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    UNT whooped us tonight. Whether we cared, why should UNT care about a game like this either? They showed you have talent and I wish you luck next season. Go Mean Green who have always been one of my favorite mascots in the nation.
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    Call me a negative nellie, but $50,000 for basically an extra exhibition game or two? I'd rather them spend that money on private free throw lessons.
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    The road team also kicked ass.
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    Well, thanks for the plug...but I think you mean MIKE Miller!
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    South Dakota is a quality program. A look at their schedule reveals the following: Lost by 5 at TCU. Beat Southern Miss by 13 Played Duke tough before losing 96-80 on the road. Lost by 3 at UCLA. Only lost 2 home games all year. We beat them by 13 on their home court. Quality win. Oh, and a shout out to the officials. That was a well called game. CUSA officials could learn a thing or two from them.
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    New lighting for the weight room! (dungeon is gone).Will also be removing the glass blocks and wood doors on the north side. Will be adding glass and glass doors so you will be able to see the deck and stadium from the weight room. Paint and graphics also on the way! GMG
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    She has been googled long ago.
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    Biggest since Meteor vs. Dinosaur.
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    Did I hear that correctly? Tonight was only their second loss at home all season. Like my Polish friend says, tough schitski.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/14/unt-picks-commitment-san-antonio-wagner-guard
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    I see a chance for these kids to go on the road in the post-season and play in a one-and-done environment. Then they all return next year and want more. This doesn't benefit the program? Someone explain that.
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    Apparently, I'm in the minority in thinking this is money well spent. This program needs to begin to set a culture where postseason action is the expectation. The 5 win 2016 football season ended with an academic-driven HOD Bowl invite, but I think we all saw how beneficial that was for Littrell and his staff to support their culture change with the players. I see similarities with the CBI - especially if we can make a run
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    The softball team appreciates your support.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/16/unt-set-revise-contracts-baker-littrell
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    It would be a shame if they never recover and have to drop down to FCS. A real shame.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/14/late-night-hoops-rewind-unt-90-south-dakota-77
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/12/cbi-cost-unt-found-way-postseason
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    I liked it. Reminded me of the Audacity label (can't recall the beer)....the battle flag has actually been in a battle. GMG
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    Jalie Mitchell needs to be next on the new contract list.
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    13-0 baby! (I can't find the article anymore. Did that poor bastard retract it?) John Whisler was the author. Searching through all his articles in the MySA, I see everything he wrote last year -- except 13-0. Edit: Found it! Never forget!
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    DRC: UNT's coaches like what former running back is showing on defense, where he played part time in high school http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/15/football-change-plans-could-pay-siggers-now-safety-unt
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    I'd say any game that delays the dog days of the offseason (no disrespect to spring sports) is pretty gosh darn important. And this is the epic battle of "Light the Tower" versus "Light the Bridge."
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    They just announced on the GCU/Mercer game that the winner plays AT North Texas. Sounds official.
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    Classy. Could you stop by the UTSA board and teach them a little?
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    I tend to agree with you. Downside is we lose ESPN but we had very few linear games on anyway. The SBC is more ESPN+ than anything which will be a subscription streaming service. This gives us more national linear games, gets on facebook which has a huge audience, and more money. ESPN shit on us long ago. They basically got our games for free this last deal. CBS is actually paying something. Would love to see CUSA staff push to get our champ game on big CBS and CBSSN
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    Investment in postseason experience. Hopefully the team treats it just that way.
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    Could someone explain why I should be excited about this? I mean, of course I want UNT to win; but I look at the other teams in that bracket and I'm like
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    Ah the majestic sounds of the clink of the bat. College baseball < MLB
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    Yep..lack of baseball leaves a huge void.
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    CBI Quarterfinals - enough said.
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    "Both Baker and Littrell have passed on offers to interview with other schools in the last few months ...." Yikes! Didn't know we could have lost them already....
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    5'10" pg from Wagner High School in San Antonio. Also held offers from MTSU, UTSA, Tulsa, Sam Houston, and UTA. 3-star composite recruit, top 250 national recruit (234) according to 247 composite and ranked 163rd overall in the country and 10th in Texas according to 247 (not composite). Committed to us. https://247sports.com/Player/Jalen-Jackson-46051853 http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/jalen-jackson-tx https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/jalen-jackson-3516
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    Man, this administration is not messing around and the BOR is bought in. Is this real life?
