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    A friend saw this on Twitter and sent it to me. Who's printing the shirts? Let off-season thread topics begin... GMG!
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    Everybody needs a safety school. After all, that's where you ended up after failing out of NT.
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    Last year: Brad Davis to Florida February 4th. http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports/2017/02/04/florida-hires-unt-assistant-davis Derrick LeBlanc to Kentucky February 15th. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/kentucky/2017/02/15/uk-officially-hires-derrick-leblanc-defensive-line-coach/97959300/ Mike Ekeler to North Carolina February 24th. http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2017/02/24/unc-hires-unts-ekeler-as-linebackers-coach/ We're nowhere near out of the woods regarding our assistants being raided.
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    We may win a CUSA title with Bean or Martin, but it won't be our 1st...no way The Chief allows himself to walk out of here without a ring
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    When a 5-10, 165 lb walk on scores 23 pts, snags 4 rbs, has 2 assists, and goes 8 for 11 with 6 three pointers he deserves praise. I know Smart was incredible but we don't win this game without DJ as well. In the post game McCasland said he is our best shooter.
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    Just some head's up info regarding this year's CUSA Basketball Tournament. As everyone is pretty much aware, the tournament will be help in Frisco at the Star this year. That is fantastic news for UNT fans for certain, but, it does come with some caveats. The biggest being, that if we want the tournament to remain local, UNT needs to show up BIG TIME! That means in both rears in the seats and in ticket sales. As I understand it, our ticket "guarantee" is around $38,000.00. Looks like a big number, but it is definitely doable for UNT fans...and then some. Some specifics: Tournament Dates: March 7-10, 2018 Location: Ford Center at the Star in Frisco Tickets: ALL general admission...and, at this point two levels...general seating $125.00 and Premium seating $180.00 per ticket. If you look at the UNT Ticket Office site on Ticketmaster you can see the court configuration. There will be two courts at the Star turned perpendicular to the current seating for football. The $125.00 tickets appear to be in the "football" seating area while the premium are courtside. Looks as if only one side of each court will have seating (all this from a view of the Ticketmaster site). I have been told that the premium tickets will allow one to watch any game at any time and all games throughout the tournament. This would include both men's and women's games. The $125.00 will not allow this all-access, and will be more "game specific". I have no clue if that is exactly true nor how the "game specific" would work. Just passing on info as I have it at this point in time. PLEASE FOLKS...if you are looking to purchase tickets to the CUSA Tournament, it is important that you purchase through the UNT site IF we want to try to keep this tournament in Frisco for a few years to come. I believe the current contract is for two years only at the Star. With UNT's partnership with the Cowboys and with UNT pretty much hosting these games along with The Star and CUSA, it would be great to see UNT fans come out in big numbers to support the tournament and both its men's and women's teams. If anyone has any additional or updated info, please post it here as a central CUSA BB Tournament Thread. Might help everyone to just have a central place for "one-stop CUSA shopping". And, yes, I ordered my two Premium level CUSA tickets today on-line through the UNT ticket site on Ticketmaster. Easy...no problems at all. Hope to see a big MEAN GREEN turnout at this year's tournament. Would help to get some high seeds of course. So, come on men, come on ladies!!!
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    Left them after one year recruited players for UNT on ASU’s Dime took all the assistants with him took a player already on their roster. Current recond is 6 - 13 and 1-5 in conference loses to a bunch of shithole schools.
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    How do you know that UNT might have passed on him. Don't know all the specifics. Don't automatically throw UNT under the bus....
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    Nose for the football, loves the weight room his father is a strength and conditioning coach. Father played at Hardin, older brother played at Hardin he went there as a family thing. Little brother is going to Auburn for Baseball. Very athletically drive family. I can see him contributing next year at least as a special teams player. He loves contact. I think he is better than McDonald the LB kid that just graduated.
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    To be fair, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when my (and probably some others' here) ancestors from European countries came here, for people in their economic class, Ireland, France, Germany, Scotland, and even England could have been considered "shitholes." (Again, maybe not for the upper echelons at that time, but certainly for those in the lower class.) I think another side of the issue is why we should concern ourselves with which country people emigrate from rather than whether they are willing to put in the effort to create a life and future here.
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    Greater good for the greater number.
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    This would not make any sense at all so it is very plausible that it is coming from Lubbock.
