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  1. Students in the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas will show off their work at the 56th annual Voertman Student Art Competition and Exhibition. Students gained practical hands-on experience in crafting and showcasing their masterpieces, which were judged by an experienced fine arts professional. View Full Article
  2. Selling the Mean Green bus

    Sorry to hear this.
  3. Idaho dropping down to FCS

    It's funny, I can actually remember back in the early days of my internets when Idaho was the "big" program and Boise was considered a "juco". Amazing how much has changed since then.
  4. North Texas conducted its annual spring game that really wasn’t a game this year on Saturday. The Mean Green elected to simply scrimmage due to a lack of depth. That format still allowed several players to finish off the spring on a high note. I have finally had a chance to type in the complete stats that were handed out. They should be pretty close to accurate. UNT’s sports information crew, myself and a few other media types tried to be as close as we could, which was a bit of a challenge with the format. So, who really helped themselves in the last workout of the spring? Here are three: Wide receiver Tee Goree – UNT is going to throw the ball and throw it a lot next season, which is going to make having someone to throw it to kind of important. Read more: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/04/unt-spring-game-stats-players-who-stood-out.html/
  5. Armitage has been named the new Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services at the University of North Texas and starts his new position on May 2. View Full Article
  6. Newest UNT Commit talks about Visit

    with the rest of this semester and two summer sessions, online courses etc I would hope this is not yet a foregone conclusion.
  7. A miss by the old staff

    opportunity missed.
  8. Another Graduate Transfer QB option

    Boise highlights
  9. College of Music jazz students, faculty and ensembles have been honored by the national jazz and blues magazine "DownBeat"with a total of eight student music and outstanding performance awards. View Full Article
  10. Yeah but word was she wasn't buying in so I get that.
  11. Looks like a VERY good player. Excited about the future of this team under Jalie.
  12. Ricky Rollerson WR/DB 2017