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  2. Expectations vs. Lamar

    i think the defense might a good day, looking at lamar's stats from their scrimmages they give up a lot of sacks.
  3. Will Kiffin Be Gone After 1 Year?

    he will replace wilson when wilson leaves UTSA after this season.
  4. Which game would you rather win?

    Or a simple "abstain" might suffice. Could save a lot of people their overblown "outrage" regarding meaningless topics on an internet message board, while still giving them that satisfying, Pavlovian response-relieving mouse click.
  5. We should replace the Stars & Bars with the Star Spangled Banner & Lee's statues with statues of U. S. Grant. Oh wait,... The U. S. flag flew over a slave country for nearly 100 years & Grant was a slave owner. It ain't easy being politically correct.
  6. Which game would you rather win?

    Soooo . . . are you saying that the poll needs to add "phantom fears" and "kindness that can kill" options?
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  8. Expectations vs. Lamar

    I expect North Texas to at least double up on Lamar and win by 20+ points.
  9. Which game would you rather win?

    "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."--Neil Peart, (Professor Emeritus)
  10. New UNT Chancellor Lisa Roe Interview

    What historic direction are you speaking of ? The first chancellor for outer space ? I'd just like to have the NT chancellor watch her son play and attend a North Texas game all at the same time. He likely has no desire to play here. My question was if he wanted to, would the NCAA be a help or a hindrance. Go NASA GO MEAN GREEN
  11. Which game would you rather win?

    I've thought similar things about a ton of polls on this board. I just take a step back and ask myself, do they really think that? I.E, does Harry really think we can only pick one? Of course he thinks about winning both. It's only hypothetical, and posted on a sports message board for fun discussion.
  12. Saturday scrimmage notes (video coming later)

    Ghosts from the Dickey era have migrated from Fouts bleachers over to Apogee?
  13. New UNT Chancellor Lisa Roe Interview

    Hilarious.....our university moves in a historic direction and some are concerned with whether her son can play football, too funny. In any case as far as athletics are concerned she will entrust the president of North Texas to be a major decision maker, I doubt they brought her in to "shake up" athletics.
  14. Will Kiffin Be Gone After 1 Year?

    I thought it was pretty apparent that SL is using this as an opportunity to springboard to a better HC position? Plus it's not 1 million guaranteed, it's an incentive filled contract.
  15. I understand that, but the point I'm making is people on this board (not you) but others have been critical of us picking up 2* kids saying we need to go for higher ranked kids.. We have no idea what has or hasn't happened in terms of them recruiting the kid.. maybe they met with him and he said no way, maybe he doesn't fit into what they wanna do? Maybe they felt no chance and didn't jump in this late or maybe they favor guys like Bell to him at the Jack position.. Yes it's disappointing to not offer someone with this list, but we don't know what is going in the football recruiting 99.9% of the time. Us having no trust in this staff and questioning what is going will only lead to us digging ourselves into a deeper hole of mistrust and questions.
  16. He was an aid on a successful presidential campaign that overcame 17 other republican candidates and beat the selected candidate to follow Obama... Are these speeches meant to be for "hard-working, pull yourself up by your bootstrap" people or influencial boosters? He was an aid to his fathers run for president and has pitched in helping other Republicans in special elections...
  17. I hope she buys in to all things UNT. When I met LJ, he could care less I was an alum. So disappointed when I met him.
  18. Ones with 7 offers Ksu, TT, UTSA, etc yes I'm worried why we didn't offer
  19. Will Kiffin Be Gone After 1 Year?

    You have fallen off your Rocker. The man makes 1 million dollars a year, I bet he's pretty proud of where he's at.
  20. Expectations vs. Lamar

    Side note, former player of mine Josh Jinning has been competing for a starting LB spot for them, brought him to UNT twice on unofficials we just filled up at the LB spot. He led their scrimmage today with 5 tackles. Looking forward to kicking their teeth in!
  21. Expectations vs. Lamar

    Beat the sh$t out of them as a tune up for the severe a$$ kicking we deal out week 2.
  22. Expectations vs. Lamar

    A Nicholls State type beat down!
  23. Expectations vs. Lamar

    I hope we come out and throw the ball 20 times before we run it once. Let's allow the line to get some pass blocking in while the 1's are still on the field. We know that Jeffrey can run the ball and get some yards, what we don't know is what our receivers can do so let's do just that. If Jeffrey breaks an 80 yard run that does nothing for me I would rather see 4 20 yard strikes in the air to make me feel more comfortable with this offensive progression in year 2.
  24. Expectations vs. Lamar

    what i have seen so far is the defense is pretty good up front in the middle , it is the corners that worry me.
  25. Saturday scrimmage notes (video coming later)

    The interception came after the ball was batted up in the air at the line of scrimmage. And for the record. Fine had at least one pass batted down at the line of scrimmage.
  26. Will Kiffin Be Gone After 1 Year?

    Tell the winning spill to any coach in America. They'll laugh in your face. That's why players are given 2-3-4 chances, because of winning. And do you think any coach they coach for gives a damn about the alma mater they coach at? Unless they played or attended at their university, the answer is hell no. Do you think Seth Littrell gives a damn about the University of North Texas? No. He does not.
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