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  2. I agree that he enjoys it. It's a narrative that he has ran with in the past, and like any writer he likes self assuring the massess of his rightness.
  3. the UT beat writer does this all the time in the Statesman. Not sure about his tweets though. You can count on reading a recruiting article every day regarding UT recruiting....ALL YEAR LONG! And you would be surprised at how many UT "commits" end up de-commiting from UT and "committing" elsewhere. Not taking up for Bret, but it does happen elsewhere.
  4. Getting a commitment from a kid we've offered like Davis Brin: Why? (1) Brin has multiple offers from FBS with some FCS mixed in, but the majority of the offers are from FBS schools. What that says is during camps and on film, several FBS coaches see similarities in him and FBS QBs they've coached before and know can succeed at the FBS level. (2) Two of the FBS offers are from San Diego State and Tulsa. Why does that matter? Well, Tulsa is coached by former Baylor OC/QB coach Philip Montgomery, whose Golden Hurricane squad just set is shit ton of records last season with their version of the spread. If Montgomery thinks this kid is worth a scholarship, he's worth a scholarship. Ditto with the San Diego State offer. Aztec head coach Rocky Long has been successful at New Mexico and now San Diego State, neither of which are consider traditional powers. He took New Mexico to five bowl games in 10 seasons there, all five in his last seven seasons. He's guided San Diego State to bowl games in all six seasons he's been there. The Aztecs have won 11 games each of the past two season, rare territory for that program. (During last year's bowl game, they spotted our beloved Houston Cougars a 10-0 lead in the first quarter before waxing them 34-0 in the remaining three quarters. By the way...while on the topic...did anyone see where Houston QB Greg Ward, Jr. was drafted? Oh...he wasn't drafted? Never mind.) Rocky has been a head coach at G5-level programs since 1998. Before that, he was defensive coordinator at then Pac-10 schools UCLA and Oregon State. In short, if anyone knows G5-level talent, it's Rocky Long. So, if Littrell beats Philip Montgomery and Rocky Long for a recruit both have offered, that would say something. And, that is simply the crux of the matter at all positions for all recruits. Coaches see the kids at camps. They see them on film. They know who probably will and will not pan out in the FBS, whether P5 or G5. You simply can't pooh-pooh the successes of guys like Montgomery and Long. If they've offered, it means something. So, if Littrell beats them, it will mean something. And, by the same measure, it only makes sense that it also means something if the only schools we are beating are FCS and Division II. I'll hold to this belief because of how public recruiting is in the second decade of the 21st century with game film and camps everywhere - very, very few truly "slip through the cracks." And, so, you can't just build a roster on "slip through the crack" guys. You have to start winning some real head-to-head battles with guys like Philip Montgomery and Rocky Long. I know that sound like a tall order, one is resting on their laurels in college football. As a coaching staff, you have to compete with other coaching staffs 365 days a year. The wins and losses during the season are in direct correlation to the wins and losses during the off-season. I love you all. Dearly. And, also, those RX Energy Herbal Tonics that Arizona tea makes. Brin's twitter:
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  6. Earlier, someone asked whether he was being considered as an OLB or ILB. I stated the obvious - he's too light to be an ILB.
  7. This is where I am, as an alumni going into my 28th season following the program. High school coaches have seen the post-1995 UNT football movie over and over again. Only consistent winning will convince them. We've tried every other type of coach: -Coordinator from another school: Dickey and Littrell -High school coach: Dodge -Former head coach who built a loser into a bowl contender: McCarney This has been discussed in the past: it is the head coach's job to sell the school - to everyone! Alumni, casual local fans, strangers, supporters...and, yes, high school coaches and their players. We've talked about how Littrell isn't a rah-rah guy. Okay, well, he still has to sell. McCarney was a rah-rah guy, and he didn't get enough FBS-types in here. At the end of the day, what works is winning consistently. But because we don't exist in a vacuum, you do have to be realistic when you see what we are getting and realize that it's simply not different than what we got in the past. Sadly, it's as though the bowl game gave us zero advantage in recruiting. None.
  8. It says he is being recruited as an OLB? Not sure where this discussion is relevant.
  9. Yes, I know. But, again...the results speak for themselves. Four winning seasons over the past 22. Same type of recruiting - guys no one else offers, or who only carry offers from FCS or Division II schools. The only difference between now and past regimes is that I'm simply not buying into the bullshit anymore. I've got no reason to buy into it any longer. FCS/Division II/no offer-types haven't made us more competitive in the past, and they won't do so in the future. As to his weight, three sites that people around here love list him at 205: Look...I understand you want him to be something he isn't. We all do. I used rivals' 208 to give him the benefit of the doubt, figuring that rivals is more experienced than the prep fluffers at hudl, 247, and so forth: He's skinny, okay? You can look at his pictures and figure out really quickly that he's not even 210. At that size, he's not picking up offers as an LB from anyone else except us. If he were faster or quicker in camps and on film, perhaps someone would have offered him by now as a safety. That no one has tells me he's not FBS-quick for a DB. Maybe in three years he'll be 240. Maybe. But, if he's already not quick and agile enough to gain FBS offers at 205-210, there's no reason for me to believe adding 30-35 more pounds will make him more quick or agile. Sorry. So, again...we are getting what we get...and, what we have always gotten. I'm just calling it like it is instead of riding the hope train any longer. I've been riding the hope train since we got back into I-A in 1995. And, I'm especially not riding it while the conductor is being paid $1 million to recruit the same as always.