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    You're absolutely right and I love your points. Since you're connected, could you get this list to the coaching staff? http://www.clickhole.com/article/5-huskiest-boys-ohio-county-9-year-old-pee-wee-foo-7195
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    don't know if this guy posts on here but I thought this was pretty cool!
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    Does anyone really make Jonesboro a destination?
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    Hopefully he keeps it under 310.
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    Exactly...and why should this be any different? Do the students decide if the university wants to increase funding for research? Or to building another classroom? Or hiring distinguished professors? Or to buy new lab equipment? The list can go on and on and this should be no different. The final decision should be up to the Board of Regents. They are the ones that approve of the budget. Athletics are the closest alumni tie to the university and denial could adversely affect alumni giving. True, it could also influence the decision of prospective students but if we remain competitive with other Texas universities we will likely lose very few students. There are limits on the amount of athletic fees that can be charged in Texas by state institutions.
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    I'm sorry, but having students, more specifically UNT students, with this kind of power over athletics is absurd. Are we doing this out of respect to the student body? Or does it have to be done in this manner. If not, cut the small talk, pull the rug out from underneath their bleeding hearts, and get it done.
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    Am I the only one that it drive crazy that professional journalist Bert Frito doesn't proof his own work? Even I know that even if you even spell hit spell check, even is still a word spelled correctly, so even if you hit spell check, it wouldn't catch even as being a misspelled word. This event doubles as earning the nick name, Bert Frito.....
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    Dodge was a "high risk high reward" hire that blew up in our face. The biggest problem I saw was that he brought most of his high school staff with him, and they were over their heads. As far as money, we paid him more than Dickey, which shows you how little we had to work with.This was the 1st nail in R.V.'s coffin, from which he never recovered.This hiring mistake was compounded by replacing Dodge with Coach Mac, who ran an offense that probably looked good in the 80's. The success he had during our HOD victory was with Dodge's recruits except for Thompson, who I believe was signed by Dickey.
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    How about the wins stay wins (no matter the scores), and the whippings turn into wins or at least closer games. I would call that improvement.
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    I'd honestly be more concerned about losing Mainord than Harrell.
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    his fumble issues and injury issues will make it really tough if he can't shine on special teams. Hope he makes it...seems like a great kid.
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    the conclusion of that thread was something like "TD was the greatest coach in NT history, and was actually responsible for Littrell's 15 wins"
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    Wait, isn't there another thread on here about Todd Dodge taking that spot?
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    If true, and if the offer is enticing enough to lure him away, this just highlights the problem with college football. Any G5 OC that would leave a team to be a 10th assistant for a P5 just highlights the issues at hand.
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    My buddy who loves the KFC story was in Taos on a chairlift with a kid telling a girl he goes to UT. She said she goes to UT too. He quickly corrected and said San Antonio. She rolled her eyes. My buddy, who's a huge smart ass, started chanting KFC. Apparently, he got angry. My friend told the story to the girl and they both laughed. The kid accused him of going to Texas State or North Texas. He laughed because he went to Towson.
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    No one can make anyone be a fan, but I really don't understand your view. If you were a fan in the past, why let a questionable decision to allow Benford an extra year deprive you of seeing the best NT basketball in decades. No the team isn't yet as good as some of Jones' best, but McCasland is a far superior coach than Jones. You are also not likely to see any team consistently play any harder. If you like NT and college basketball, I don't understand a boycott against a program that is currently doing almost everything right. I assume you are not a football fan because you had to quit when Dodge was hired or McCarney given an contract extension. Both of those bad decisions dwarf how many years Benford was allowed. Even worse was the hiring of RV and allowing him a 15 year career with NT.
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    the positive of all this posting that your doing is that crime must be very slow over there in Tarrant County, and you have nothing else to do. I have to admit, I have missed you. With all the drinking R.V. and I are doing these days, when you combine that with your post, I can't keep myself posted up on the bar stool from laughing so hard. These clowns haven't figured out that your 85% stich with a big heart. time for a reprise..... rah rah rah, sis boom bah....SINGING GLORY TO THE GREEN, SINGING GLORY TO THE WHITE #itsallajoke
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    Weird - looks like a lot of the guys who usually commemorate important days with random threads were super busy today. What a crazy and unexpected oversight! Hope everyone had a good one and took some time to reflect.
