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  1. Harry added a topic in Mean Green Football   

    Which direction should Iowa State go with coaching search?
    The outsider is the way to go. Not hard to understand why these preliminary lists of potential Iowa State candidates feature the likes of Doug Meacham, Lincoln Riley and Kendal Briles. I get it. Finding a guy who understands the Big 12 landscape would be nice. But I just don’t think those rising OCs will say yes to this job. They know too much about the challenges of winning at Iowa State.
    Zigging when others zag is a good thing. Just ask Bill Snyder. He’s glad the rest of the Big 12 is gravitating toward a similar brand of offense. The defensive coordinators in this league spend seven or eight weeks a year figuring out how to stop that offense. You’re at an advantage when you do something they’re not used to seeing.
    K-State and Baylor got out of the Big 12 cellar because they found innovators. That’s what Iowa State needs right now. Easier said than done, I know, but here’s one guy Jamie Pollard should consider: Montana’s Bob Stitt.
    read more:  http://espn.go.com/blog/big12/post/_/id/107013/take-two-which-direction-should-iowa-state-go-with-coaching-search
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  2. Harry added a topic in Mean Green Football   

    Willie Fritz interested in leaving Georgia Southern for Iowa State
    Georgia Southern coach Willie Fritz has expressed interest in the Iowa State job, sources told CBS Sports.
    The 55-year-old Fritz has guided the Eagles to a 16-6 record in two seasons as coach in Statesboro, Ga. The Eagles are currently 7-3 coming off an overtime loss at Georgia.
    In his first year as head coach, Fritz led Georgia Southern to the Sun Belt title. Because the program was still transitioning to FBS, it was not allowed to play in a bowl game.
    The Eagles lead FBS in rushing for the second straight year. Fritz runs a power run option scheme at Georgia Southern but has vast experience in running various kinds of offense.
    “They have the ability to become more of a passing team,” said a source close to Fritz. “Part of Willie's thought process was they had so much success with option football, why go away and make a drastic change? I think he has the ability to go to more of a spread attack.”
    read more:  http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/writer/dennis-dodd/25388043/willie-fritz-interested-in-leaving-georgia-southern-for-iowa-state
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  3. Harry added a topic in Mean Green Football   

    UTEP's Sean Kugler on UNT
    Switching gears to North Texas
    "Talking about our upcoming opponent, North Texas. They're probably a lot like us."
    "They're a wounded animal; but wounded animals are dangerous. They have a 1-10 record and their coach, who I respect, was fired after the fifth game. That puts everyone in tough position with the coaching staff and the players."
    "There's a lot of mixed emotions and have been through that situation; it's not fun. I think they'll be playing for their job. When you're in that situation, anything will go."
    "We can expect anything in that game. We can expect trick plays and for them to pull out all the stops to win."
    "Offensively, probably middle to lower of the pack as far statistical categories."
    "But the one thing they always try to do in North Texas football is try to establish the run. They run the ball extremely well and average 161 yards per game with a 4.4 average per carry"
    "They have a very capable running back in no. 26, (Jeffery) Wilson. He's got 774 yard and averages 5.5 per carry. They have physical cats up front that are guys who have been playing for a while."
    "Their center is 6-foot-3, 320 pounds in no. 50, and their right guard is 6-4, 300."
    "No. 9, who I felt was their best player last year, I don't feel any differently this year. Carlos Harris, their receiver, is their go-to guy. He played with some different quarterbacks, but he still has seven touchdowns this year and a 12.2 average. He's been a steady player for them the last three years."
    "They have a little explosive receiver that also returns kicks for them, (Darvin) Kidsy. He's got two touchdowns receiving, he's got one touchdown throwing and they'll use him in some gadget-type situations. Then they have a solid tight end in Marcus Smith."
    "I think they've been playing better on offense since they made this switch to DaMarcus Smith at quarterback. He's a junior college transfer, and a big kid. He's 6-1, 220 and solidly built. This guy has 982 yards passing with eight touchdowns and five interceptions. He's got a long 54-yard run and averaging 4.5 yards running the ball. He's another athletic quarterback that can pull the ball and be dangerous in that aspect."
    "Defensively, it's statistically not great as far as numbers."
    "They've been struggling in the running game, third downs and red zone touchdowns."
    "But they do have some solid football players. They run a quarter scheme and in that scheme the safeties have to be your leading tackler and most explosive tacklers. And that's the case with them."
    Their strong safety leads the team in tackles with 98. Their free safety is second on the team in tackles with 96.
    "They do have a disruptive defensive end that can create some havoc in no. 30, (Jarrian) Roberts.  He leads their team in tackles for loss, sacks and quarterback hits; he's got 10-career sacks."
    They have an outside linebacker, (Fred) Scott that has made a lot of plays for them. Then they have a cornerback that has 10-career interceptions and leads the team in interceptions this year with two."
    "So they have capable players. It is their senior day and we're anticipating a weather game. It's probably going to be a high of 45 with rain. So both teams have to protect the football and run the football."
    read more:  http://www.minerrush.com/2015/11/24/9793518/monday-lunch-with-kugler
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  4. Harry added a post in a topic Samford (11/24/15)   

    What makes me mad is I really do think this is a more talented team than last year.  They just don't have any chemistry.
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  5. Harry added a topic in Mean Green Football   

    Fritz Update and Jeff Tedford?
    Iowa State: Per Dennis Dodd, Georgia Southern’s Willie Fritz has expressed interest in the Cyclones head coaching job.
    Jeff Tedford: According to Ian Rapoport, search firms have contacted Jeff Tedford to gauge his interest in returning to the college ranks. Tedford is currently the head coach of the BC Lions of the Canadian League.
    Link:  http://footballscoop.com/the-scoop-2/monday-november-23-2015/
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  6. Harry added a post in a topic Samford (11/24/15)   

    Coach Tony Denson?
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  7. Harry added a post in a topic Samford (11/24/15)   

    2 point loss.  game over.  ugh
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  8. Harry added a post in a topic Samford (11/24/15)   

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  9. Harry added a topic in UNT News   

    Former Canada Minister of Justice to discuss anti-Semitismduring lecture at University of North Texas

    Former Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General Irwin Cotler, an international human rights lawyer, will discuss how the United Nations perpetuates anti-Semitism under the authority of international law during a lecture at the University of North Texas Dec. 1
    [url={url}]View the full article[/url]
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  10. Harry added a post in a topic Idaho (11/23/15)   

    We all try so hard to get behind Tony and he just makes it so damn hard.
    Whoever criticizes North Texas fans should have to watch this game and the Alabama Huntsville game over and over again in eternity.
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  11. Harry added a post in a topic Idaho (11/23/15)   

    turn out the lights....
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  12. Harry added a post in a topic Idaho (11/23/15)   

    He scored well tonight but had way too many turnovers.  Ugh... hope they pull it out.
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  13. Harry added a post in a topic Idaho (11/23/15)   

    I have never seen a game with so many fouls called.  Who is this crew?  They are horrible!  Let the guys play.
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  14. Harry added a post in a topic Idaho (11/23/15)   

  15. Harry added a post in a topic Idaho (11/23/15)   

    Man DeAundre needs to stop with the silly fouls.  We need his shot.
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