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  1. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    If that were to happen they would slap themselves on the back and believe it was their "holding people accountable" that lead to the turnaround. It's simple megalomania.
  2. Old Dominion

    At least he didn't claim, or did claim, or whatever he meant.... that #newdenton had lost some lustre.
  3. I think #84 on your roster, Jaelon Darden, had a very good game as well. Down big late, Fine threw a pass that he had to know was going to get him leveled. He took the hit and popped back up, ran his routes hard all game.
  4. Stadium Seats

    No I think he meant 1% of the people within 100 yards of the stadium decided to wander in. They probably got confused by their cool beach endzones and thought it was a Jimmy Buffet concert.
  5. Morning after and I've calmed down.

    I don't think that is true. Teams match up differently to each other. I though we matched up much better with USM than UTSA. UTSA had exactly the kind of defense that will give us fits, mainly the kind that can bring a ton of pressure with standard sets. Hell look at The Drive. For most of it they dropped back extra people, and Mason still had to run for his life. When they brought pressure on the last play, they got to Mason he just had to make an incredible play. Even after we beat USM by 15 I thought UTSA should have been favored. Now FAU, yes, a total poop the bed kind of game. However for me that means one terrible day. I won't start to panic unless we look bad against ODU.
  6. Man...not sure I can help you there... good luck with all of that.
  7. At Halftime.... Try and Remember

    So for the record, the childish BS quote is yours, by your own admission. Good to know.
  8. YOU WOULD RATHER HAVE LOST TO BOTH FAU AND UTSA THEN BEATEN ONE OF THEM?! I just want to be sure about that, on the record, you would rather us be coming off of two straight conference losses right now than what happened?
  9. At Halftime.... Try and Remember

    I really wish I could stop all "little childish BS quotes" on the board, but they just keep popping up. Direct Link.
  10. At Halftime.... Try and Remember

    Update: it's Monday and morning we're still in first place.
  11. Then we'll just have a ton of knee jerk "WE'RE GOING TO GO 9-3!!!1!" threads...
  12. UH had a couple of 1000 yard games during the air raid years.
  13. At Halftime.... Try and Remember

    It's Sunday. The sun came up. We had a terrible day yesterday but here are the CUSA standings: We control our destiny. Team has to take last night, hate the feeling, and vow not to let something like that happen again.
  14. Wrong. Head to head matters very much within the division. We are tied for #1 in the West with USM at 3-1, however we have the first tiebreaker and if we both end up tied at the top of the division we are the division champs. Yes, we have to continue winning, and beating LaTech is going to be a big part of that. They lost last night to a team we beat by 15 on the road, so while that is going to be a tough task it's not like they are unbeatable. I think the people making the most noise about this aren't even donors now. Am I pissed off and disgusted with how the team looked yesterday? Hell Yes. Am I anxious about how the coaches need to really bear down and get everyone re-focused? Of course. However for most weekends of the SL era I have been pleased with coach/team preparation. I am not going to cancel my check just because they had one terrible weekend. Happens to every team. Hell even Bama can lose.
  15. At Halftime.... Try and Remember

    USM wins in OT. Despite our terrible day, here are the CUSA West standings: North Texas 3-1 USM 3-1 UAB 2-2 LaTech 1-2 UTSA 1-2 Rice 1-2 UTEP 0-3 We still control out destiny. First thing is to properly prepare for ODU.