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  1. This is getting old.
  2. Baylor confirms it is under NCAA investigation over sexual assault scandal Sleaze gonna sleaze.
  3. It's all about selling the "hometown." Houston is a much larger area than Denton. NT is not seen as "the" school that represents the DFW area, it's seen as a school that represents Denton. So right there UH starts out with a population that is 17.5 times bigger than NT to recruit. Some of those kids will want to stay and rep the "hometown", but some won't. So whatever the % of kids that are open to the hometown pitch, there is just a LOT more of them for UH to sell to than for NT to sell to. Second, football players like the "tough" attitude. Whatever you think of Houston, a lot of young people think of it as a tough town. So it's a much easier sell to an 18 year old football player. Stay in Houston and represent a tough area. When you are selling Denton, you are selling... well not a tough town image. How many 18 year old football players want to represent an area that is seen as artsy? -- In summary: Houston's image is a much easier sell to most 18 year old football players. Of the kids open to a "hometown" approach to recruiting, UH has a hometown almost 20 times larger than Denton. I also think UH is seen as the University of Houston for most of those areas (Kary, Woodlands, etc) by most recruit. Most recruits in DeSoto, Arlignton, Etc don't see NT as the University of their area. UH was in the SWC, and has been much more successful in CFB and MBB than we ever were, so they branded with the area better.
  4. I am glad @UNTLifer mentioned Chris Hurd. Went from an un recruited walk on to the Defensive MVP of the entire conference.
  5. I'm not going to bad mouth the OL lettermen we have on the team and say their quality is "horrific." However I have been saying for a while that the skillset they have that made dmac want to recruit them is not the same skillset that SL would want. It's more of a fit issue than a quality issue, IMHO.
  6. Parents, please talk to your kids about the dangers of Memeing.
  7. It's important to remember this. I see a lot of people gripe about a player backing out of a verbal, but every year we have players who get their ships pulled and no one seems to fund that problematic.
  8. How about once? I was credentialed for the bowl year run, sat in on a many media interviews and post game conferences with Dickey. I do not recall him ever saying this was one of the "worst" jobs, I do recall him saying it was one of the "toughest" many times. So again, dozens and dozens of times I head him not say it was one of the "worst." All that it will take to change my mind is one credible media source that says he said it was one of the "worst." ETA: I do recall him saying that Fouts was one of the worst facilities, but I think it was off the record, and I would not disagree with him.
  9. Well first off he never said that. He several times called this one of the "toughest" jobs, but he never called it one of the worst. Let's not forget that he was far, FAR ahead of the fanbase when it came to realizing the issues inside the AD. I am 100% sure that was a large part why he considered this such a "tough" job. I was shooting that practice and was 20 ft from Dickey when he said it. I think @SilverEagle's read on it was pretty good. He was talking about everyone outside the football team (such as hangers on and "girlfriends") not being as trustworthy as your teammates and coaches. Again remember the relationship between the coaching staff and leadership at the time.
  10. Well he was... then he wasn't...
  11. If we end up 3-9 and UTSA goes 3-9 this board will burn to the ground.