  10. vs Grambling State Nov 27th
  11. This is getting old.
  12. Inmate details 4 prison killings: ‘I did it for nothing’ View Full Article
  13. You are telling me that the reason people will come watch a losing football team is because food trucks are parked outside before the game? Boy...RV really was a dimwit if it's that easy.
  14. So how many sheeple's minds have you changed and what positive affect has it had on anything? If you want to be an argumentative little female, then go ahead.
  15. Any way we can create a UNT Bitching Forum so negative nancies can go and tire out their fingers on unproductive nay saying?
  16. I don't hide anywhere. Ever. If they feel threatened by my comments and they contact me to discuss, I will more than happy go wherever to discuss. But calling people to tell them they're sucking it up is pointless...and of course childish. And I don't need people to agree with a single thing I say. I mean, they are facts after all. To not see what I'm saying is to argue that the sky isn't blue. And for the record, I wouldn't be going over these basic facts over and over and over if sheeple wouldn't keep trying to dispute them as untrue. I post a fact like we are not recruiting well and 10 people want to argue it as if it's just not true when it is factually accurate. So, I'm going to respond to it. Because, for some reason, people think our current recruiting is going to amount to a turnaround. Or they at least post like it. Next insult/question?
  17. Whats childish is having the same conversation, over and over, same point, over and over and actually believe that you are creating anything. It's like you have to nag people to death to either agree with you or stop coming to the board. I don't put my head in the sand for anything but I also realize that bitching about the same subject countless times does absolutely no good. In fact it is kind of coward like to hide behind a keyboard and complain about the coaches performance.
  18. Agree, He has tons of potential and he's a local kid that is staying home to play. Sign me up. Keep DFW kids in DFW
  19. Not sure if food trucks is the answer, but anything that gets more people in the parking lot on game day seems like a step in the right direction. I think there are lots of things the AD could do to cater to the pre-game atmosphere. I would look at ways to draw in corporate types into the tailgating scene. Corporate types love to entertain and give tickets to customers. Do something that makes it worth their while and easy to participate in tailgating. Promote the heck out of the pre-game scene. No reason we can't go undefeated every year during the pre-game. I think we are missing a big opportunity to create a more organized tailgating scene and turn every gameday into a much bigger experience. Right now, we are just kinda checking the box. Got tailgating? Check.
  20. It creates conversation among the most unwavering fans about the lack of success in the most important aspect of collegiate sports. That's what it does. For the people that don't want to hear it, like yourself, obviously wants to dip their head in the sand like it's made up, make believe propaganda to discredit this coaching staff. Calling this coaching staff or AD and telling them what they already know will do no good whatsoever. It's beyond dumb, and even childish to suggest.
  21. What is your constant bitching on this board going to do? Calling and talking to coaches might not have any affect on recruiting but bitching on a fan board absolutely won't solve anything.
  22. This player looks like a very solid recruit with a lot of upside. The scholarship numbers are somewhat problematic, NT as it now stands has no ships to offer next year. That doesn't stop most college coaches from clearing a spot if they think they can get a better player. The primary concern I have with McCasland's recruiting thus far, is can he recruit one of the hottest areas in the nation, DFW.
  23. Wth is this going to do?
  24. what do you expect to accomplish on this board by beating your drum. If you really feel this strongly about recruiting, get on the horn with coaches, recruiters, WB etc. Sitting here spouting the same crap over and over, straight from the UNT90 playbook, will do absolutely no good. At some point, it just becomes senseless, annoying bitching.
  25. Yes. We lose too much. We were managed by an awful manager of athletics for far too many years. The BOR kind of turned a blind eye to athletics for too many years. These are our big issues, and losing is the biggest issue and the issue that if resolved can turn us around the quickest. That is why I'm always harping on recruiting. I'm not trying to be a dick when I do it, but I know for each poor class we sign it delays our turnaround for that much longer. WMU, SDSU, Boise, UH, LaTech, etc. turned themselves around and/or sustain success due to well above average recruiting classes over consecutive years. We need to follow this format to do the same. We can do what we're currently doing and create success, sure. But it's usually success that is not prolonged. It's usually due to actually signing some hidden gems that are surrounded by experienced upper classmen. But even then, that's a 1 year outlier that disappears after the upperclassmen graduate. And teams like this have an 8 or 9 win ceiling. Sustainability is not likely and to really improve our perception, we must sustain.
  26. Kudo's to CNN on this one...
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