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  2. UNT campus construction guide for spring 2018

    FYI, I do believe you can order online from grocery stores around town, and have Uber pick them up and bring them to you.
  3. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    If yall think this kid is going to call any plays you're crazy. Kiffin just learned from the fastest offensive system out there, incorporated his run schemes into the system, let baby Bryles leave to go back to TX after he spent a year learning ins and outs of this system.
  4. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    for our sake, i hope that he does coach like his dad. ;)
  5. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    Paging @FAU Connoisseur Happy with this replacement for Kendall?
  6. Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski dead at 21

    The title of the article and them mentioning his stats just rub me the wrong way.
  7. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    They do know how to bring in big names at FAU... Can this kid actually coach like dad?
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  10. Probably not, but I gotta think Baker's basketball coaching connections are very wide (himself being an Eddie Sutton disciple), and he could have found another guy that would be a good coach as well. Who knows the real reasons why he kept Benford (the fake reason of poor team morale was a joke). Probably money-related. We like McCasland because of what he's done here, and because he's ours, but I doubt he's the only guy that could turn around this team. It was a tough season to endure (very obvious lame duck year), and McCasland appears to be the real deal, so water under the bridge now, I suppose.
  11. good catch, I fixed it in the post.
  12. No one can deny the progress that the athletic department has made under Baker. Baker has been very good for NT, but he would not be successful without a supportive Administration. So I would add that the President and the BOR are also very responsible for this athletic turnaround. Also thanks to the big donors that keep the program rolling in the right direction.
  13. Seems she has made a choice and now gets to live with it. Good introduction to the real adult world.
  14. Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski dead at 21

    Not sure if you meant it this way, but being worried about his rating and his brother's recruiting doesn't come off too well in this situation. It doesn't matter if he is a walk on or just a student who has never entered the stadium, this is a sad thing that happens all too often for too many people. Depression is a powerful foe that far too many don't think they can talk about or get help with. We need to remove the stigma with it so more people can get help and this can be avoided in the future.
  15. UNT campus construction guide for spring 2018

    She doesn't want the weekend plan. They have flex dollars and whatnot. But she really, really despises CVS.
  16. When you consider that there are 14 teams in the league, POW is a big honor. Both Smart and Bradley are turning into very special players.
  17. Kerr Hall is open on weekends. All the others aren't. You can either have the Scrappy plan or the Eagle plan for meals. If your kid is going to be here eating on the weekends then pay for the Eagle plan because it does cover weekends. Personally, I think having the Scrappy plan be the lesser of the two plans in an affront to his dignity and I plan to write my congressman an angry letter.
  18. Fun hypothetical: if The Wren fires Benford immediately, do we never get McCasland?
  19. UNT campus construction guide for spring 2018

    While we're talking about campus layout, my daughter, who doesn't have a car yet, heavily laments that "The only place I can get grocery-like items around campus is CVS and their selection is crap and they cost about 20% more than the real supermarket." The retort from one person -- "Well you have a meal plan, what in the WORLD would you need a supermarket for?" Kid's response -- "My meal plan doesn't cover weekends." RIP Sack N Save. Old people hated you because you weren't pretty, but you did a great job of feeding kids like mine.
  20. CUSA gets new deal for Marketing

    By getting the player interviewed and content made.. Will be a huge help for Fine or Singletary in terms of national media as well potentially
  21. I might be a thousand off... it could have been 5,600. But I am pretty sure it was at the 6,000 number. and that was before Rawlins Hall was built which should be about a 400 dorm hall at least.
  22. Very sad, kid was highly rated and his younger brother of the 2019 class is being heavily recruited as well.
  23. Parking garage, intramural fields, and that fancy bus stop. The school has plenty of parking... across the highway near the stadium, or at Discovery Park. They want as many people as possible to not park on the actual campus, they will push parking remotely as as hard as possible. For example, if you are a student that parks on the north side of campus, you probably park in the huge lot 7 across from EESAT. That is going to be turned into two science/lab buildings as soon as the school gets funding. Where are all those students going to be asked to park? Across the street or at Disco Park. How are the going to get on campus? The bus. It's what happens at most large universities in the state. I remember my brother had to pay $800/semester (in the early 2000s) to park 3 miles from tech and take a bus to campus. Forget parking anywhere near UT. You could park near UH, but your car might not be there when you get back.
  24. Ortiz with a good start to the season.

    He's on the tour, correct?
  25. CUSA gets new deal for Marketing

    In a post O'Bannon brothers world, how do you build the brand of student-athletes?
  26. Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski dead at 21

    Smh. Prayers for the family and team. Rick
  27. How we ever had this many of our student athletes named Conference Player of the Week in one school year? I don't have the count off the top of my head, but I don't ever remember this many at this point in the year. Between football, soccer, volleyball and now both basketball teams, I would guess this is a record.
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