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  2. I'm ready for the balance of Fouts to be gone.
  3. I believe the team goes as Wilson goes, but I also think they abandon getting the ball to Wilson too soon. I mean if they are stopping you from handing it off to him then get him moving towards the sideline and throw to him so he can operate in space. That's just basically a long hand off. Then increase the short underneath passing game to loosen up the defense
  4. Being a huge Track & Field fan, I may show up there. I am ready to see some track meets in Denton.
  5. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    The completion to Lawerence was nothing but luck.. Fine even said that himself on the coaches show, saying he was going to throw it no matter what.. Heck they tried the same play the play before and Rico was out of bounds.. Again, I have said they outcoached USM in the 2nd half... because we were losing at half... We have lucked ourselves into it.. Just like how UTSA was lucked into 2 loses vs USM and UTSA by 5 points in the final minutes.. We got the ball to bounce our way by us getting the ball late.. Again we are a missed FG away from going to OT vs UAB, who had figured it out on defense.. UTSA they had this offenses number as well.. we could easily be 2-5 if it was not for the UAB/UTSA last second scores.. Yes we have crapped the bed, allowing historic days.. Sutton 4 TDs.. FAU set a CUSA record which is saying alot for a conference that has had many top offenses (Last year they had multiple in the top 15)... This defense has been terrible and saying its only been bad in 2 games is dumb since we have 3 loses.. They played like trash at SMU and FAU.. They played terrible vs a UAB allowing 43 points, remember UAB was supposed to be an easy W.. The Iowa game they played solid but still gave up 31... Its really sad that we view 31 as a solid defensive game vs a running team and our defensive strength is stopping the run... Way more benefit of the doubt? I was posted before UAB that we should not overlook them, I said before UTSA that we need to focus in for the next month of critical games and yet the team overlooks and gives up a historic day to FAU, we better hope to god the FAU does not carry over and lose to ODU.. Yes UNT faced 3 of the 4 tough teams in the west and went 3-0, but they have not faced what was viewed as the class of the west in LAT.. They still gave up 43 to UAB, the defense grew a spin and allowed the offense to take a hold of USM and UTSA again, the defense got lucky after giving up the passing TD to the RB (which lucky left enough time for 2 UNT drives)... This defense made FAU look like a damn Madden game on rookie mode.. Yes we got the Ws vs USM, UAB, UTSA but still does not change the fact that we have had 2 abortions of games vs FAU and SMU.. Again, a W is a W and we all will take 8-4 and the West bid (if it happens) but this defense is terrible. Reff has more of his guys and the defense has gotten worse.. Reff has more time in the systeam and it got worse.. Hell he has our all-conference CB on the bench and our all-conference S looking completely lost out there.. This defense needs to show some improvement over ODU, Army, Rice, UTEP, and it can't be much easier than that.. The tough part of the sch. is done and we have no excuses for crap performances its time to shut down the teams at the bottom of the conference and prove to the fans, recruits, etc that this is real..
  6. Jeffery Wilson

    People may have been saying Jones should have replaced Ben. I wasn't saying that and never believed he should. If you go on the Steelers board, there are no Steelers fans saying Jones should have replaced Ben. As a matter of fact they have been saying for a few years that Jones should be gone. Anyone saying different are definitely not Steelers fans. But, I digress. My point was that when I said Jones shouldn't replace Ben, I was saying me because the comment was made that the backup is always more popular as if I was saying it for that reason. The other point is yes Prescott and Brady replaced guys who were injured, but last year Littrell burned Fine''s redshirt to replace Morris and both of them were inexperienced. Morris hadn't played since he was at Allen High School because he was buried deep on Alabama's bench. Why not leave him in to gain experience? I was just saying it couldn't hurt to throw Shanbour in. Fine played most of last year and all of this year. Shanbour has played sparingly. May as well get him some experience in garbage time because Fine has a lot more than him and Littrell himself keeps saying they are going to need them both.
  7. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    This defense will be fine as long as the offense puts up 70 points every game.
  8. DRC: The Monday edition of "What We Learned"

    Wilson with a 4.45 yards a carry isn't horrible. Rick
  9. Commits: Week 8 Results

    I believe it is as an OL, one of his UNT graphic retweets was of him and the different position groups were listed and OL was circled.. His DL tap looked good and would be encouraged to see him flip sides, with the # of DL we have leaving soon
  10. UNT / FAU Highlights (?)

