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  1. 1. Why isn't North Texas good more often? Back in the late-'90s, when I was busy playing EA's NCAA Football in the dorms, my friends and I noticed an interesting development. By the fourth or fifth year of every simulation, North Texas had become a mid-major power. Once or twice, the Mean Green became a top-five team. The AI for the game eventually improved, but it wasn't hard to see why the early version would assume a team from Denton could make it into a higher echelon. If you've got to be a mid-major, being a mid-major 40 miles from Dallas isn't too bad an idea. In the simulation, UNT would land enough local recruits to be competitive, win some games, then land more local recruits. It was so logical that UNT could become a decent program, that almost two decades later, I get a little bit thrown off when the Mean Green aren't. And to be sure, they've spent most of their FBS existence being less than decent. Since rejoining FBS in 1995, they have attended five bowls, but four came in a four-year stretch. Darrell Dickey led them to four New Orleans Bowl appearances in a row from 2001-05. Before then, they averaged just 3.2 wins per season. Since, they've averaged 3. This doesn't make a lot of sense. The facilities could be worse. Apogee Stadium still has a bit of new stadium smell to it. The money isn't atrocious. The access to talent is solid for a mid-major. Steven Godfrey and I mentioned UNT as a "why aren't they better?" program in last week's Podcast Ain't Played Nobody. It looked like Dan McCarney had things figured out for a while. Combining a host of veterans with key transfers, McCarney led UNT to a 9-4 season in 2013, the Mean Green's first in Conference USA. It looked replicable. But it wasn't, at least not for McCarney. An inexperienced squad went 4-8 in 2014, and the Mean Green put a stunning level of awfulness onto the field in 2015. They were 128th, dead last, in the S&P+ rankings. They went 1-11 and came within 14 points of an opponent only one other time. They lost to Portland State by 59 points. They lost to Portland State by 59 points. It was predictable that McCarney would be dumped. Mike Canales played out the string, leading UNT to its only win and at least sustaining a slightly higher level of play. read more:  http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2016/2/8/10916556/north-texas-2016-preview-schedule-roster
  2. The College of Visual Arts and Design's graphic design program at the University of North Texas has been ranked #1 in the Southwest by Animation Career Review. View the full article
  3. Speakers will include many past winners View the full article
  4. The Executive + Scholar Lecture Series will be headlined by digital retail executive John Koryl, president of Neiman Marcus Stores and Online, in a Q&A about technology, analytics and the store of the future. Koryl will be joined by big data expert Shah Karim, chief executive officer of SafeRock, a retail analytics company. View the full article
  5.     If you look at the 1:35 mark, you will see a nice jump hook shot from Brice.  If he can keep working on that, it would be an unstoppable play with his size and strength down low. 
  6. In other CUSA action... (FS1)

    UTEP won 93-89.  http://www.wbko.com/content/sports/WKU-at-UTEP-367928831.html
  7. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    Deckie put us back in the game for sure, but my MVP for the game was Erick Katenda.  He came up big tonight 4-5 from the field, 8 of 11 from the free throw line.  Also had three blocks.  I also don't think Brown gets enough credit.  He really is important to this team, and had some very nice penetrations and assists tonight.  When Reese got in foul trouble, Brown really filled in nicely. Fun game to attend and nice win for sure. La. Tech fans weren't happy about the refs:  http://www.latechbbb.com/forum/showthread.php?134542-M.-Basketball.-Bulldogs-Go-for-Road-Sweep-on-Saturday EDIT:  On second thought Deckie deserved the MVP of this game.  In addition to his unbelievable offense, he also pulled in 7 boards.
  8. podcast?

    Coming Wed
  9. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    69-64 UNT 2:09 left.  Game will come down to free throws.
  10. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    Both our PG's have 4 fouls.  Not good with 5:35.  Carrington Ward needs to step up.
  11. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    Deckie got hot with two 3s in a row 44-43 tech.  Got a ball game now.
  12. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    Fouls seem to be in the favor of La Tech.  Hopefully that will lean back in the second half.  40-30 tech almost at half.  Guys are giving good effort.  Congrats to @Andrew hits the clutch  three at the last second in front of a good sized crowd.
  13. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    Give La tech credit they don't turn the ball over and make all of their free throws.  They have a good team and are well coached.
  14. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    Brice has caused 3 la tech defensive fouls on his own.  They can't defend him in the paint but I agree I wish we could get him the ball more.  Brice is not as good one on one defense against an aggressive player.  That is his weakness right now.  
  15. Louisiana Tech (2/6/16)

    Ward comes in and gives La tech a bucket and one on the U necessary foul.  Our bench is weak.   On a positive note Brice is going. to be really good.  He is already making C-USA teams adjust how they play us and today is no exception. Benford got a T and gave La Tech a 4 point swing.  Close game just changed. 28-19 tech.