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  2. Now that he's locked up we can work on securing a commitment from Ladainian Thompson.
  3. Hope he got to chat with Zach Orr before he made this decision.
  4. I think I've seen every single episode of "Fixer-Upper" because of this.
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  6. Very sad news for this young man. I hope all goes well for him in his future. I hope the coaches are able to find a couple of graduate transfers or late qualifying JC's. If not we might be seeing several QB's this fall.
  7. DRC: Injury issues force guard to give up football, leaving UNT with fewer options on its offensive line
  8. IMHO - I hope people grasp the situation. We have years of "bad" history to overcome.I know people say that Fan sites do not influence kids, but things like this are why we should be careful how we comment on potential recruits. We don't need to do anything to add to the building up of our program.
  9. I would honestly love for that first sellout to be in two years against SMU. It's always a fun atmosphere when you have a lot of fans of the opposing team there. Unless, you know we got a P5 school like Texas or A&M to come to Apogee where it'd be a road game for us.
  10. Sad to see and certainly hurts depth on the OL. But long-term health is so much more important.
  11. That is good news.
  12. DRC:
  13. Doesn't appear 247 is all that reliable.
  14. Expenses are located on the income statement, not the balance sheet. They directly affect income and by extension profitability. They are measured by how much they contribute to increasing revenues per their cost (effectiveness).
  15. This is something that every Mean Green fan can help with. Simply buy a pair of season tickets. That in of itself will help the program. Then, since you've already bought your tickets, you'll be more inclined to be at Apogee o=n game days which will increase the numbers of the home crowd. Easy. Almost anyone can make a difference in North Texas football. GO MEAN GREEN
  16. Absolutely agree. But, if sales are up ytd 20% there has to be some new buyers in that lot. I personally know of two brand new season ticket buyers. So, fingers crossed that there will be a good number of new buyers AND returnees.
  17. Its always a sad day to see another player leave the game, but I'm glad he is getting out while he is still healthy.
  18. Again watching the draft coverage is an example of how bad they suck! It is like 4 talking heads trying to come up with a re quotable quote! It ain't going to happen. Remember the first for letters of ANALyst!
  19. I've found that doing things and watching shows my wife enjoys make life better and more fun. Your experience might vary.
  20. Resist. There is help out there. 1-800-LOW-T
  21. Amazing how the handlers of these kids are so anti UNT. Kids make a decision and are immediately talked out of it. Littrell has a lot of work ahead of him to change people's mindset about playing football at UNT.
  22. 247 reported that Gage decommitted from UNT on April 21.
  23. You're on to something.
  24. Marketing is an expense on a balance sheet, so it never makes money. The idea of marketing is to enable sales and raise product awareness.
  25. The real measure is the number of new season ticket purchasers.
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