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  1. There is (or at least was) $75 per semester fee just for the rec center. I have no idea why there there even a question about where the money should come from.
  2. I just can't justify predicting a win until we start giving up fewer sacks.
  3. A couple margaritas at lunch?
  4. Loved the stiff arm, was not as happy with going helmet to helmet at the end of that run. He looked a little woozy after it.
  5. Damn what did the MUTS rb do that was better than 157 and 3 TDs?
  6. Yes the participation trophy from the YMCA for trying really hard looks great next to the HOD Bowl trophy...
  7. I just can't predict a victory until our freshman qb completes more than 50% of his passes in a game.
  8. Eleventy billion to one
  9. Well SMU fans should be happy that UF fans make them look smart by comparison.
  10. Also not loving the play calling. Also not loving the play calling.
  11. Question, no info. But WTF?
  12. Question, no info. But WTF?