    I liked the uniform combination. Beat ODU GO MEAN GREEN
  11. Commits: Week 8 Results

    Crosby named Herald-Democrat Player of the Week:
  12. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    Luck is the Lawrence pass. Good coaching, combined with a good offense is winning games from a deficit, getting your team to 4-3, instead of packing it up in the first quarter against USM. That quarter we were outscored 14-7. Then quarters 2-4 we ourscored them 36-14. If you think we’ve lucked ourselves into 4-3 after going through the most difficult part of the schedule, what word are we going to use when we roll ODU, Rice, and UTEP? Are we going to put a caveat on that too and say “well they suck”. We crapped the bed hard in two games, but give me the 4 Ws. ETA: if you think we bumbled and lucked ourselves into 4 wins instead of playing 4 quarters of football, you’re giving our opponents way more benefit of the doubt than your own team. We beat good teams plain and simple. USM, UAB, and UTSA are still contenders. And we beat them after 4 quarters cause that’s what football is. We didn’t play up to par, and that was evident. The team didn’t look like the team that we had seen the past three games. Come home, take the wake up call, and take names. With pen.
  13. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    Historic offense until they bracket Guyton and stack the box against Wilson. FAU pretty much gave every team on the schedule the blueprint to beat us. Obviously no other team has the kind of tempo run game they do, but that clearly hasn't mattered much.
  14. New Halloween IT Graphic

    You'll play D too!!!
  15. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    FEI ratings had us in the 100s for defense last season (and worse than this season so far). S&P had us nearly at 100 (and better than this season). ypg is about 15 yards worse per game now. Points per game is about 5 worse now. Point: They’re both bad defenses. Biggest change this year is an historic offense with better talent, execution, and play calling. Our standard downs defense has gotten a lot better this season. Our passing downs defense is really really bad. But about depth: if we have one dude that’s bad, we can’t go and put someone else in. That worked for Brooks and Jenkins, and the D line. With LB? We moved a safety from an FCS there. We gained about 5-10 scholarship players this season across 22 positions.
  16. UNT / FAU Highlights (?)

  17. New Halloween IT Graphic

  18. Calling Out The Defense

    I could be wrong, but I want to say they took the wifes to the Army game last year... I wanna say WB had posted up some pics of them at West Point but I could be wrong.. If it was West Point its 1-1.. With it being 1 blow out for and against us..
  19. Charlotte Beats UAB

    Clearly you don't understand what type of parity exists in CUSA.
  20. New Halloween IT Graphic

    now we need a HELLOWEEN concert after the game!!!
  21. New Halloween IT Graphic

    Should've debuted that pic Saturday, since we looked DEAD. OKOKOK. I'm done, put the loss behind us. I just couldn't resist. 😀
  22. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    The KR vs UAB, was luck getting it to mid-field, when people here have said the ST sucks.. The Lawerence pass again, luck.. A guy jumped a fraction early and Lawrence gave him a slight shove too.. That is luck.. Just like it was luck that UTSA punted and it was downed at our 2, and did not roll into the endzone.. How is luck forcing them to punt? no the defense made a stand (one of the few this season) and lucky enough they punted instead of go for it, which was a smart move since they were around the 30-40 of UNT, why go for it on 4th and get stuffed or throw a incomplete or not get the first down and give UNT even better field position??? When you can put it and if it's a touchback, they still have to go 80 for a TD.. The defense has regressed from last year, when the defense won us games because of turnovers and holding ALOT more than it has this year... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They have 80 players on scholarship, so they are 5 short.. then you have guys like Lawerence who is a POW that is out-performing scholarship guys.. So this whole they are 5 short doesn't make any real sense.. Injuries are something that happen, They have shifted the DL around and it has not been the problem, if anything it has been the best position group on the entire defense.. Again, if they don't like McDonald at LB they have other options, they can use Fulp at any time (but they have not), Lemaster, etc... but they do like the former safety now LB...
  23. Vegas

    There are instructions on how to simulate rapid fire using a rubber-band if you go looking hard enough.
  24. Home Of The 109th Ranked Defense

    So we had more depth last season? Because that defense finished higher than what we're doing this year. I get your logic, but in this case it doesn't make sense. How could we have less depth in year 2?
  25. Oh lordy, this ain't a beauty contest. An ugly win and ugly loss >>>>>> 2 losses.
  26. Did you sign something in blood? Or meet a mysterious coach under a goalpost at midnight?
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