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  1. Probably Army, SMU, and ODU. For an away game maybe sub FAU for ODU.
  2. Not too worried about this year's starters and the 2-deep is serviceable, I think. But seems like a lot of people will graduate this year and might be thin after that.
  3. Don't often but totally agree with you.
  4. No reason for this.
  5. Why do you people respond to TFLF? Won't you ever learn?
  6. Nine hours and grad school hours are more expensive
  7. Great band. Perhaps one of the most underrated of all time.
  8. No. It is more like "improved by leaps and bounds" or "really took a large step forward" compared to last year. Highly successful starts with a winning season. Winning five games should never be the bar for success.
  9. Rinse and repeat.
  10. Only at NT would the beat reporter call a five win season "highly successful"
  11. I think one and done grad transfers are a part of SL's plan to win now. I would expect 1-2 each year.
  12. But we aren't even a low level mid major so...