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    I did a visual count and came up with about 87 in attendance minus the coaches and UNT employees. I thought is was a good event. I was able to personally talk to 4 coaches (Littrell, McCasland, Hedlund, and Palileo) as well as Wren Baker. All were down to earth and willing to take time with each group that they visited. Summary of my personal conversations: AD Baker - Talked about being home. Loving the town he lives in and being close to family. Coach Littrell went further to say that not only does he love his job he loves being close to his family. We talked about his hometown and how much he loved being close enough that his kid can have a relationship with their grandparents instead of only seeing them 2-3 times a year. He said "I hope y'all keep me!" I replied "I think we are more concerned about you getting lured away." He squared up to me looked me in the eye and said "anyone who thinks I would leave does not know me very well!" Coach McCasland - talked about the support from the President down to ensure he had what he needed to be successful. He really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Super Pit at the end of the season and through the CBI. Really a nice person who is excited about his team next year. Coach Hedlund - Can not wait for the soccer and track complex to start. Talked about having a home since he has played on 7 different fields in his 25 years at North Texas. He is happy with winning the C-USA but is ready to make a run in the NCAA and is setting that expectation with his players. Coach Palileo - is happy Volleyball won the C-USA so Coach Hedlund will stop busting his chops about not having a championship. Is looking forward to next season and is ready to repeat. I asked each one the same group of questions: "Do you have everything you need to be successful?" - everyone of them said YES emphatically. They said that from the board, president, and AD that they have amazing support and love the direction the university as a whole is going. "Are you still enjoying what you do?" - All said yes! "What do you need from us?" - All said butts in seats in one way shape or form, that it makes a big impact on the team and more importantly recruiting. Overall I was very impressed with the AD Baker and all of the coaches (I was not able to get to talk to the track coach who was there as well). My wife and daughter went as well and my 17 year old daughter (who wants to be an athletic trainer) was even invited up to visit by Coach Littrell and Coach McCasland and said that they would talk to the head of Sports Medicine to ensure that she was able to watch a practice during her visit. All of the coaches talked directly to her and made her feel like she was being recruited by them. At the end of the event she looked at me and said, with the way things are going at UNT why would I go anywhere else? I asked her what she meant and she quoted the fact that this past year was the best athletic year since 1975 as a whole for the university (something AD Baker said earlier in the event). New fields, IPF, and a commitment to the student athletes. She said that it felt like she would be getting in on the start of something great and that she could be proud of going forward. I liked it and thought is was a successful event and even if no one else liked the event, I think they made a decision for at least one future student last night!
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    My idea for the SMU game. Let them run out with their little pony and then we have Justify lead us out! Edit for the confused person: Justify, the horse that just won the Triple Crown leading the Belmont wire to wire, is owned by a UNT alumnus and her husband. They are both big supporters of North Texas. smuT has my Lil' Pony and we have Justify.
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    DRC: McCasland, UNT players cite untold story of the moments that made their breakout season possible https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/an-unforeseen-journey-unt-s-run-to-cbi-title-contained/article_ab110c87-cbcd-5fbb-936f-b09feba50037.html
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    This line from the article made me cringe and laugh at the same time
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    Says every college team in every college in the world in every year all the time....
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    Last season's progression by UTSA has always made me laugh. From Kirk Herbstreit saying they could go 12-0 after week 2, to an absolutely devastating loss against yours truly. To being the only 6-win team to miss out on bowl season! Such a satisfying feeling. *See gif below for instant smiles*
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    "Boom! And not only did UNT (9-5) and UAB (8-5) finish 1st and 2nd in the West (over USM and LA Tech), but both also beat USM and LA Tech, and beat us as well. Anyone who says we shouldn't be as worried about UNT and UAB as we should about USM and LA Tech needs to take another look at what's happened over the last 2 years with the new coaches at UNT and UAB. And as I noted on another thread months ago, 9 of UNT's 14 games last year were against bowl teams, making their 9-5 record look even better." (Volkmar)
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    Could we hold a bake sale to widen Bonnie Brae ?
