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  1. I agree with @GMG24. Bryce is a game changing type athlete. First interior lineman to remind me of BK since BK. Even at 75% he is a different type of player than we have had in a long time. And yes, a guy running amok on the inside makes everyone beside and behind him better. Ends get more 1 on 1, linebacker don't have to fight of guards when those guards are too busy elsewhere, db's don't have to cover for as long when the QB is on his back.
  2. Study: Wyoming Cowboys Football exposure nets nearly $160 million
  3. This. I would also assume any fan under 30 is really comfortable using a streaming service and would in fact prefer a streaming app like ESPN3 (or facebook, twitter, etc) over having to watch a game on cable TV.
  4. Virginian Pilot: Conference USA hoping to reach deal with ESPN
  5. ✅ #1 2019 QB TX 5A/6A in EVERY passing category two years in a row ✅ 4.0 NCAA Core GPA ✅ Team Captain ✅ Semper Fidelis All-American ✅ AP and TSWA All-State ✅ Jr. Season. 272-405 (67%). 4,138 Yds. 40 Tds - 4 INTs. 3 Rush TDs. Only has Ivy League offers right now (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown), but at least you know he will make grades.
  6. Cerebus

    North Texas to Host MEGA camp!!

    This is the important part. Most area kids have no idea what we have built. You hear that from them all the time when the finally do get here and see the facilities.
  7. Enjoyed time in Lubbock... Has that ever happened? Even once? Ever?
  8. Cerebus

    Great Adam Boedeker story on Kason Martin

    Other schools aren't ready for this.
  9. Cerebus

    Happy Birthday EagleMBA!

    Congrats EagleMBA, pour out a Shiner for us.