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  1. Welcome back Mean Green Fans! On this episode, Evan, Harry and Ashton talk about the excitement regarding this upcoming football season with the 2016 football season 9 days away. Many subjects are discussed including new Head Coach Seth Littrell, AD Wren Baker, Beyond the Green Show, new player additions, key players by position, the SMU game, and much much more. We also welcome special guest and DRC Beat Writer Brett Vito and his reports from the ground in Denton. Click here to link to the show: http://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/podcast/gmgpod162.mp3
  2. 1: amen. May we look back on 2016 as the season where hope was rekindled. 2: I can stomach a loss to SMU if we can show an inkling of offensive potential that can be built on as the season progresses. Watching our defense tire and become demoralized got old last season. I want to see an offense that negates the 8-9 in a box constant blitz defense we will likely see early. 3: love Jeff Wilson, but I hope that Wyche, Ivery etc can take some of the opponents defensive focus away from him this season. Need to keep him healthy. 4: Love to hate UTSA. Just hoping we come into that game with some reason for optimism and can bring a good crowd. 5: Interested to see if this offense looks just like UNC. 6: Mac hated the streaming games but I don't have a big problem with that.
  3. 4-8 but much much more fun to watch. I see them also way more competitive on the road. A very fun team who could have had 6 wins had the ball bounced their way.
  4. Very nice!
  5. Welcome Jarod! Thanks @untsportsfan
  6. DENTON -- Seth Littrell showed a creative flair while coordinating potent spread offenses as he bounced across the country from Arizona to Indiana and finally North Carolina. That creativity extended to Littrell's first few months as North Texas head coach. Littrell took what seemed like an unworkable situation regarding UNT's personnel and gathered the players he needed to make his system work, seemingly from out of thin air. Littrell grabbed headlines when he landed Alabama senior transfer quarterback Alec Morris to run the show. Dig a little deeper, and it's apparent just how quickly UNT's new staff has transformed a team that relied on a power running game just a few months ago. read more: http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2016/08/23/new-coach-seth-littrell-getting-creative-adding-impact-players-return-mean-green-football-prominence
  7. Dane had no interest in the Mac offense. Had Littrell / Harrell been here, it would be a different deal. That said, we have to start winning recruiting battles against the Tulsa's and La. Tech's of the world if we expect to move up the food chain.
  8. SMU quarterback Matt Davis had his moments last season. At times, Davis looked like one of the most explosive playmakers in the American Athletic Conference. But Davis was inconsistent down the stretch, and SMU was only able to muster two victories. Still, expectations for Davis are high this season. In fact, Athlon Sports' Steven Lassan named Davis one of the 20 most underrated quarterbacks in the country. read more: http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/smumustangs/2016/08/22/national-writer-smus-matt-davis-one-nations-underrated-quarterbacks
  9. Needs more "Good ole days" back in Denton discussion.
  10. I feel you, but I'm not saying that Aggy will be the problemo here... more like a chain reaction that leads to something. Hey, it's a damn nice problem to have. I think Harrell is a HUGE plus for us in this type of deal. Didn't have a coach like that last year.
  11. Really worry he could be this years version of Nick Starkel. Hope like hell I am wrong.