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    They were funded in 1914 as The State School of Mines and Metallurgy. They still have a practice mineshaft on their campus. It keeps them grounded by giving them a place to practice being shafted.
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    what would lead us to believe that there would not be quality depth behind these guys? This isn't 2013...LIttrell is not winning with McCarney recruits, he is winning with mostly young guys that HE recruited. Stands to reason he would continue to recruit and restock the pipeline, unlike Mac.
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    Mr. Vito had to sit through every one of those games in the Benford era. I had the choice of going or not going. He will have recurring bouts of PTSD for some time and until it has been exorcised from his dome, it is healthy therapy for him to regularly purge. GMG
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    I was on the committee....Coach Trilli got the ball rolling on the green seats. Absolutely. The whole campaign was his idea.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-names-delong-as-new-softball-coach/article_94b880ce-f7f4-57b6-a197-78cef5470f0a.html
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    They’re looking to dump Wilson after season three? Is he on the hot seat?
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    The 2 new hires from Baker both had nice 1 year turnarounds at their previous stop... Don't know if that's a pattern or anything...but the last one did well in year 1 here and seems to have momentum going into year 2. Go get 'em Coach Delong. Welcome!
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    Agreed. Also another gif in my signature. My absolute favorite throw Fine made last season.
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    FYI, his Dad is the head ball coach.
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    And then let him take a giant dump on the SMUt sideline
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    Best lead blocker north, south, east, AAAAAND west of the Rio Grande. Chico's offense will explode from a 3.75 yards per play average to a whopping 3.9!
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    Locksley could be good if he can decipher Chico's playbook. If they are centering their offense around the FB, then best of luck to them.
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    As for who we play....I don't really care. But regarding Army....another way to look at it: Does the 1 game playing them offset the coaching staff's opinion that taking a week in the middle of the year to totally turn your practice upside down has an effect on the season? Especially if they don't HAVE to...(not in conference) In other words does the negative of playing the one game vs Liberty offset the positive of playing a high profile program for one game when you compare that game to the momentum of a full schedule. Does 10-2 with a win vs Liberty look better than 8-4 with a game vs Army? (Assuming you believe what seems like the coaching staffs thoughts on disrupting practice in the middle of the year) If you take out the HOD bowl loss (because it was the last game of the year), after we beat Army the other two times we played them in season, we were 2-7 and our defense was not good in those losses. We were perhaps lucky we got a massively down Rice the week after last seasons game then we gave up 41 and 50 the next 2 games. Yes the opponents were good but we should've been peaking in games 13 and 14 on the year. You can draw your own conclusion but it seems like the coaching staff doesn't like disrupting practice momentum and maybe they do feel it affects the team. You can argue that that's weak and the coaches should be able to handle that. I get it. But it seems like there's risk\reward at play here and the program is removing risk. We are on the verge of somethign big picture here and we're walking that G5 wire where we have NO ROOM for error and we can't take chances on losing games. If the coaches think maintaining practice momentum for every week helps the team win more games....then so be it. Seems the coaches have spoken and the AD backed them. If we go 10-2 this year and are a top 10 G5, it's not going to matter that we played Liberty. Big picture, sacrificing the one marquee matchup that the fans might enjoy for a shot at upping our national profile with a 10-2 or 11-1 season may be worth it. Fans would enjoy seeing UNT get national attention as well. And as for the LIberty game specifically....this team should be well coached and mature enough to not look past Liberty. Our talent and continuity in this system should be too much for them to handle. That Baylor win last year should help us. They'll hear it 100 times in the week leading up to that game. This game shouldn't be close.
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    I don’t know if this is a generational thing but why are some against streaming? Cable is dead except for sports and even then I stream everything through my phone or tablet and pretty much everyone I know does the same. I obviously don’t know the specifics about the deal but it appears we are sacrificing revenue for exposure on an emerging new media platform? Although the schools are seeing an increase in revenue and lowering production costs? This seems like a great deal IMHO. -GMG
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    Well, heck yes...the “negotiation” process with the wife was epic! When you “win one” you got to spread the good news! 😂😂😂