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  1. Unfortunately, that is what much of recruiting coverage has become. If you can generate revenue you will get promotion.
  2. Makes two of us. That still stings. What stings more is Mac acted like it was no big deal.
  3. It would be interesting to know if Frank Wilson was even considered for our job. Probably not. Seems like they locked into Littrell early on.
  4. Yes I saw the same article. That said, they have positioned themselves very well for the next realignment which is important too.
  5. DENTON – North Texas head football coach Seth Littrell announced Tuesday that former Dallas Cowboys running back Tashard Choice has been named to the Mean Green’s coaching staff in a quality control role, working with the offense. Choice most recently was a part of the Cowboys coaching staff ahead of the 2016 National Football League season, working with the running backs during organized team activities and minicamp. The Jonesboro, Georgia, native was a fourth round pick of the Cowboys in 2008 out of Georgia Tech, and played for Dallas from 2008-11. He also played for the Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts during his playing career, which carried through 2013. Throughout his NFL career, Choice rushed for 1,579 yards and 10 touchdowns, while also posting 574 yards receiving. Additionally, Kenny Buyers, who played for the Mean Green from 2012-16 is also joining the North Texas staff in a graduate assistant role with the defense. Buyers joins newcomers J.D. Perkins (offense) and Herschel Sims (offense) as well as Tim Burmeister (defense), who is in his second season in Denton.
  6. Under Jackson’s leadership, the UNT System: Raised UNT’s 4-year graduation rate from 13% in 2001 to 29.1% in 2015*, an increase of 124%. UNT’s 5-year graduation rate rose from 29.5% to 46% in that same period, a 56% increase; Grew the number of System-wide degrees awarded from 4,968 in 2001 to 9,200 in 2015*; Raised System-wide annual research investment from $28,476,235 in 2001 to $68,421,831 in 2015*; Created new programs in engineering, law, pharmacy, and medicine; Established a new public university at UNT Dallas; Achieved recognition for UNT as one of Texas’ Emerging Research Universities and achieved the highest designation of research-intensive universities from the Carnegie Endowment; Started a new teaching center, UNT New College in Frisco; Elevated standards for attractive building designs and visionary campus master plans; Acquired property in downtown Dallas to house UNT System Administration, the UNT Dallas College of Law, UNT Art on Main, and other teaching programs; and Recruited top higher education professionals for a talented leadership team that provides many of the non-academic and planning services to all three UNT System campuses. read more: https://news.unt.edu/news-releases/chancellor-lee-f-jackson-announces-retirement-plans-after-guiding-unt-system-through-p
  7. I thought so too. There are so many academic departments who could partner up with the AD in a mutually beneficial way.
  8. Sounds like a good concept. Students get valuable experience while helping the AD promote athletics to the community.
  9. This is disappointing. I sure hope they will try to find a comparable candidate even if it takes more time.
  10. They are struggling a LOT with declining enrollment and closing down dorms etc. that said they still get to eat at the B12 revenue table so they will eventually get back some of their mojo. What's interesting is they have probably lost more than any other program who has faced a scandal. Penn State won the B10 last year and the Sandusky deal has been forgotten. Baylor is still landing top recruits. Missouri seems to be hurting badly and it will take many years for them to recover if ever.
  11. Not discounting him or UTSA at all, because he is a 3-star recruit, but if you look at the timeline on 247 it sure looks like perhaps those OU/Arkansas offers were earlier in the game. Right now he does not show offers from those schools. http://247sports.com/player/corey-mayfield-jr-94023 Again, he appears to be a good player and UTSA certainly has done a good job landing the 3-star variety. My bigger concern is why have we not shown any interest in a guy right in our own backyard?
  12. http://m.gazette.com/air-force-football-2017-recruiting-class-r.j.-reynolds-of-grapevine-texas-faith-christian/article/1595748 Here is Air Forces entire 2017 signing class with bios: http://coloradosprings.com/highlights-and-bios-for-each-member-of-air-forces-2017-football-recruiting-class/article/1595816
  13. To follow on @outoftown post, I really like that they have built a bench so when WB does move to greener pastures we aren't left holding the bag. Mosely is most likely the heir apparent and that motivates him to get some wins now. Frankly - if you look at the best G 5 programs the coaches and AD's move up the food chain, maybe not every year i.e. Ark State but like at Houston where you had three VERY strong hires with Briles, Sumlin and Herman. The one consistent thing UH had was a very supportive leader in Rene Khator who they had to pay big bucks to keep. My hope is that Dr. Smatty will be similar. Also hope so much that we will land a Chancellor that is more proactive than Judge Jackson. My hope would be to land someone similar to John Sharp at A&M. Speaking of which we should be hearing about this soon, certainly prior to the football season no?