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    Just to put things in perspective he had offers from FCS: Northern Colorado, SE Louisiana, Eastern Illinois, Murray State, Florida A&M, Alabama A&M, Samford, SE Missouri St, Tennessee Tech, Northern Arizona, Fordham, Youngstown State, Arkansas- Pine Bluff, Indiana State, University of Tennesee Martin, Saint Francis, Maine, Portland State, Abilene Christian, Western Illinois, Southern Illinois, North Carolina Ag and Tech State University, FBS: New Mexico State, UTEP, Kent State, Akron, UNT, Ohio why are we not more more excited than we are?? 6 FBS offers, 22 FCS offers. Kid can obviously ball. KU and Oregon state showed a lot of interest, think he was just lower on the board.
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    What are the yellow/premium cash lots over by the softball stadium? I see those pulling into the red/blue lot on Bonnie Brae. As to red/blue, I can never figure out from year to year if I'm able to enter from North Texas Blvd. like I did in 2011. Sometimes it seems to be open, other times I seem to get a little bit of a talking too from people in yellow jackets. So unknowing as to whether I can enter from North Texas Blvd. from week to week, and having to drive down Bonnie Brae is the one inconvenience I face as it is a merely a two lane road, and I have to sit in line behind people who pull up thinking it's a cash lot, wait for them to figure out it isn't, wait for them to receive directions back to the cash lots, then wait for them to back up and turn around against traffic. That one thing really needs some serious improvement. As for opening red/blue lot to cash, people better be paying more than $25 to park there or I'm gonna get a little miffed.
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    I guess you missed that whole first paragraph.... I like being cirtical about the athletics program as much as the next poster, but at this point, you're just beating your chest and screaming about how great you/your ideas are and how terrible everything else is. IF they just did what I told them to do. IF they just donated what I donate. IF they only cared the way I care. You'd complain if you were hung with a new rope.
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    Looking forward to the second coming of *Joe Greene and/or Booger to walk on as well. Down the corridor of years. I've observed that the LB's and DB's are much more successful when you have someone stuffing the run and making the QB run for his life......all the while screaming like an 8 year old girl. * I would also take the second coming of Walter Chapman or Rex Johnson.
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    It'd have a short term opposite effect, sure. But this year's freshmen, the year after, and after, or after, and so on and so forth won't care or even know of this.
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    son of Cowboy's OC Scott Linehan: http://govandals.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4226
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    I would love to see us go after asap. DT, Kemon Smith https://247sports.com/player/kemon-smith-46038619 OG, Max Yarbrough (we previously offered) https://247sports.com/player/kemon-smith-46038619
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    ...and were just as quickly scared to death when he brought both coordinators with him from Southlake. Anyone who witnessed that 79-10 thrashing in Norman could not possibly have been excited about the hire from then on. Also, bad hire doesn't cut it. His hire was a disaster. The worst hire in the history of the school, and it is not close. The Dodge era is what is responsible, more than anything, for the current perception of North Texas football being a wasteland. I guess I should say prior to this year. Dodge was viewed as a football celebrity who was just a pure "winner." I had extended family who didn't give a crap about UNT who followed along casually during those years (never, mind you, actually witnessing a game) and they always thought that this "winner" would eventually get UNT turned around. When he got fired his reputation didn't really take that big a hit, outside Denton. It was the North Texas stink/suck that kept him from winning, and not the other way around. Thus, it became fashionable to think that it was impossible to win in Denton. He was a good man, but good freaking gravy he NUKED North Texas.
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    Because of the public nature of Twitter and how out there the information is, there is no possible way to punish a single program for this and not get themselves into a huge nightmare. They would have to punish all if they do punish. I would imagine that they would be more likely to send out a general warning to everyone if they do anything. I think the more likely scenario is that they do absolutely nothing.
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    Vito is not trying to pick a side, he's putting out arguments that support both.
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    I think gomeangreen.com leads the entire internet in Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, & Doug Flutie references.
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    I'm sure everyone on this board is like me ... you see KFC in a thread title and immediately know it's about UTSA. :)
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    So he says we might be better because our defense will be improved in one article, "All that help will almost certainly make UNT a better defensive team in 2018." And then says we might be worse because of the defense, "There is no guarantee UNT will be any better defensively next season than it was in 2017, when it struggled in a few key games." So we will "almost certainly" have a better defense, but there's no guarantee. Way to pick a side.