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  1. buff64

    Jacksonville State (3/21/18)

    Many years ago USF knocked West Texas out of the NCAA tourney. By the way they had a young man named Bill Russell .
  2. buff64

    What is really disappointing and ironic

    Have you seen them play ? They are very good.
  3. The game between Troy and Ark. State was the best game played last Sat. Either team would have been a tough matchup for us. Better buckle up and brace up.
  4. buff64

    David Baliff out at Rice

    Nice coach, tough job.
  5. buff64


    Does anyone know what channel the game will be televised on ? Denton area.
  6. buff64

    Bein Sports

    Where/how do you watch it ? Is it on tv, computer ?
  7. buff64

    Post Game Rant

    Complain all you want , but this was the best effort by the entire team in several years.
  8. buff64

    I'm Not Giving Up on This Team

    West Texas went from the bottom of the conference to conference champs in one year , when they hired Don Carthe l.
  9. Don't know about Sumlin , but the off. coordinator should be looking for another job. After running the ball to the 3 yd. line, he decides to throw the ball. After two terrible attempts ,he decides he has to run the ball. The play comes one yard short, field goal three points. UCLA had not come close to slowing down A&M's running game, no way they could have stopped A&M on three running plays. The td would have resulted in 6 or 7 points and a victory for the Aggies.
  10. buff64

    Denton County Fastest Growing in America

    Amarillo/Canyon population close to 200,000. Canyon ISD already owns Kimbrough .
  11. There is now a early signing period , Dec. 20-22 , for high school players . I think is the same as the early signing period for JC players . This change was approved this spring.
  12. Warren McVea San Antonio Brackenridge. ( For you old timers )
  13. buff64

    Assuming we get a new coach

    There is also a signing day in the fall, either in Sept. or Oct.
  14. The rules used to state that all athletic scholarship players that participate in football and another sport must be on a football scholarship not the other sport. This could have changed , but it has not as far as I know.