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  1. This is really an act of mercy.
  2. Portland State Predictions
  3. TheAdvertiser: Hudspeth, Maggard respond to 13 UL football players' felony charges
  4. ACC probably saved itself with its GOR extension. B12 is the most likely to implode. UT would love to leave behind the academics of schools like Iowa St and Kansas St and swap them out for the academics of Stanford and UC Berkeley. Culturally UT is much closer to Berkeley than it is to Lubbock. I wouldn't worry too much about the LHN payout in 2031 because either ESPN will have to renegotiate all their media contracts before then or they will be bankrupt. Either way UT isn't getting all that money.
  5. WE've talked about the huge money hole ESPN is in a few time, but I am reviving this thread to discuss this: Yahoo Finance: ESPN will cut 100 on-air personalities today The money train for the G5 is over. CUSA was unlucky enough to be the first G5 to have to redo their contract after the media realized this, but it will affect all G5 conferences. This will also cause P5 shrinkage, probably to a P4.
  6. A 911 GT3? For free?
  7. That was the State Top 100, which the DaMN no longer does. They now do an Area Top 50.
  8. The Denton Convention Center is already under construction.
  9. Being in a conference with Rice and Tulane was why previous presidents wanted to be in CUSA so bad in the first place.
  10. Guys the real problem with P5 football isn't that they can afford this locker room. The real problem is that they have enough money to just buy recruits. Alabama has 96 "coordinators" on staff now. It just so happens that many of them were coaches of important recruits, or were people influential to important recruits. The NCAA actually tried to do it's job and proposed a law that would ban that, and the big programs and ESPN already jumped all over it. Crying that it would hurt HS coaches ability to move up to the college ranks. Alabama isn't going to make many, if any at all, of those coordinators an assistant coach. They can afford to have them sit around for a while. In time, they will get moved on and replaced by new hs coaches who are influential to new high value recruits.
  11. Someone else will need to run the numbers, but we should remember that to qualify for the post season NCAA teams must have a 4 year rolling average APR of 930 Here are the APR scores for MBB
  12. Pre Dave Bliss the program has been to the NCAA tournament twice in their history. The program really took off when Dave Bliss payed players, going to the dance 7 out of 9 years. If you haven't seen Disgraced yet, I highly recommend it.
  13. Fake news. The real story is that a financial person here asked the state if they could use certain monies for certain purposes. They were told yes. They did and then later someone else at the state level decided it wasn't the correct decision. Shit storm ensues. People threaten NT with having to pay back the money, people grandstand and promise they are going to lead investigations. Except it all goes way. Why? Several state institutions had also asked the same question and got the same answer. Trying to make this a big deal for NT would have made it a big deal for several other (more well connected) schools. So everyone was just told to stop using money in that way, everyone has, the story went away.