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  1. How Full Are Texas Stadiums Over the Years

    I'll be ready to trash talk UTSA attendance as soon as we out draw them.
  2. Improving The Game Day Experience

    Agreed. It is a song that the band plays for itself. It is their unofficial anthem.
  3. I believe you are in a tiny minority. I would much rather play Lamar or Incarnate Word instead of just not having another home game. Of course, I would also much rather prefer bringing in another G5 vs an FCS, but FCS vs no home game? Not even a close decision.
  4. If I am not mistaken this is the first time one of the four teams to make the SBC->CUSA jump (NT, MTSU, FIU or FAU ) have scheduled to play one of the former SBC teams in regular season.
  5. Winnable G5 game. I would have preferred Texas State (in 2024/2025 their OOC is just UTSA/ASU at this point) but winning games is what matters. Solid B.
  6. Improving The Game Day Experience

    From the CUSA Football Regulations: The #1 thing I want to be fixed is already part of the strategic plan, but FIX WIFI. Asking young people to go without WIFI access for 3 hours is like asking them to go without air for three hours. Young alumni signups are going to lag until that is fixed.
  7. Ricky V spotting?

    Well since we're playing this game:
  8. Denton County Fastest Growing in America

    Well it is 2017. If you have a social media account hit Academy with a request to carry NT merchandise: https://twitter.com/Academy https://www.instagram.com/academy/ https://www.facebook.com/Academy/ If you have a social media account hit Academy with a request to carry NT merchandise.
  9. New S commit, Jaxon Gibbs from the Colony

    Using terrible puns with limited comedic appeal?
  10. Mean Green Mania - Aug 2

    Nobody in the AD office reads the board? Strange how the previous regime used to call @Harry about posts they didn't like. The handful of accounts registered to UNT AD office email addresses is also kinda weird. I'm also wondering why several AD office employees told me about the discussions that were had about handling what was said on the board. Now maybe some things are different with the changing of the guard. But if it is, they are missing a goldmine of information that is just sitting there waiting for them. Yes, you have to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, but that is how all data analytics works. Again:
  11. I didn't see you at the scrimmage or I would have come by and said hello. Where did you sit?
  12. Mean Green Mania - Aug 2

    Exactly, which is why you have to cater to the fence sitters. A P5 program can call the shots, we can't. Also, this board has complained about the start times of these events for years. Why would any sensible, technologically proficient program ignore that feedback? The "well if they want us to know they better call us" model was already tried for 15 years, and we already know the results you get from that: