the right type of P5 to try to get. Eastern Michigan does not really move the needle. I would rather get a FCS win than a fifty-fifty matchup against a G5 unknown to our fans
  8. Agreed. Not to mention that it is a totally new scheme.
  9. No way we hold them to only 23.
  10. I am treating this an just another game in a rebuilding year.
  11. I just can't predict a victory until the defense proves it can stop stop runnin QB.