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  1. Defense has got to step up dammit!
  2. Touchdown UAB drives on 1st possession 7-0 9:06 left in first quarter. Disappointing start.
  3. Blazers get 1st on 3rd down in 1st series. 0-0 Uab marching down the field 1st and 10 on UNT 13.
  4. Eli Cinco Howard

    It's sort of like Facebook stalking the hot chick you went out with a few times before she dumped you. Time to move on until she gets divorced.
  5. Eli Cinco Howard

    I think he would have helped us but you know the past is the past. No need to dwell on these things too much.
  6. Tv options today

    That's concerning!
  7. Uniforms for Saturday

    If you grew up in Houston and we're a fan of the Oilers you wouldn't see it that way. But if you are just talking about the design etc I could get it: I like it more for the sentiment.
  8. Thank you @Cerebus for all your contributions to the program and this site over many years. GMG!
  9. Happy for you guys. Good to have UAB back in the C-USA fold for FB.
  10. As a huge Houston Oiler Fan growing up I thought this was pretty cool of the Aggy: Sumlin dressing up as Bum Phillips! https://www.goodbullhunting.com/2017/9/20/16340100/texas-a-m-to-wear-houston-oilers-tribute-uniforms-in-response-to-arkansas-cowboys-look
  11. The University of North Texas Division of Advancement achieved its highest annual fundraising total ever with more than $30.1 million in commitments. View Full Article