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    As with any failure in manufacturing or construction the builder attempts to mitigate liability. This is done in thousands of different ways but the easiest is to "confidentially" tell a press guy about this new technology and intimating that it could have something to do with it. The press guy runs with it and you have 100 paid experts ready to tell you how it could have caused a failure. Let the investigation play out. This was a 950 ton structure that had just been put in place. It was not fully tied in nor were the support cables set as the were being tightened when the collapse occurred. I will bet is was not caused by faulty concrete. Self-cleaning concrete was invented in 1997 has been used without fail since 2003. The nanotechnology of adding titanium dioxide (TiO2) actually strengthens concrete. Making it photocatalytic requires manipulating the material to create extremely fine nanotechnology-sized particles with a different atomic structure. Self-cleaning concrete is an effective alternative to provide cleaner environment which contribute to sustainability and towards a green environment.
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    Not going to lie, I gave us no chance vs SD. Even without it being in the CBI this is very good win. Which got me thinking- how many times in my twenty five years of NT fandom have we played a game in which I thought we had NO chance and we ended up winning. The list is pretty small but off the top of my head- We beat Boise in 98 and 99 when we weren't very good and they were. At the start of DD's run we were 1-5 I believe and beat a very good and hyped up MTSU at Fouts. One of Trilli's teams went to UCSB and crushed the Gauchos when UCSB was decent. Uh...er....maybe JJ had one of those but I'm not remembering one. But that's also a testament to believing JJ's teams always had a chance. Strangely enough I thought we had a chance in both our wins at Texas Tech. There has to be more.
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    For what it's worth, the announcers on the GCU game said we are hosting on Monday. Have no idea how they know that info. Edit- Guess WB had already let that cat out of the bag.
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    Rose was awesome on the offensive end tonight but shout out to Simmons for clearing 17 boards. That’s doing work!
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    http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/jalen-jackson-tx https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2019/jalen-jackson-3516 https://247sports.com/Player/Jalen-Jackson-46051853
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    Agree. Just more of the type of thinking that continually looks for the negative at every turn. The team got invited. They did not 'pay' for a game. Somehow it is acceptable for teams from every P5 conference to have played in this tournament previously, but somehow UNT is above it. I don't see where the program is in a position to be turning down offers to play in the post season.
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    Worst because our fans didn't need hotels. Attendance is much better with UNT in the game though so concession and ticket sales are much better. I'm assuming that also translates to other things such as tailgating costs that do go to the local stores and post game celebrations (restaurants and bars) pumping some money in as well. While I'm not sure you can quantify all of that, I would like to see all the numbers indicating it was "worst." Certainly the only area it was worst in was in regards to housing. I would think the solution is a local team (g5 or p5) against a regional P5. A combo of teams like UNT, Texas Tech, Arkansas would probably garner great returns. It's not bringing in UNT that hurts, its UNLV on the other side that does.
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    Umm, have you looked in to the cost of building a wall lately. I know of a guy that's having a terrible time trying to get one built.
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    Great deal for us....No cost for our first game.....Love the extra playing time in the post-season for our young team....that'd be awesome if we can win, and bring back tourney to Denton!
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    Nice Story. Congratulations to our Women's Soccer Team! http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/w-soccer/spec-rel/031218aaa.html Pretty incredible feat on soccer already winning five CUSA titles and the program has not lost a home conference game since 2008. Wow!
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    I don't believe it cost visiting team any money. Host school pays. Unless it's changed visiting team actually gets most of travel paid. I wouldn't be for it most years. Only when you have a young team that could benefit from the experience. I think this is the kinda year to do it. I view this about like bowl seasons with 5 wins. If you expected to win 10 games, decline a 5 win bowl bid. But if you have a young team that could benefit from postseason experience and additional practice time, it makes sense. I'd be surprised if GMac or WB would play in it next year.
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    Clearly this university is not taking athletics seriously.
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    Still... how great would it be to be watching Mean Green baseball right now. One day... one day...
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    You're right. No one comes close. Certainly not Louisiana Tech who has played in 3 more sweet sixteens than WKU has NCAA appearances. Plus three national championships.
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    The T-Rex just didn't have the wingspan to swat those shots into space.