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  1. Harry added a post in a topic: Reason #17 for D Smith   

    LOL @Cerebus
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  2. Harry added a post in a topic: Denton Caravan   

    Very encouraged by this baseball news.  Beside just the ability to compete quickly, it fills a vast void in the off season which would get us more engagement with alumni and fans of baseball.
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  3. Harry added a post in a topic: Test   

    Photos are still loading.  You can grab another or wait.
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  4. Harry added a post in a topic: Test   

    ​If you will click your round image on the left of your post which is currently a blank profile it will take you to your profile page.  When you get there you will see a little box where your image is and if you click that you can upload an avatar there.
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  5. Harry added a post in a topic: Denton Caravan   

    Nice updates @KRAM1 and @Brett Vito
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  6. Harry added a post in a topic: Test   

    Yes that is changing.  
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  7. Harry added a post in a topic: Test   

    Hmmm that's strange.  I will check that out.  It works fine on my safari but you may have a different version.
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  8. Harry added a post in a topic: Test   

     @bstnsportsfan3 look for the star at the top right of the page for new content on mobile.
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  9. Harry added a post in a topic: Minecraft Apogee Stadium   

    that's really cool!
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  10. Harry added a article in Mean Green News   

    GoMeanGreen.com back up and running!
    You can access the message board here:  http://gomeangreen.com/forums
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  11. Harry added a post in a topic: Softball   

    Agree 100% @untcampbell
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  12. Harry added a post in a topic: New Orleans Saints Undrafted Rookie Profile: Cyril Lemon   

    Call him Protectus Availabus
    Offensive guard Cyril Lemon has never missed a game on the North Texas Mean Green football team
    Call him Displacus Katrinus
    Lemon, his mother, aunt and grandmother started an exodus with their church as Hurricane Katrina bore down on New Orleans’ Ninth Ward.  For forty days they roamed the Texas landscape until they settled in Marble Falls, Texas.
    “It was an unsettling time,” said June Lemon, Cyril’s mother. “We had to trust in God because we didn’t know where we were going to land.”
    “The journey showed me that life is going to throw you curves,” Lemon said. “How you handle it creates the person you are. The people who experienced Katrina either elevated themselves or went lower. The challenges in life bring out the best in you. I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for Katrina.”  To him, the Ninth Ward …  “It wasn’t like the suburbs,” Lemon said. “It wasn’t magnificent, but it was nice.”
    “Cyril used football as an outlet,” said Monique Breaux, Lemon’s aunt. “He was uprooted from all he knew. He thought when he left New Orleans that he would get to see his friends again. He used football to express his emotions on the field.”
    Read more:  http://whodatdish.com/2015/05/12/new-orleans-saints-undrafted-rookie-profile-cyril-lemon/
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  13. Harry added a post in a topic: Kennesaw State grad transfer center Kouassi visiting WKU this weekend   

    Willy Kouassi, a graduate transfer center from Kennesaw State, will visit Western Kentucky this weekend with the Tops in his final five.
    Kouassi, a 6-foot-10, 233-pound big man, will visit WKU to start a slew of visits spilling into June, according to Darien Knox, who was Kouassi's AAU coach and legal guardian.
    Kouassi and Knox will be on campus Saturday or Sunday, Knox said. The NCAA recruiting dead period ends Friday.
    Knox told the Daily News that Kouassi will visit the Tops before making trips to Arkansas, Memphis and Ole Miss in the coming weeks. North Texas, which Kouassi visited this month, is also in his final five.
    The Ivory Coast native, who started his playing career at Auburn, would be eligible to play his final season immediately.
    read more:  http://www.bgdailynews.com/blogs/hilltopper_focus/hilltopper-focus-kennesaw-state-grad-transfer-center-kouassi-visiting-wku/article_83162b40-03cf-11e5-b823-37240cff859f.html
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  14. Harry added a post in a topic: Test   

    ​Right now, there is an intensive load of all of the prior board information from the database to this new format.  So it is going to load slower until that process ends which could take several days etc.  So it will be a tad slower than before until we get to the end of the load.
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  15. Harry added a post in a topic: Test   

    It appears that you can have one @ mention per thread.  What is neat is when you are mentioned in a thread it will show up in your notifications box at the top (the bell at the top right of the page) and so when you visit the board, you will be able to see where you were mentioned or a question was asked of you etc.
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