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  1. FAU in-game thread...

    Um...I'm sorry?? Love you guys...:-)
  2. FAU in-game thread...

    Need some playmakers...
  3. FAU in-game thread...

    Again...too little, too late...
  4. Our Offense

    Wow...we really have no offensive do we? Dunbar is avg this season, and we have bo other playmakers...
  5. Our Offense

    Well, we are a bad, bad football team...what do you expect??
  6. Loud and Proud

    When does basketball start??
  7. game with FAU

    Game is on ESPN Gameplan as well...
  8. Mountain West

    NT does not have a fan base...we are stuck in SB...
  9. FAU Stadium is done

    Yeah...Apogee is a huge failure..
  10. FAU Prediction Thread

    I love playing a good anus... TMI???
  11. TCU refused to let itself become irrelevant

    NT sure could learn a lot here...we have a long, long way to go. Too little, too late??
  12. FAU Prediction Thread

    Also none as the "Pillow Fight of the Week"...
  13. FAU Prediction Thread

    UNT 17 FAU 31
  14. Open letter from coach Mac

    1 win?? So far lousy...:+)