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  1. Seems she has made a choice and now gets to live with it. Good introduction to the real adult world.
  2. Kerr Hall is open on weekends. All the others aren't. You can either have the Scrappy plan or the Eagle plan for meals. If your kid is going to be here eating on the weekends then pay for the Eagle plan because it does cover weekends. Personally, I think having the Scrappy plan be the lesser of the two plans in an affront to his dignity and I plan to write my congressman an angry letter.
  3. Parking garage, intramural fields, and that fancy bus stop. The school has plenty of parking... across the highway near the stadium, or at Discovery Park. They want as many people as possible to not park on the actual campus, they will push parking remotely as as hard as possible. For example, if you are a student that parks on the north side of campus, you probably park in the huge lot 7 across from EESAT. That is going to be turned into two science/lab buildings as soon as the school gets funding. Where are all those students going to be asked to park? Across the street or at Disco Park. How are the going to get on campus? The bus. It's what happens at most large universities in the state. I remember my brother had to pay $800/semester (in the early 2000s) to park 3 miles from tech and take a bus to campus. Forget parking anywhere near UT. You could park near UH, but your car might not be there when you get back.
  4. If you guys peek at master plan you will see the University is planning to build dorms like crazy. ETA: In fact, for all you complaining about parking now, just wait. Sooner or later there will be no parking on this side of I35. Most of the lots will become buildings/dorms. It is gonna take 20+ years, but that is the plan.
  5. Part of Our Problem

    Actually, no not really. Not anymore. Not with the newest AIs. That is what machine learning is all about. Look, lets take reading handwriting as an example. The first thing you had to do was teach a machine how to read an single letter, for example A. Now the problem with that is how do you describe what an A looks like. It's hard enough to do that with typescript, how in the world can you describe every single A in any handwriting ever? This is an example of as task that is hard for a general AI like a human being, think about it, it takes years to teach a person to read. For a specific AI like a computer program, it is an incredibly hard task to program. What you do now is build a neural network and then train it. Instead of trying to describe what an A looks like, you show it an A. And then you show it a letter that is not an A. Then you do that with different samples millions if not billions of times. The AI "learns" what as A is and what isn't an A. Reading an A or even reading handwriting is a simple use case for machine learning. A more complex use case is cancer diagnosis and treatment. Studies already show that several AIs are better than doctors at diagnosing certain cancers. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being used to develop AIs for treatment, with promising results so far. Now, is anyone spending money to build an AI for NFL draft picks? Not that I know of, but it will be done sooner or later. That's the beauty of computing, everything expensive becomes cheap sooner or later.
  6. Kyleb Howell (LB) Walk-on

    Coaches recruit by area, not position. Each coach goes to their territory and tries to find the best recruits there, regardless of what position they play.
  7. Top 25 Consideration - 4 teams UNT faced

    There is also a huge payout to the conference (shared with all teams) for making the CFP. The conference could distribute it and ask everyone to upgrade their broadcast capabilities, which would be a game changer for the next media deal.
  8. Do You Have Any Eligibility Left?

    NCAA Eligibility Timeline
  9. Do You Have Any Eligibility Left?

    When they enroll full time.
  10. Walk-On Tryout Scheduled For Jan. 31
  11. Part of Our Problem

    If you are talking about academics then it is just as valid to say North Texas > Vanderbilt. Really is. Depends entirely on the department you are talking about. NT has some mediocre programs, some that are top in the state, and a handful that are as good or better than any public university in the nation. Now are some of our best programs likely to be the ones that the average student athlete would be interested in? Maybe, maybe not.
  12. Independence Bowl

    Lambos on the moon man, lambos on the moon.
  13. Independence Bowl

    Pick me up some Zsolnay while you are there and we'll just agree to disagree.
  14. DMN - Ticket non-deduction story

    We'll find out.