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  1. Picks up UTEP offer.
  2. Hell, you could say that about any Buccees and at least two whataburgers I know.
  3. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9311160/5a1f037102bbdb03346a7733 Really glad we seem to be looking at West Texas again, I thought the previous staffs over looked it. 6'6" 235. Big frame, strength coaches can do a lot with him.
  4. 2018 Jr Day

    Father was a defensive captain... at SMU... I guess we can overlook that :)
  5. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    That is 100% a huge problem and what always puts a damper on this "create a new conference" talk. Do you think the P5 would be ok with the mid major schools breaking apart the G5 into smaller conferences and taking away slots from them in the tournament? No new configuration of G5 teams is going to get an autobid. NCAA has more or less made that clear.
  6. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    Someone can be a good journalist and still write click bait titles. Sadly, in this day in age you better. If he is as old school as you guys claim, then he probably doesn't even write his own headline, that is someone else's job in the old school system.
  7. WKU AD faces $1.3M reduction in budget

    For the 95% G5s the only sport that even comes close to breaking even is football. That other 5% is the mid major basketball powers. There are probably about 20 programs that break even or better in FBS. Most P5 teams don't. Yes football is expensive but it is the only program, for most schools, that has a chance to get close to breaking even, and the only program that excites people. It's not just the donations to the AD. Football is an engagement driver that gets people back on campus, and lets the development officers work on them. Schools know that. They'll drop every other mens sport before they drop CFB.
  8. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Didn't say that was on the fans. Leadership to blame IMHO.
  9. I actually spoke to coaches about this once. Skillset and physical wants are very different. Very hard for a player to make the transition. If you want it to happen you usually have to start with a incoming freshman, redshirt him, and get him going towards becoming a DL. The problem is you usually don't know how good an OL recruit is until you see him play develop a few years. So unless you are incredibly deep at OL (which we never are) it is a very big risk.
  10. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    It's easy to blame one thing. We've done that for years. I'm saying its not one thing. A problem this big isn't about one thing, it is systematic. Fans are part of that system. Plenty of blame to go around. The problem is that every single part is quick to blame something else. If we ever want to turn this thing around we for everyone to look deep down, see that they are part of the problem, and fix it. Fans included. All I know is in the Dickey years the coaches and players got it done. Leadership and fans? Well I think the fans did better than leadership. In the Dodge years I think the fans stepped up. The coaches and leadership? Not so much. Even Mac was able to get us a bowl win, and then the next year season ticket sales went down. I think these coaches and players are on the verge of having big success again. If the leadership and fans don't step up it will just be another wasted opportunity.
  11. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    And then we proved them right by travelling poorly. I have been a fan for only a few decades now, but I have heard a ton of excuses as to why this program has never taken off like it should. "just came back from 1AA", "don't pay coaches enough", "we need a new stadium", "we don't play Texas schools", etc etc. At what point do you look in the mirror and start to think the problem is the fan base?