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  1. Fake news. San Marcos doesn't use technology for anything except tinder hookups and instahos.
  2. He's already proven to me that he is a game coach. If he can maximize recruiting he'll do very well here.
  3. "Recruiting is everything." Exactly what I wanted to hear.
  4. The conference tourney? I think that's a pretty safe bet. I think, if you look at each hire on day 1, GM is a more impressive hire. However, both of them are impressive due to the amount of money need for the buyouts and salaries .
  5. We have an archive of several hundred thousand posts. If we could get theater kids to read the slap fights back and forth in a dramatic fashion... I mean is that any worse than daytime soaps?
  6. TWU merger into the NT system has been talked about repeatedly in the legislature. Each time it got any momentum TWU organized it's alumni to flood legislators with demands for it not to happen. It would save a ton of money buy just merging a lot of duplicated administration, but I am not sure how anyone pushes it through in today's climate.
  7. This. They are also dangling the "you might get the one access slot" in front of conferences. That is keeping people from suing. If all those schools had nothing to lose, then they might as well go after antitrust. The P4 (imho) is going to let the G? stay in FBS, and give them minor access to the lower paying games. They are going to allow them to come in and play at their stadiums, because they make millions out of extra home games.
  8. I'm happy with what SL has achieved in his first year, but I'm not ready to call him a star until he improves recruiting. GM is very promising and the best BB hire I have ever seen at NT, but he also needs to prove something before he gets the star label.
  9. Alabama adds New Mexico State to 2019 football schedule
  10. Yeah I get it's a hazy, very hazy, definition. When I talk to administrators "revenue sports" is usually a shorthand for CFB and MBB.
  11. I was one that wanted TB gone ASAP because I thought him staying was bad messaging to the fan base. I still think letting him finish out the year was a mistake. However, the hiring of GM has really impressed me. We hired away a successful coach from an FBS institution. When was the last time this happened in a revenue sport? Even Hayden Fry was fired at SMU before he came here. We paid a large buyout to get a coach we wanted. Again, have we ever done this before? As others have pointed out, our PREVIOUS hires in MBB and CFB where seen as bigger than ever before, swing for the fences types of hires. They both flopped. In the past, this would have met with incredible pressure from on campus to cut spending. Instead, the president is allowing the AD to go even higher. I raised my giving when the new AD was hired. I will do so again after this. President Smatresk needs to see that his increased spending on Athletics will result in increased fundraising and engagement. I encourage you to give, at what ever level you are able to do so.