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  1. Rare login to give some love for that cake. Mine looked like a brown PAC Man barfing up dog turds. Oh course we are divorced now, so obviously she was the one that ordered that cake...
  2. One post break from my self ban: Back to my regularly scheduled ban.
  3. Or maybe some of us come here to discuss sports and not agendas, Lonnie. Pick an account and stick with it. At least 90 has integrity. Again for the record for those of you in the cheap seats (metaphorically)... ALMOST ALL OF US AGREE WITH THE VALID POINTS ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP FAILURES AND THAT REGIME CHANGE IS NEEDED. MOST OF US ARE ON RECORD ABOUT IT. Just tired of the ad nauseum posts here. I say tell someone who can fix it and let people have one fucking thread about who starts at OT without you posting about why it is RV's fault we don't have a good OT (or whatever subject). And so tired of your ad hominem attacks when someone points out that they are tired of it, 90. I used to enjoy your posts about sports, btw. As far as you, Lonnie, you are just an idiot. Your shitty straw man arguments don't work on intelligent people so in my most elequent, multiple grad degree manner I say to you: suck it. Lawyer scumbag. Harry, I am ready for my bi-annual indefinite ban for breaking the rules. Since we like to embark on fruitless crusades here, then I call for a GMG boycott. Why? Because it is boring now. I am looking forward towasting my time staying up late watching NT football this fall from 8 time zones away because I want this team to succeed. Enjoy your misery because I am fucking done with it. Adios MOFOs.
  4. I think your reasoning is part of why and mine is also a reason. There are few absolutes, right? Just not sure how many more TFLF accounts we need.
  5. Anyone else gotten where they read just a couple of threads here and there? Harry you have let you love of hits/posts override your desire to have a board to talk UNT sports. I have so many people on ignore now that it is a fucking joke. Fix the problem.
  6. Why do you people feed trolls? You are just as stupid as the fake Lonnie Finch bitch if you do.
  7. He should have tweeted "bitches be crazy" instead of that pussy apology
  8. I felt like he was coming around during the second half of last season and in a position to help this year.
  9. I wonder if this poster is a lawyer...
  10. I went to both UNT and GMU so I can root for both brothers.
  11. Ironically UNT has equal or better academics than much of the SEC. Priorities.
  12. Looking at the LBs and secondary one has to think the JUCOs will probably change much of that part of the depth chart. Similarly, freshman might impact the lineup at WR. Anyone else remember how deep we used to be at RB?
  13. I can confirm that he is gone.
  14. But wait... Dodge's offenses were good, right? Also, just like Athletic Directors, beat writers can be around a program too long. Stopresponding to GMG with nine point posts on your blog. Just sad.
  15. Yes, I am really not understanding the love for Dodge's offense. Even with the better numbers, it isn't good!