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  1. Nice list! Excited about the future.
  2. You mean Luke Falk? He is 6-4. And WSU is in the Pac 10 a p5 conference. So while I agree a lot of teams missed badly on him, it's not an apples to apples comparison. Please don't interpret my post as any criticism of Shanbour whatsoever. I wish him well - he's one of ours. I hope he's the second coming of Scott Davis, Mitch Maher, etc... I admire him a lot. My post was just to point out that from a recruiting perspective we haven't been able to parlay the Littrell/Harrell/Air Raid connection to lure a top level QB prospect to this point. We may very well in time. Right now we have two 6-foot QB's at #1 and #2. And while I want them both to break records at UNT I think that needs to change in future years. I was very clear that I felt we needed an insurance policy juco/grad transfer in the case that Fine and/or Shanbour got hurt. We haven't done that yet although the jury is still out on Isadore. I don't want us to have to feed Pearson to the wolves if we can avoid it.
  3. The biggest issue that I see with the new Littrell/Harrell regime is the quarterback position. Sure Fine played well, especially given the o-line issues and lack of playmakers at wide receiver. But the fact is he had no other major D-I offers and at his size injuries will always be a concern. And our current #2, Shanbour is a great story of perseverance; yet he will have one year of eligibility left and has played not one down of D-I football. True freshman Cade Pearson put up huge numbers at Texarkana and was able to participate in Spring drills. He has some ability but other than Wyoming, most of the schools who were interested in him were McNeese, SFA, and Northwestern State. He may well turn out to be a diamond in the rough. Juco Devlin Isadore was once a highly sought after prospect. After his knee injury he became damaged goods and was not even able to participate in all of the spring drills. I am not aware that he had any offers after his injury. The Alec Morris signing last season gave one a glimmer of hope that that North Texas and it's air raid staff would become a place where talented quarterbacks would want to be. Guys that other D-I schools wanted. And I think we all realize these things take time. Iron Mac and Chico's run first offense was in hindsight not considered a haven for QB's looking to put up big numbers. And Rome wasn't built in a day. I had held out hope that they could pick up a graduate transfer late but as we are 100-days before football is back time is not on our side. Hopefully, North Texas will be able to bring in a high level prospect at the quarterback position with multiple offers in this next recruiting class. It would seem that by having coaches like Littrell and Harrell as well as a very prolific offensive system in place that this should be possible.
  4. I agree we must learn from history no matter how painful. Other than that what good does looking back do really? I think we need to look forward and try to stay positive.
  5. Way back in 1978 North Texas State was one of the most successful programs in the State. But kids, this state was run by the Longhorns in Austin and if you wanted credibility beating Texas was your ticket. NTSU had their shot on October 14, 1978 at Memorial Stadium. Get me the Hayden Fry Bullets! - NTSU finished 1978 with a 9-2 record, giving them an 18-4 two year run. And yet they weren't invited to a bowl game. The 2016 North Texas team won 5 games and got to enjoy the wonders of the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Millennials are ruining everything. - More on this in a later post but NTSU coach Hayden Fry was working tirelessly to get the Screaming Eagles a SWC bid. It was his focus. Well that and beating SWC teams every chance he got. read more: https://swcroundup.com/news/2017/5/24/throwback-thursday-1978-north-texas-vs-texas?utm_content=bufferd385f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  6. I really hope this is true.
  7. Makes me wonder if we could do a "Apogee Stadium at X Field" type of deal. Sort of like "Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium at Joe Jamail Field". There is a lot of growth in DFW now and it would be cool if we were able to leverage another corporate or name sponsor into the stadium to help us build facilities. I just think naming rights need to be looked at constantly. The IPF being another example.
  8. Saw this on twitter and it got me to thinking about Apogee.... What's the latest on our relationship with Apogee and the naming rights etc? Anyone know? I know it was a long term (20 year 20 million) deal but it seems like there would could be some future negotiations possibilities down the road.
  9. Tailor made for SMU, Tulsa, Houston etc... should get a great opponent with their proximity to many school alums. good move for AAC.
  10. Counting this one that would be 16 with Rheinhardt leaving. 6 of them appear to be preferred walk-ons. You add 5 in the 2017 signing class. Yes it is a lot but personally I really like it. Before this offense can really take off they have to address the oline and get it right. Part of the problem is they have had guys that were built for Mac's run first oriented offense. So there is a transition going on and I expect the numbers to normalize as they get more linemen who fit their system in place and established.
  11. Nineteen people have been killed and about 50 injured in a suspected terror attack at Manchester Arena. Police were called to reports of an explosion at the venue at about 22:35 BST following a pop concert by the US singer Ariana Grande. The cause of the blast is unknown but the counter terrorism experts are treating it as a possible terrorist incident. Greater Manchester Police is working to set up a contact number for relatives. Officers have told the BBC there is a second suspect device near where the first explosion occurred. Reporters were moved away from the scene and were told a controlled explosion was imminent. read more: https://news.google.com/news/amp?caurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bbc.com%2Fnews%2Fuk-england-manchester-40007886#pt0-145256
  12. Sorry for your loss my friend. Good to have you back. Lots to look forward to in Mean Green world these days.
  13. This is absolutely correct. Tech got hurt by TCU, as did Okie State and to a lessor extent Baylor.
  14. Thanks very much for the update. We have high hopes for Coach Yellock. I like that he is able to make the most of the talent he has. Recruiting in Texas is tough business especially with D-line so it is encouraging to hear your support of him in that particular regard.